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SPOILERS: Set an unknown amount of time after the events of episode 1.
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A New Day Dawns
By JetGrrl


The world had gone to hell, but in the middle of it all, Lieutenant Grace Shepard had found a moment of heaven. Here on this island paradise prison of Sainte Marina, amidst a maelstrom of honor, treason, morality and fear, and after both shooting one of their own and facing imminent death herself, here she found herself carried away from it all and at peace, even if for only a moment.

Grace felt the reality creeping back into existence with the dawn light reaching through the broken blind, touching the wall, shining ray a of light across the map of the wall crudely thumb tacked to the wall, illuminating D.C. among other places. She sighed, and felt the warm body that was draped across her stir, then pull her closer. Their bare torsos emerging from the sheet thrown back during the heat of the night, now cool in the morning's ocean breeze.

She smiled into the dark hair that was pressed against her cheek, and placed a soft kiss on the flawless forehead. She smiled as a soft hand slid up the side of her ribcage from her waist. "Please do not tell me that we must wake up," Sophie murmured as she buried her face into Grace's neck, "I do not want to. Not yet." Grace rolled toward the woman tucked under her arm, so that they were facing each other in the morning light. "We must."

Sleepy dark eyes opened and met her own, holding her gaze until she glanced at the French woman's lips before she pressed her own upon them. With great regret she broke the embrace and slipped out of the small bed to dress, slightly awkwardly under Sophie's watchful eye.

The American appeared to be a wide eyed innocent, but Sophie was beginning to understand that the tension that emanated from her was not so much a nervousness, but rather a deep concentration on aligning and reconciling the situation with her training and responsibilities without compromising her ethics and moral obligations.

Her heart swelled, but she did not smile as it also ached terribly. She stretched, pulled back the sheet and placed her feet on the floor and stood, naked, just as Grace finished tying her hair back. She reached out for the taller woman's belt loop and pulled her close. They held each other, then with a kiss filled with longing and a gentle caress of her cheek, Grace left.

Only then did Sophie let a momentary smile escape. She now knew what the right kind of sex was, and no amount of Nutella could begin to compare.

The End

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