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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Gwen Raiden from season 4 of Angel, the girl with the electric powers. In case you didnít know who the hell I was talking about.
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A La Mode
By TexasWatermelon


Elle likes pie. Any kind of pie really, except cherry because it stains her lips red and then her father knows that she's been out doing other things, other things that don't involve thirty thousand volts of electricity turning people's insides to sludge. Another three weeks of solitary confinement as punishment.

The special today is warm apple pie, but it doesn't look very warm after sitting in that display case for about three days now, spinning around in that endless circle. Still, cold pie is better than no pie and Elle only has ten minutes to get from the grungy little diner to the Company before someone notices she's gone.

The floor is greasy already, but somebody spilled soda earlier and forgot to clean it up, or ignored it as was the more likely case, but at any rate Elle's foot slips and she feels that few seconds of oh shit in the bottom of her stomach before someone grabs onto her and that feeling is replaced by blue energy crackling through her body as she finds some patch of bare skin on the person's body. The electricity arces between her fingertips and she thinks she might return it in kind but then she's back on her feet and the contact is broken.

There's a few seconds of shocked silence while blue eyes meet blue eyes and Elle takes in the odd leather outfit, curly black hair with a Rogue-like streak, and hooker red lipstick that gives off a very super villain vibe, though Elle knows that if anyone's the super villain here it's her.

"I'm sorry," she says, looking at Elle in slight amazement. Elle only looks at her, electricity still crackling between her fingers and the woman's eyes flick down to see it. There's that odd moment of understanding, that I'm-not-the-only-one eureka moment between them before Elle finally answers.

"It's okay."

She sits down in a booth away from the window and with a subtle view of the other woman, someone else like her, or maybe not like her at all. For a moment she considered asking the woman her name, looking her up in that big computer system. But then, that would destroy the mystery of it all. Elle didn't need to know every detail about her. The only thing she needed to know was that they shared a power in common.

Hmm… her pie is warm. Weird.

The End

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