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Wonders of Wyoming
By lysachan


The sun was high above the horizon as a car made its way along a road that felt endless. It surged through the deep forests, the black metal hood reflecting bright rays of the sunlight and making the vehicle detectable from miles away.

Natalie leaned her forehead against the cool glass of the window, momentarily blinded by the brightness outside. She blinked, shading her eyes with her hand, and immersed herself in the absolute beauty around her; Wyoming was more stunning than she'd remembered. She was mesmerized by its gorgeous lakes and conifers which lined the road on both sides. Being on a holiday felt better and better by the minute.

If Natalie was completely honest with herself, she couldn't remember the last time she'd been so completely separated from work. She didn't even have a pager with her, which was something that never happened. Usually the doctor would've felt utterly lost and jittery for not having any contact with the head quarters, but right now her work was the last thing on her mind. All she could comprehend at that very moment was the sweet feeling of content and happiness.

Turning her eyes away from the beautiful scenery for a second, she turned to look at the person in the driver's seat. She noted, with wonder, that the sight in front of her was just as breathtaking as the numerous shades of green in the Wyoming's forests.

Eva turned to look at her, the smile on her face making Natalie melt inside. That one look was so full of unconditional love that Natalie's heart was near bursting with joy. She smiled back, knowing that she'd made the right decision; not only about the holiday, but her life.

Clasping Natalie's hand and entwining their fingers together, Eva peered one last time at her companion and then turned her eyes back to the winding road ahead. She stepped on the accelerator and the car lunged forward, taking them further and further away, into a world of their own.

The End

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