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Green-Eyed Monster
By Teara


She stares up at the swirling lights on the ceiling. She doesn't remember them being there a minute ago. She shivers a little as the cool air dances across her naked heated skin and giggles lightly when the smooth, soft sheets slide beneath her. She tries in vain to remember how she came to be laying on this bed in the first place, but there is a fuzzy blue haze surrounding her thoughts. Closing her eyes she allows little clips to filter through her mind. They are blurry and moving too fast. She can see flashes of color and hear bits of blaring music. She hears faint moaning and can see hands grasping dark hair.

There is a voice somewhere to her left, cutting through her thoughts. She turns her head at the sound and for a moment she can't place the voice, but then she remembers. Garbo. She can hear the brunette talking but can't quite make out what she's saying over the pulsating music that seems to be playing in her head. She opens her eyes and looks to the left only catching a glimpse of pale skin before the other woman walks around the bed.

"…jealous. I am not the jealous type and it's not something that I like in others. If we're going to continue this…" she can only make out some of the words Garbo is saying. Jealous? What is she talking about? The world swirls again as she remembers walking into the bathroom. Garbo and… Julia Mallory locked in a heated embrace. Stumbling back out of the bathroom. Swallowing a pill someone handed to her. Participating in a few heated embraces herself. "…no questions. Just fun, right?"

Garbo's rich timbre floats over her and she is helpless to do anything but nod, though she isn't sure of the question. She allows herself to slip back into the blue haze. She can feel her arms being spread wide, her palms turning up and something is placed in each hand. She looks over and can barely make out glasses almost full of water. "What's this?"

The brunette smirks. "All in due time…you know, I have never had a reason to be jealous. I always get everything I want. Even when it belongs to someone else. Take for instance, your boyfriend…I would never be jealous of him because I know that he doesn't make you feel the way I do. Otherwise you wouldn't be here, right?" She doesn't really expect an answer. They both know what it is. "Just like you shouldn't be jealous of anything I might do with someone else because I always take care of you, don't I?"

Willa bites her bottom lip and nods again.

"Good. The water glasses are for that scene you almost caused earlier."

The blonde looks up at her in confusion. She can't really remember almost causing a scene, but then again, she can't really remember anything.

"If you spill even a drop before I'm done, I will stop."

She can see from the brunette's face that she is serious and wonders how she will be able to hold the glasses steady when she can't stop the room from spinning. The bed dips as the brunette climbs in next to her, straddling her hips. She can feel something soft but firm against her pelvic bone as Garbo presses her lips against hers. Her arms begin to tremble as the kiss deepens and she whimpers in the back of her throat. When the brunette begins to nip and suck a hot path over her chin and down her neck, they tremble a little more. She can feel the thing pressing against her more firmly now and realizes it's attached to Garbo's hips. It moves with her as she trails her hot, moist tongue down the blonde's body. Garbo's touches are light and she is sure to not linger in one place too long. Willa closes her eyes, trying to concentrate on anything other than the feel of Garbo's fingertips moving up the inside of her thighs or the tongue swirling around her nipple.

Flashes from the party and colorful lights twist and turn behind her closed lids and somewhere in the distance she hears a train. Its whistle is faint and she can hear the wheels on the track. Her breath hitches and she nearly pitches forward as she feels fingers fleetingly touch the bundle of nerves between her thighs. The glasses shake violently in her hand, but she cups them tightly praying that she'll just survive this slow and sweet torture.

When soft dark locks brush against her stomach and she feels Garbo's warm breath against her most intimate part she doesn't think she will, but she has to because she fears what will happen if she doesn't. The first swipe of the brunette's tongue sends her reeling and she moans loudly, trying to control her trembling body. Garbo's tongue is everywhere at once and her arms are shaking so bad now that the water is beginning to run down her arms. She hopes that Garbo is too busy to notice.

As the brunette kisses a trail back up to her neck, she fears that she has seen. She is relieved when the other woman doesn't stop, but nips her bottom lip instead. Garbo's hips slide perfectly into the apex of her legs and she can feel the thing attached to Garbo pressing against her intimately. Her hips surge forward, trying to gain friction. Anything to relieve the dull ache that has formed deep within her. Garbo's body vibrates against her as she chuckles and Willa shivers even more. She can feel the brunette moving her hips angling them before something firm yet pliable begins to slide inside of her. It is thick and deep and she feels full. Garbo pulls almost all the way out before thrusting hard and deep and nipping at her shoulder and the glasses in her hands start to slip. She grasps them more firmly determined not to let them fall because she can't bare the thought of this ending. As their pace grows more frantic she gasps and moans loudly, making sounds she has never made before. They are deep and come from the pit of her stomach and she tries to stifle them but can't. She tries to remember to hold on to the glasses, but all she can seem to concentrate on is the feel of Garbo moving against her and the tongue that is now dancing with her own.

Garbo rotates her hips, thrusting deep and hard and Willa isn't sure she will be able to hold on much longer. Her heart beats wildly and her breath is nothing more than short pants. She moans Garbo's name repeatedly and meets her thrust for thrust. And right as she rotates her hips again, her teeth graze a nipple and Willa explodes, dropping the glasses and gripping the side of the bed. She is suspended in the air for a few moments before floating gently back into herself. She moans and shivers a little as the brunette slides out of her and moves to lay beside her on the bed.

There are a million things that she wants to say right now. An apology for causing a scene earlier. A thank you for what just happened. But the blue haze is back and she can only think of one thing. "I dropped the glasses."

Garbo smiles wickedly. "Well then I guess you're just going to have to be punished."

The End

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