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E is for Elegant
By Jaina


Kate's posture isn't rigid, but it is formal. The slit in the side of Sarah's cerulean gown goes all the way up her thigh. Kate holds her close, like she's done this a hundred times before. Every eye in the room is on them. Sarah holds her head high with years of training. Together they project an image that says they're above this all. 

Kate leads her into the next step of their dance and Sarah follows, already moving with her. Her lips are near enough that they nearly brush Kate's ear. 

"Is this going to be a problem for you?" She's only here for a few days. This can't count; she doesn't want to ruin lives. 

Kate laughs softly, a puff of warmth against Sarah's neck. It makes her shiver. It may be nearly floor-length but there's not much to Sarah's dress. "Please. After what Castle puts me through on a daily basis?" 

"Good." Sarah finds that she means it. She likes Kate Beckett, respects the other woman and her dedication to her job. Sarah's read her file. 

Kate's hand slides down from just above her hip and back up, caressing smooth skin bared by the slit up the side of her dress and Sarah has to stifle a gasp. She wasn't expecting that. Beckett - Kate - is good. 

"Do you think Chuck and Castle have gained access yet?" If her voice is a little breathless, well who can blame Sarah? It's been years since she's found someone who's skills matched hers this seamlessly without them having tried to kill her. 

Kate's rich chuckle makes her shiver again. "If they've managed to stop drooling long enough to remember what they're supposed to be doing."

The End

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