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By atfm


"So, Miss Nelson—"


"Okay then, Vicki, what made you decide to become a private investigator?"

Shoulders touching, they were sitting on the shiny hood of Sofia's car where they'd made themselves more or less comfortable after the end of Sofia's shift. Vicki had travelled to Las Vegas from Vancouver to consult the local police department for information on a suspect from one of her cases, and Sofia had been quite helpful. They'd immediately clicked and were now sipping beer while observing passersby, chatting comfortably and enjoying an underlying attraction that seemed to make the air between them crackle.

"Ever the detective, huh?" Vicki teased. "Let's just say I have an inability to stay away from crimes and an unhealthy desire to put myself in precarious situations. I used to be a detective like you, but I had to give up the job due to my deteriorating eyesight." She tapped her glasses and added, "Tripping over things is highly inappropriate when you're toting a gun."

Sofia chortled at the mental image of Vicki, stumbling through the night clumsily and posing a threat to everyone within shooting range. She then dropped her gaze to the other woman's hands, one clutching the beer bottle and the other lying idly in her lap.

"What are those?" She pointed at the circular marks.

Vicki automatically looked down at the insides of her wrists and, without thinking, replied, "My supernatural activity GPS."

"Your what?"

"Never mind." She laughed nervously.

"They look like tribal tattoos. Tell me what they mean." Sofia peered at Vicki inquisitively, and it was obvious she wouldn't take no for an answer. Reaching over, she grasped Vicki's left arm and drew it closer to get a better look.

Vicki shivered slightly at the touch. "Well," she began carefully, "the cases I work? They're not normal cases. Vampires, windigos, reanimated bodies – you name it, I've seen it. The marks are somehow connected to that, I'm just not sure how yet." She watched Sofia warily.

Still pensively staring down at the dark pattern on the pale skin, Sofia remained silent. She brushed her thumb over the smooth skin and felt the artery pulse beneath it. Even if she couldn't quite believe what she'd just heard, the marks were real, and so was Vicki.


"I used to be a CSI," she said quietly. "A scientist. We always have a logical explanation for everything. It's…I have trouble accepting things like these."

Sighing, Vicki withdrew her hand. "You and me, I guess we're not meant to be, huh? Irreconcilable world views and all." She smiled sadly.

Sofia smiled back, almost impishly. "I didn't say that."

Now Vicki grinned. "Vancouver's pretty far away," she reminded Sofia half-jokingly.

"Not tonight it isn't."

The End

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