A. Magiluna Stormwriter

Thorns and All

Soothing the Past PG-13 Sara/Sofia Sofia discovers a key to Sara's personality. Complete

Kindling the Present PG-13 Sara/Sofia Continuation of 'Soothing the Past'. Complete

Committing to the Future PG-13 Sara/Sofia Sara and Sofia choose to share their lives. Complete

Five Reasons Sara Hates Sofia PG-13 Sara/Sofia The five reasons Sara Sidle hates Sofia Curtis. Complete

Misunderstandings 15 Sara/Sofia Misunderstandings can lead to anger...or a happier end. Complete


Her Bones, Not Mine PG Sara/Bones Bones crossover - "Borrowed" from the journal of Special Agent Seeley Booth. Complete


All or Nothing PG Sara/Sofia Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice. Will Sara face her prejudices and admit the truth? Complete

I Won't Let You Down PG Sara/Sofia Sofia needs support, but did she turn to the right person? Complete

You've Got Me 15 Sara/Sofia Online chat leads to an interesting dare... Complete

Hearts Aflame 15 Sara/Sofia Weather change in Vegas brings an unwanted guest... leading to a heated confrontation in the snow! Complete

Matter of When PG Sara/Sofia Sofia knows exactly what she wants. Complete

Alexis Stansfield

Home PG Sara/Catherine Can you ever go home again? Complete

Dreams PG Sara/Catherine No synopsis given. Complete


Game Theory 15 Sara/Catherine Sometimes there's a moment in a game where you either risk it all or fold. Complete


In The Dark PG-13 Sara/Sofia Music and meaning. Complete

Fumbling Toward Ecstasy 15 Sara/Sofia Companion piece to 'In The Dark'. Complete

Shadow Boxing PG Sara/Sofia No synopsis given. Complete

Love and Affection PG Sara/Sofia A series of moments during Sofia and Sara's relationship. Complete

Any Given Day G Sara/Sofia A question and some understanding... Complete

Amy Jo

Her Hand in Mine PG-13 Sara/Catherine She is Venus. Complete

Her Lips Against Mine PG-13 Sara/Catherine Sequel to Her Hand in Mine - A good day at work. Complete

She Did Not Need to Speak 15 Sara/Catherine Sequel to Her Lips Against Mine - Lips so soft. Complete

Take Me Home 18 Sara/Catherine Sequel to She Did Not Need to Speak - A romantic dinner. Complete

Asleep in Her Arms PG-13 Sara/Catherine Sequel to Take Me Home - Sara's place. Complete

Speed Things Up PG-13 Sara/Catherine Sequel to Asleep in Her Arms - Waking up. Complete

More Intimate Dance 18 Sara/Catherine Sequel to Speed Things Up - Slow jazz and intimate moments. Complete

On the Surface 1-3 4-6 7-9 10-12 13-15 18 Sara/Catherine Just when Sara thinks she has things figured out in her life, her ex comes to Vegas and everything changes. Complete

Premature Breakdown 1-3 4-6 7-9 10-12 13-14 18 Sara/Catherine Sequel to On the Surface - The beginnings of a relationship troubled by old problems. Complete

She Loves Me PG Sara/Catherine Catherine's POV directly after the events in chapter 4 of Premature Breakdown. Complete

Dealing 15 Sara/Catherine Sequel to Premature Breakdown - Catherine and Sara deal with Rayn's death and the revelation of Grissom's feelings for Sara. Complete

Novellus Expertus 15 Sara/Catherine When you just know something amazing is going to happen. Complete

State of Need PG-13 Sara/Catherine A moment in the locker room. Complete

Under the Mistletoe PG Sara/Catherine Christmas parties can be fun. Complete

'Un'- titled Series

Unmasked 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 15 Sara/Catherine Catherine has a realisation that begins to affect her every waking moment. Complete

Unwanted 1-5 6-10 11-15 16-20 21-25 26-30 31-35 36-40 41-45 46-50 51-55 56-60 61-65 66-70 18 Sara/Catherine Sequel to Unmasked. Complete

Untitled PG-13 Sara/Catherine A snippet of time before the graveyard shift starts and a question from a coworker. Complete

Tasting Honey 18 Sara/Catherine Dancing, honey, leather and yoga. Complete

Comfort 18 Sara/Catherine Catherine comforts Sara after a tough case. Complete

Scheme 18 Sara/Catherine Catherine and Sara share a cab home after an evening out. Complete

Predator 18 Sara/Catherine The dancer and her prey. Complete

The Night is Still Young PG-13 Sara/Catherine Catherine and Sara are called out to a scene at an abandonned warehouse. Complete


And in Shiloh, They Lurk Amidst the Vines Revised 18 Dr. Amelia Shepherd/Various Private Practice/Grey’s Anatomy/CSI/House/Criminal Minds crossover femslash. Amelia Shepherd has been cast afloat since losing her fellowship. She tries to find a niche in LA and at Oceanside Wellness as a member of the practice. Surrounded by the influence of so many medical pioneers, perhaps she’ll finally be able to discover where she fits. Think Mash meets 1950s lesbian pulp film. Amelia and anyone else she happens to hook up with promises good ole’ pwp fun. When not preoccupied by sexual conquest, practicing medicine or avoiding the tragic Oceanside Wellness curse, will Amelia finally latch on to a promising opportunity? Complete

Angela U

Bindings 15 Catherine/Lady Heather This takes place at the beginning of The Good the Bad and the Dominatrix, as Lady Heather is being loaded into the ambulance. The whole story is a flashback of Catherine and Lady Heather's brief (obviously A/U) liaison. Complete

Angela umbrello

Giving Thanks PG Catherine/Lilly Cold Case crossover - drabble - Catherine thanks Lily. Complete

Hole in the World PG Catherine/Sofia This is not what grissom meant when he said he wanted them to get along. Hints at a preseason relationship. Complete

Catharsis PG-13 Catherine/Sofia Catherine visits Sofia during ABRTI. Complete

Dusty Rose PG-13 Catherine/Sofia Catherine admires Sofia's sense of fashion. Complete


The Assignment 1-26 27-52 18 Sara/Catherine Sara and Catherine are on loan to the FBI to help capture a serial rapist whose only interest is destroying butch-femme relationships. Complete

The Missing Person 1-9 10-18 19-27 18 Sara/Catherine Someone from the lab has disappeared and it's up to the CSI night shift to solve the case. Complete

The Interlude 18 Sara/Sofia Sara and Sofia get away from the city for a much needed break. Complete

Not a Good Day to Die PG-13 Sara/Sofia Sara finds a reason to live as a routine case becomes potentially deadly. Complete

The Recovery 1-7 8-14 15-21 18 Sara/Catherine Sara takes care of an injured Catherine. Complete

Anatomy of an Affliction PG-13 Sara/Sofia Early in their relationship, Sara takes care of an ill Sofia and receives her greatest reward. Complete

The Case of the Chicken Pox 1-7 8-13 PG-13 Sara/Catherine Catherine feels responsible for Sara's exposure to the chicken pox so she offers to care for her when she contracts the illness. Complete

Muck and Mire PG-13 Sara/Catherine This is in response to a challenge by Threshin to write about a crime scene involving Muck and Mire which she labeled an M&M fic. Since M&M's are my favorite candy, I couldn't pass this up. Complete

The Games People Play 15 Sara/Catherine The team attends one of Grissom's presentations at a forensics conference and finds an interesting way of entertaining themselves during the lackluster lecture. Complete

Flight Plan PG-13 Sara/Sofia Response to the LJ femslash_fluff group challenge by ncruuk involving any couple, an airplane, and a cocktail umbrella. Complete

The Yellow Bow Case 15 Sara/Catherine Response to a Threshin challenge involving three bars and no drunken confessions and/or truth or dare games. Catherine is the one with the attraction while Sara doesn't even realize there's something between them as women have never been on her radar. One of the guys doesn't take the relationship well, and finally, an active case must take place throughout the story. Complete

One Night Stand 18 Sara/Catherine A disoriented Sara wakes up in a strange bed. Complete

The Morning After 18 Sara/Catherine Continuation of "One Night Stand" Complete

Mother's Day 1-5 6-11 15 Sara/Catherine Sara's plans for a special Mother's Day weekend are continually thwarted by outside forces. This is in response to Threshin's challenge involving an established relationship, Mother's Day, interference with weekend plans, and a "Princess Bride" type kiss ending. Complete

The Abduction 1-8 9-16 17-24 15 Sara/Sofia An assigned case takes an unexpected turn for Sara and life as she knows it is forever changed. Complete

Rescue Me 15 Sara/Sofia Sara comes to Sofia's aid saving her from a horrible fate. Complete

Officer Down PG Sara/Sofia A shooting forces Sara to re-evaluate her priorities. Complete

A Road Trip to Remember 15 Sara/Sofia This is in response to challenge SFC # 78 by Rachel. In the challenge, Sara and Sofia are left stranded in the middle of the wilderness, halfway to a crime scene, when their car either breaks down or explodes (faulty car bomb related to a case one of the other CSIs is working). Complete

Lines G Sara/Sofia A look into Sara's musings while waiting in a checkout line at the grocery store. Complete

Matchmaker PG Sara/Sofia Femslash_Fluff challenge response - any pairing, Denali, unexpected passenger. Complete

Rainy Day Lovers PG Catherine/Sofia Making love on rainy days. Complete

The Great Pumpkin Case PG Sara/Catherine This is in response to a challenge involving Catherine/someone, underground car park, pumpkin. Complete

Just Another Night in Vegas PG-13 Sara/Sofia On Halloween night, Sara encounters her share of the weird and unusual. Complete

A Christmas to Remember PG Sara/Sofia Watching black and white films with someone special. Complete

Twelve Days in One Night PG Sara/Sofia   Catherine/Wendy The 'Twelve Days of Christmas' CSI style. Complete

A Christmas Vacation PG Sara/Sofia Language barriers and chocolate. Complete

Unexpected Surprises PG Sara/Sofia An unexpected visitor causes problems for Sara and Sofia. Complete

Time Waits for No One PG Sara/Sofia Grissom announces his temporary departure. Complete

A Close Call PG Sara/Sofia Sofia is injured during a gunfight. Complete

Tell Signs PG Sara/Sofia Everyone has a tell sign. Complete

Miscommunication PG Sara/Sofia Picture fluff. Complete

All I Want For Christmas Is You PG Sara/Sofia Another year, another Christmas, and this one was no different than the rest for Sara Sidle, or was it? Complete

Getting Her Man PG Catherine/Sofia Sofia calls Catherine's bluff when the CSI tries to charm some information out of the detective. Complete

Reflective Contemplation G Sara/Sofia A brief glimpse of one character from another's perspective. Complete

Caught in a Web G Sara/Sofia Sara needs help feeding Grissom's pet spiders. Complete

Murder, Stage Right G Sara/Sofia Death at the theatre. Complete

Letting Go of the Past PG Sara/Sofia Sara Sidle doesn't like Valentine's Day. Complete

Reflections 15 Sara/Sofia Response to the femslash_today porn battle. Complete

Missing PG Sara/Sofia   Catherine/Wendy Catherine goes missing. Complete

Luck Be A Lady PG Sara/Sofia/Catherine A case full of underwear. Complete

Truth and Lies PG-13 Sara/Sofia   Sofia/Wendy What was, what could have been, and what will be. Complete

A Kiss to Remember 15 Sara/Sofia A first kiss. Complete

Dispelling an Image PG Sara/Sofia Missing scene from 'Big Shots'. Complete

Ride of a Lifetime PG-13 Sara/Sofia A first date. Complete

A Moment in Time PG Sara/Sofia Sofia planned to be there to help Sara through a difficult case. Complete

Girls' Night Out PG Sara/Sofia   Catherine/Wendy The ladies of CSI visit a strip club. Complete

Taking a Chance PG Catherine/Wendy Catherine decides to take a chance. Complete

Five Ways Sara Sidle Dreams PG Sara/Sofia What does Sara dream? Complete

Dumpster Duty PG Sara/Sofia Dumpster duty in ninety degrees is not fun but the showers afterwards just might be. Complete

Saying Goodbye PG Sara/Sofia A look at death. Complete

Getting Lucky Twice in One Day 15 Sara/Sofia Sofia's fingerprints are found in the bedroom of a dead woman. Complete

If Sara Lives....Take 1 PG Sara/Sofia Sofia races to Sara's rescue. Complete

Exorcising Ghosts 1-10 11-20 15 Sara/Sofia A chance meeting and a seemingly routine murder force Sara to come face to face with the ghosts of her past. Complete

Like a Bee to Honey PG-13 Sara/Sofia Honey. Complete

The Retreat PG-13 Sara/Sofia/Catherine Sara, Sofia and Catherine are sent on a retreat to explore their 'inner peace'. Complete

The Rescue PG-13 Sara/Sofia Sassy ficathon entry - A difficult scene requires either Sara or Sofia to use a unique skill. Complete

Stabilizing Force PG-13 Sara/Sofia Sassy ficathon entry - The alley scene the morning after Greg was attacked. Complete

Claiming Her Rights PG-13 Sara/Sofia Sassy ficathon entry - Miranda Rights. Complete

First on Scene PG Sara/Catherine Written to a LJ femslash_fluff challenge involving a nail file and Denali. Complete

Golden Opportunity PG Sara/Catherine Written for a challenge in the LJ femslash_fluff community involving a very unstable chair and concern. Complete

Analyzing a Nightmare PG Sara/Sofia A look behind the scenes. Complete

City of Sin, New Land of the Undead PG Sara/Sofia   Catherine/Wendy Zombies take over Vegas. Complete

A Friend in Need 15 Catherine/Sofia A second look at 'A Bullet Runs Through It.' Complete

The Aftermath of the Attack PG Sara/Sofia   Catherine/Wendy Multi-fandom crossover - The year that never was. Complete

Always Something 15 Sara/Catherine   Sara/Sofia Sara's dying thoughts. Complete

48 Hours 15 Sara/Sofia   Catherine/Wendy A plot is hatched to abduct a certain CSI and demand ransom for her release; however, there's one small problem with the plan. The abductors not only took the wrong woman, they took two. Complete

The Interrogation 15 Sofia/Wendy Wendy goes to Sofia when findings of a case implicate someone in the lab. Complete

Favorite Flavors 15 Sara/Sofia Sofia finally calls Sara on the way she's always watching the detective. Complete

Finding Solace 15 Catherine/Sofia Working feverishly on Sara's case, one dead end trail leads to a dead end place and ... Complete

Perfect Ending PG Sofia/Wendy Wendy's day suddenly gets better. Complete

Spelunking We Will Go PG Sara/Sofia Sara, Sofia and Catherine explore some caves. Complete

Unexpected Encounter PG Sara/Sofia Sofia spots Sara at a bookstore. Complete

The Contest PG Sofia/Megan Law & Order: CI crossover - Megan investigates a murder. Complete

Last Gasp Effort PG Sara Sara's last moments. Complete

What's in a Name? PG Sara/Sofia Greg decides on a pet name for the new couple. Complete

Eavesdroppin' PG Sara/Sofia An overheard conversation. Complete

The Seminar PG Sara/Sofia   Nikki/Nora Nikki and Nora crossover - Nikki and Nora are chosen to represent NOPD at a seminar in Vegas. Complete

Windows to the Soul PG Sara/Sofia This is a glimpse into Sara's thoughts from her hospital bed after being rescued from the deathtrap at the end of Season 7. Complete

House Arrest PG Sara/Sofia Sara and Sofia get stuck in a basement. Complete

Phobic Sense PG Sara/Catherine Stuck in an elevator. Complete

Those Three Words 18 Sara/Sofia Missed Opportunities. Complete

A Bit of Fluff PG Sara/Sofia No synopsis given. Complete

Gods and Monsters PG-13 Sara/Catherine A movie, a philosophical discussion. Complete

Fighting Back 15 Sara/Catherine No synopsis given. Complete

A Turn of Events PG-13 Catherine/Sofia Catherine's latest date turns out to be a sleaze, but luckily for her, she spots a familiar face in the restaurant and her evening suddenly gets a hell of a lot better. Complete

The Third Day of Christmas PG Catherine/Sofia   Sara/Sofia Day 3 of my 12 Days of Christmas song - Three CSIs Complete

Christmas in January PG-13 Sara/Sofia No synopsis given. Complete

Photographs and Memories PG-13 Sara/Sofia Sara stumbles upon a box she hadn't unpacked from her move to San Francisco. Complete

Second Chances PG-13 Sofia/Megan Wheeler Law & Order: CI crossover - A continuation of sorts of The Contest. Complete

Dance of Death PG-13 Sofia/Emily Prentiss Criminal Minds crossover - White coats and salsa. Complete

A Bug's Life PG-13 Sara/Sofia An alternate ending to One to Go, Grissom's last episode. A more fitting end for everyone involved, and for me, too. Complete

Femslash Island: A Whole New World 1 PG-13 Multi-fandom crossover - Just another adventure on Femslash Island. Takes place six months later. On-Going

A Day of Thanksgiving PG-13 Sara/Sofia No synopsis given. Complete

When Animals Attack PG-13 Sara/Sofia A ficlet written from a snippet supplied by Ralst: The one where Sofia Curtis shot a goat. Complete

Ann & atfm

A Silver Lining PG Catherine/Sofia Sofia happens across Catherine in a tense situation. Complete


My Life PG Sara/Sofia Sara contemplates her life. Complete

Wet Dream PG Sara/Sofia/Catherine Shower time. Complete

Tying Up the Laces PG Sara/Sofia Corsets. Complete

Subornation of Perjury PG Sara/Sofia Lies. Complete

Cold Shoulder 18 Sara/Sofia Letting someone in again Complete


A Matter of Definition G Sara/Sofia Sara defines solitude. Complete

Never Enough PG Sara/Sofia Sara takes a chance. Complete

Miniature Disasters PG-13 Sara/Sofia Sara tries to offer Sofia a little comfort after the events in 'Monster in a Box'. Complete

Are You Mocking Me? PG Sara/Sofia Sara really doesn't like Daylight Saving Time. Complete

Cellulose and...more cellulose PG Sara/Sofia Missing scene from 'Big Shots' - origami and wine stains. Complete

Bulletproof Love PG-13 Sara/Sofia A dangerous situation and its consequences. Complete

Followed PG-13 Sara/Sofia Sometimes you can rely on the person who seemed least likely to be there for you. Complete

Dreams PG-13 Sara/Sofia What do blood and dreams have in common? Complete

Finding Something Better PG Sara/Sofia Finding Nemo. Complete

Differences PG Sofia/Vicki Blood Ties crossover. Complete

A Conversation in the Rain PG Catherine/Sofia No synopsis given. Complete

Once Upon a Midnight Dreary PG Sara/Sofia Halloween night. Complete

Trouble Me PG Sara/Sofia No synopsis given. Complete


Kiss it and Make it Better 15 Sara/Catherine Catherine gets tired of Sara refusing to talk about her past. Complete

A History of Violence 15 Sara/Temperance Bones crossover - Sara and Temperance meet on a online group for former foster children. Sara comes to DC for a conference, and Temperance invites Sara to stay with her. Complete


Not Exactly Undead... prologue 1 PG-13 Catherine/Sofia   Calleigh/OFC CSI: Miami crossover - Calleigh and Horatio must travel to Las Vegas to catch up with someone who's seemingly come back from the dead. On-Going

bel bio

I'll be at your side 18 Sara/Catherine Sara is hurt because of a case and Catherine wants to help. Complete


Somewhere Better Than Nowhere PG-13 Sara/Sofia "You know, two miles that way," Sara says, pointing out the front window with the swab in her hand, "and this wouldn't even be our case." Complete

Caitrin Torres

Tuesday 15 Sara/Catherine Three Tuesdays in Vegas. Complete

Fly Home G Sara/Sofia Sara is on her way home. Complete


How I Met Your Mother PG Sara/Catherine Sara tells how she and Catherine ended up together. Complete


Just Another Elevator G Sara/Catherine Catherine and Sara are stuck in an elevator investigating a crime scene. Complete

Green Saturday PG Sara/Catherine After missing out on Black Friday, Catherine drags Sara out for Green Saturday shopping. Complete

For Now 18 Sara/Catherine Sara comes back to help Catherine grieve the only way she knows how. Complete

Returning PG Sara/Catherine Sara returns to help Catherine grieve in her first winter after Warrick's death. Complete


One MORE To Go PG-13 Sara/Sofia/Catherine My comedy ALT-ernate ending to Grissom's latest departure. Complete


I Wonder 15 Catherine/Wendy Wendy muses about her feelings for Catherine late one night and ends up getting a little more than she expected. Complete


Four Characters in Search of a Plot 15 Sara/Catherine Four views on love, lust, submission and domination. Complete

Meditations on a Butterfly 15 Sara/Catherine   Grissom/Lady Heather Sequel to 'Four Characters in Search of a Plot', set during the episode 'Butterflied'. Complete

The Nina Simone Suite

Little Visions of You PG Sara/Mia It was all Warrick's fault. Complete

Mia-Anderings PG Sara/Mia Do I really need another work-based relationship right now. Complete

Let It Be Me PG Sara/Mia Change is not always a bad thing. Complete

The Human Touch PG Sara/Mia She's kept it secret for such a long time. Complete

Little Girl Blue 15 Sara/Mia Time to move on. Complete

Death is just a Name PG Sara/Mia Facing your demons. Complete

How Deep It Goes PG-13 Sara/Mia Domestic violence cases always bring out the worst in her. Complete

Human Kindness 18 Sara/Mia Sara reaches out from the darkness - but who will take her hand? Complete

Sunday in the Park with Sara PG Sara/Mia Team sports just aren't her style. Complete

The Family We Make 15 Sara/Sofia Sara and Sofia grow closer over a case that might not be quite as it seems. Just when they think they've got everything they want, it might be taken away from them again. Complete

Golden 15 Sara/Calleigh CSI: Miami crossover - molten gold, wet and hot. Complete

Too Old for Barbie, Too Young for Boys PG Catherine/Sofia Is it ever appropriate to ask someone out for a date at their daughter's thirteenth birthday? Complete

Mood Indigo PG Sara/Sofia Missing scene set around the 6th Season Episode "The Unusual Suspect". Complete

Human Nature 15 Catherine/Lady Heather When her daughter is brutally murdered, an old friend turns to Catherine for help and support. Complete

Private Dancer PG Sara/Catherine She had never been 'just' a dancer. Complete

The Tell Tale Heart 15 Sara/Sofia No synopsis given. Complete

Never Forget PG Sara/Sofia All of the CSIs and most of the detectives that Sara knew had that case that would not go away... Complete


Enough is Enough 18 Sara/Catherine Catherine had enough of Sara's attitude and knew it was time to clear the air. Complete

Dressing Up 18 Sara/Catherine Sara need help finding formal wear for a friend's wedding and turns to Catherine for help. This simple request wakes up unspoken feelings in both women. Complete

Could I have This Dance 18 Sara/Catherine Catherine and Sara get to know each other and their guilty pleasures. Complete


Small 1 18 Sara/Catherine A Decision that changes everything, affects everyone. Catherine is the only one she can trust, but even that is hard for a shattered and over the edge Sara. On-Going


Burden of Proof PG-13 Catherine/Jordan CSI/Crossing Jordan crossover - In between seminars at a convention in Boston, Catherine accepts an invitation from Jordan to visit the morgue. More than intrigued by each other, the attraction is mutual and following a mid-morning tour, the women interact with an obvious rapport. The conversation below is just one of their exchanges. Complete


You PG-13 Sara/Catherine Sara and Catherine spend some time together after work. Complete

Lifetime PG-13 Sara/Catherine Grissom gives Sara some advice, which causes her to re-examine her relationship with Catherine. Complete

Cobra Angel

Wrong 15 Sara/Catherine Sara's new lover breaks pretty much every rule she has. Complete


Shame to See You Go PG-13 Sara/Sofia So. . . why DID Sofia decide to say? Complete


Sweet PG Sara/Sofia Drabble. Complete

Corbeau's Alcove

Perfect Match 1-3 4-6 7-9 10-12 13-15 18 Sara/Catherine Catherine and Sara try to solve a case inbetween falling in lust and falling in love. Complete

Belief 18 Sara/Catherine Believing in yourself can sometimes be worth it. Complete

Break and Bend PG Sara/Catherine Sometimes next shout doesn't mean you have to fight. Complete

Chances 18 Sara/Catherine Chances are made, opportunities brokered. Will it lead to happiness? Complete

Pain to Kill 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-49 50-60 61-69 70-79 80-90 91-100 15 Sara/Catherine Climbing into the bottle is easy. Climbing out is hard. Complete

Calendar PG Sara/Catherine To mark things off you must be willing to move on. Complete

Holy Shit 15 Sara/Catherine Right or wrong, who can make the decisions when it matters most? Complete

No Warning 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 15 Sara/Catherine Past hinders present. Can it collapse their future? On-Going

Shadows of Life 15 Sara/Catherine In the moment of decision, can we pick the path that will sustain us? Complete

The Key G Sara/Catherine Unlocking the secret of life isn't hard when the key fits perfectly. Complete

Belong PG Sara/Catherine To some, Mother's Day means more than catalogue advertisements. Complete


Home PG-13 Sara/Catherine All she ever wanted had ever wanted was a place to call home, the opposite of everything she had ever known. Complete

In The Arms of the Angel PG-13 Sara/Catherine Together, they found comfort. Fluffy sequel to 'Home'. Complete

Thank You PG-13 Sara/Catherine Alive; that was what she made me. Pure and simple; that was what she made us. Life; that was what she made worth living. Love; that was what it was. Complete

Swallowed in the Sea PG-13 Sara/Catherine When I told her to leave, I didn't think she'd go so far. Complete

Windows PG-13 Sara/Catherine "They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Then her soul has to be the saddest I've ever met." Complete


A Diva's Demise 1 2 PG-13 Multi-fandom crossover - Sister conventions at the Happiest Place on Earth - Who said it's a small world after all? Complete

In Search of Kringle New PG Multi-fandom crossover. Complete


Sick Day 1 2 3 PG-13 Sara/Catherine Catherine is in trouble and Lindsey turns to the one person she can think of Sara. On-Going


One Special Night PG Sara/Catherine A night planed for romance ends up turning into a family night Complete

The Datajunkie

Annotations & Observations 15 Sara/Catherine A collection of writings from the CSI crew reveals the unimaginable. Complete


Funny How Things Can Change PG-13 Sara/Catherine Sara doesn't want a relationship, all she wants is sex. Complete

Hidden Truth Triology

Hidden Truth 1 PG-13 Sara/Catherine Sara shares the truth about her crush on Gil with Catherine, and Catherine tells her friend about her own crush. Complete

Hidden Truth 2 PG-13 Sara/Catherine Second in the Hidden Truth series. Complete

Hidden Truth 3 PG-13 Sara/Catherine Third in the Hidden Truth series. Complete

Unrequited Love Series

I'm Not Sure How it Happened PG-13 Sara/Catherine After discovering the truth about Hank, Sara goes out for a beer with Catherine. Complete

Nothing 18 Sara/Catherine Sara wakes up to an unidentified body in her bed. Complete

What Was I Thinking? PG-13 Sara/Catherine The next day at work. Complete

Destiny 18 Sara/Catherine Sara catches sight of her destiny. Complete

Getting Caught PG-13 Sara/Catherine Sometimes an open door can lead to prying eyes. Complete

She Makes Me Want To 1-5 6-10 11-15 18 Sara/Catherine Something happens to Sara that makes her realize Catherine's the one she's been searching for all along. Complete

Key to My Heart G Sara/Catherine Sara can't work out why Catherine is angry with her. Complete

Dearlylovedaimee and Stevie

Miracles Come in Small Packages G Sara/Catherine Catherine has a long and tension filled wait at the hospital. Complete


Valentine Card PG Sara/Catherine Sara receives a Valentine's card. Complete

Make Me Stay PG Sara/Catherine Sara has a vision. Complete

Severe Weather Warnings

Maelstrom PG Sara/Catherine Catherine's thoughts and emotions are in a maelstrom. Complete

Snow Flurries PG Sara/Catherine Sara contemplates her time with Catherine and Lyndsey. Complete

Play of Seduction 18 Sara/Catherine Catherine's birthday brings changes to her relationship with Sara. Complete

Oh! PG Sara/Catherine Sara goes on a date. Complete

Snapshots of a Lady PG Sara/Catherine Snapshots through a lifetime together. Complete

Watershed G Sara/Catherine A multitude of possible universes. Complete

Birthday Surprises PG Sara/Catherine   Catherine/Other Surprises galore. Complete

No More Good-byes 18 Sara/Catherine   Sara/Other A threesome with a twist. Complete

The Darker Days of Me and Him 15 Sara/Catherine Sara has a bad time but things are rosier in the future, yes? Complete

Hoping and Wishing PG Sara/Catherine A Wedding. Complete

Like a Hurricane PG Sara/Catherine A little favour, a little dancing... Complete

Never Too Old for Technology PG Sara/Catherine Love across cyberspace. Complete

I Am, I Said PG Catherine/? One night at a concert. Complete

Bittersweet Ghosts 18 Sara/Catherine Why the hell would Sara be afraid of the dark?
Note: This story deals with the subject of rape.

Meant To Be 18 Sara/Other   Sara/Catherine What might have happened if a young Sara Sidle had met a young Catherine Willows. Complete

In My Pocket PG Sara/Catherine Friends, huh? Complete

It's a Knockout 18 Sara/Catherine This is my final holiday fic, number 6, and falls into the "In My Pocket" universe, 6 months after. Complete

Watching The Girls Go By PG Sara/Catherine The guys' POV. Complete

Watching the Guys (+1) Watching the Girls PG Sara/Catherine Companion piece to Watching the Girls Go By, Catherine's POV. Complete

Another Time, Another Place 18 Sara/Catherine Never doubt, never look back, that's how I live my life. Complete

Stinking Surprises PG Sara/Catherine When Catherine said jump, Sara usually jumped, eventually. Complete

Life Jim But Not As We Know It G Catherine/Other   Sara/Catherine Sara sees someone on CCTV that she wasn't expecting. Complete

Arms of Mary 18 Sara/Catherine A perfect Xmas Day. Complete

Parallel Lives PG Sara/Catherine   Sam/Janet CSI/Stargate: SG-1 crossover - Pure fluff at a surprise birthday celebration. Complete

Triangulation PG Sara/Catherine Sara's scientific method isn't necessarily the best way. Complete

After Six 18 Sara/Catherine Catherine and Sara finally have a little time alone to exchange gifts. Complete

Cheer's Darlin' PG Sara/Catherine Being Sara's friend. Complete

Three Little Words series

All I Need PG Sara/Catherine Catherine's POV of the split. Complete

You're Mine Tonight PG Sara/Catherine Sara's POV of the argument. Complete

I'm So Sorry PG Sara/Catherine An apology. Complete

Don't You Dare PG Sara/Catherine An unexpected danger. Complete

Love's Chance Saloon PG Sara/Catherine Uber - A saloon owner awaits the outcome of a duel. Complete

Smooth Planning PG Sara/Catherine Complete

Getting There Takes Three Small Steps PG Sara/Catherine Sara and Catherine's relationship dynamic changes slowly though three significant events. Complete

Fuck Buddies PG Sara/Catherine Sara talks to the wind about her relationship with Catherine. Complete

Mine, Yours and Ours

Mine 15 Catherine/Sofia Animosity over shift lead brings the women closer. Complete

Yours 15 Catherine/Sofia   Sara/Sofia Second part of the 'Mine, Yours and OUrs' trilogy. Complete

Ours 15 Catherine/Sofia   Sara/Sofia Third part of the 'Mine, Yours and OUrs' trilogy. Complete

Guiding Light PG Sara/Catherine Sara has a bad night and a meeting under the stars. Complete

Two Heads are Better than One PG Sara/Sofia   Catherine/Wendy Wendy and Sara seek each others advice in wooing a blonde. Complete

5 Days and a Little Light Conversation PG Sara/Sofia The team have five days to refute an alibi. Complete

Ribbons Undone PG Sara/Catherine A new beginning. Complete

Conviction PG-13 Catherine/Sofia Sofia is slowly falling apart, who the hell can she talk to? Complete

Something's Gotten Hold of My Heart 15 Sara/Catherine The past and present collide. Complete

Road Trip from Hell 15 Sara/Catherine As Catherine says to Gil regarding her trip to Disneyland with the parents, "Yeah, that'll be a hell of a road-trip." Complete

Worthwhile PG Sara/Catherine Aspects - Exhausted Girl (Sara Sidle) Complete

Uncommon Love PG Sara/Catherine/Sofia Aspects - Dancing Girl - Sofia Curtis (with Sara and Catherine watching) Complete

The Joys of Book Reading PG Sara/Catherine Aspects - Book-Reading Girl, Catherine Willows. Complete

Make an Ass of Me PG Sofia/Wendy Aspects - Excited Girl - Wendy. Complete

Clichés PG Catherine/Sofia Aspects - On Vacation Girl, Sofia Curtis. Complete

The Story of Us PG Sara/Catherine No synopsis provided. Complete

The Very Good, the Definitely Not Bad, and the Ugly for Some PG-13 Sara/Catherine   Sara/Sofia   Catherine/Sofia Three different stories set between the events of 'Leaving Las Vegas' and 'Law of Gravity'. Complete

The Extra Bit on the End PG-13 Sara/Catherine/Sofia Companion piece to 'The Very Good, the Definitely Not Bad, and the Ugly for Some'. Complete

Between the Devil and the Ocean 18 Sara/Catherine Cath wants Sara, Sara wants Cath; will they ever meet in the middle. Complete

Before and After PG-13 Sara/Sofia Sassy ficathon entry. Complete

Being Prepared PG Catherine/Wendy Elevator malfunctions. Complete

Sugar Rush PG-13 Catherine/Sofia Doughnuts. Complete

It's a Skill 15 Catherine/Sofia Origami. Complete

Understanding PG Catherine/Barbara Gordon Birds of Prey crossover. Complete

Yin and Yang PG Sara/Catherine or Catherine/Wendy Ignorance of balance will ruin your world. Complete

Follow the Evidence PG Sara/Catherine/Sofia Can Ecklie work out the truth? Complete

The Power of Three Trilogy

Letting Go PG Sara/Catherine/Sofia After the events of Living Doll (and maybe Dead Doll), things are a changing. Complete

Holding On 15 Catherine/Sofia Sequel to 'Letting Go' - Six months after Sara leaves, Catherine gets a shock... Complete

Seeing It PG Sara/Catherine/Sofia Sequel to 'Holding On' - Sara is back... or is she? Complete

As Always PG Sara/Catherine An extended drabble. Complete

You're Paying PG Catherine/Sofia No synopsis given. Complete

Running Interference PG Sara/Sofia Sofia tries to figure out just what Sara might want for Christmas. Complete

Humour Me U Sara/Sofia A sequel to atfm's 'Trouble Me'. Complete

Just Enough PG Catherine/Sofia Catherine has one drink too many at the office Christmas party. Complete

It's Not Dead PG Catherine/Sofia love, romance, and 'Sofia is leaving Las Vegas for good, unless someone can persuade her otherwise.' Complete

Heart's a Flush PG Sofia/Wendy Wendy's happy, Sofia's happy, why? Complete

Anger Management 15 Sara/Sofia No synopsis given. Complete

Caged PG Sara/Catherine No synopsis given. Complete

The Kids of Today G Sara/Catherine Exasperation. Complete

I Think I'm a Mom G Sara/Catherine No synopsis given. Complete

Saints Avow G Sara/Catherine Failure Complete

Roll With The Flow G Sara/Catherine No synopsis given. Complete

Un Cercle Autour du Soleil G Sara/Catherine No synopsis given. Complete

Storm in a Coffee Cup G Sofia/Wendy Wendy hates the dark. Complete

Bliss PG-13 Catherine/Sofia No synopsis given. Complete

Del Robertson

Who Killed Santa? PG Multi-fandom crossover - Santa is dead. Chaos ensues. Complete

Unsolved Mystery G The women of C.S.I. are working on the most puzzling case of their careers. Complete

Whatever Happened to Ralst? G Ralst hasn't been heard from, and it's up to our intrepid detectives of the fan fiction universe to solve the case. Complete

Late Night Horrors PG Sara/Sofia   Catherine/Sofia An eerie, late night scream brings Sofia rushing to the rescue. Complete


A Trick of the Eye G Sara/Sofia Pre-relationship contemplation. Complete

Elizabeth Carter

6 Degrees 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 15 Sara/Catherine It has been said there are only 6' degrees of separation between any two people. Our girls discover just how true this statement is by traversing a road fraught with disparity, angst and yet even as Pandora's Box had hope laying within, so to does this path Catherine and Sara take to discover what they could have together... Complete

Thrown Away PG-13 Sara/Catherine Grisson reflects on what he threw away. Complete

Shadowns of the Past 15 Sara/Catherine After the events in 'Nesting Dolls' Grissom forces Catherine to revaluate her attitude towards Sara. Complete

Shadowns of the Present 15 Sara/Catherine Sara is shaken to the core by the events of 'Committed', but Catherine is there to try and pick up the pieces. Complete


Damaged 1 PG-13 Sara/Catherine After a case that brought up memories for Sara, Catherine asks her out for a drink. Complete


Nobody PG-13 Sara/Catherine Catherine unexpectedly witnesses a different side to Sara, which forces her to re-examine her relationship with the younger woman. Complete

Mermaids and School Girls 18 Sara/Catherine Sara's POV. There's a fancy dress party. Complete


Graffiti PG Sara/Catherine Sara finally realizes her deep feelings of love for Catherine. Complete

That Funky Strawberry Smell PG-13 Sara/Catherine A long night at the Lab drives Greg and his curious nature to invent something silly. Complete

Car Ride 18 Sara/Catherine Who knew a car ride could be so much fun? Complete

Reunion 15 Sara/Catherine The Harvard University reunion brings some very interesting things bubbling to the surface of Sara and Catherine's relationship--or lack thereof. Complete

Snow Angels PG-13 Sara/Catherine The first snow-fall in Vegas gets the girls a little frisky. Complete

Wrinkle in Time 18 Sara/Catherine Sara ensures Catherine that she is just as beautiful as any other woman in the world. Complete

Happy Girl PG-13 Sara/Catherine A girls' night out turns into something more. Complete

Two to Tango 18 Sara/Catherine Lace and Chocolate chips provide for endless hours of fun for the girls. Complete

Mother Knows Best 15 Sara/Catherine Sara's not-so-quiet house guest prompts her to call on an expert to help her through her troubles. Complete


Amazing Technicolor Love PG Sara/Catherine A technicolored crime scene. Complete

Everybody's Fool

Dreams Do Come True PG-13 Sara/Catherine A simple case takes a turn for the worse. Can Catherine tell her how she really feels? Or will Sara never know? Complete


Car Trouble PG Sara/Sofia Sofia's having a little car trouble. Complete

True Roses PG Sara/Sofia Can the love be real when the flowers aren't? Complete

Winter in Las Vegas PG Sofia/Wendy MFC#7 - A woman stands in the snow, wearing nothing but her pajamas, and getting kissed breathless. Complete


Falling Apart Together 18 Sara/Catherine It's all becoming too much for Catherine and Sara isn't helping. Complete


Damages G Sara/Alex Law & Order: SVU crossover Complete


Constant Craving 18 Sara/Sofia You were the habit I tried so hard to break… Complete


Oblivion 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 18 Sara/Catherine Sara makes a final decision. Complete

Stop all the clocks PG-13 Sara/Catherine Sara contemplates a time in her life. Complete

A fat suit PG Sara/Catherine CSI's contribtion for the festive season. Complete


A Hard Day's Night 18 Sara/Catherine Catherine has a bad feeling about a case. Complete

Storm Front 18 Sofia/Calleigh CSI Miami crossover - Some storms can ease the heat. Complete

Home for Christmas G Sofia/Calleigh CSI Miami crossover - Home is where the heart is. Complete

Just Like That G Sara/Catherine I had all these little things and he had you. Complete

Friends and Lovers PG-13 Sofia/Calleigh CSI: Miami crossover Complete


Staying Cool PG-13 Sara/Sofia Sara and Sofia are stranded in the middle of nowhere. Complete

Getting Hot 18 Sara/Sofia Sequel to 'Staying Cool' - Sara and Sofia spend some time together after their time in the desert. Complete

The Best Part of My Losing Streak 15 Sara/Sofia Down and out in Las Vegas. Bet the farm. Complete

Georgia Kennedy

Christmas Wish PG Sara/Catherine If Catherine and Sara where your dream Christmas present, would you be brave enough to tell them? Greg certainly is! Complete


Beginning of Doubt PG Sara/Sofia Sassy ficathon entry. Complete


Untitled PG-13 Sara/Sofia Someone's out to get Sara. Complete


Come Undone PG-13 Sara/Catherine Just what did happen when Sara and Catherine went for a beer after 'Crash and Burn'? Complete

Authority Figures PG Sara/Sofia Sofia asks Sara a question. Complete


Ladies First 18 Sara/Catherine Catherine turns the tables on her lady. Complete


Kept 15 Sara/Catherine 'Just sex' shouldn't be able to make someone so miserable. Complete

Funerals PG-13 Sara/Catherine Funerals really are funny things. Complete

Next PG-13 Sara/Catherine Catherine can't understand a decision Sara made. Complete

Episodic Tribulations PG-13 Sara/Catherine Moments Catherine and Sara could have had after certain episodes. Complete

I Am So Sorry PG-13 Sara/Catherine That was all she had managed before she felt her heart begin to break. Four unbelievably pathetic words. Complete


Deliverance 1 2 3 PG-13 Sara/Catherine Season Five-ish. The death of Sara's brother opens the door to her past, Will she let Catherine see through her tough exterior and comfort her? On-Going

Adjustments 1 15 Sara/Catherine Catherine and Sara are forced to deal with a monumental tragedy. Can their relationship withstand it? On-Going

Patience 1 2 3 PG-13 Sara/Catherine Sara is sick and Catherine is determined to find out what's wrong with her. On-Going


You Don't Always Have To Be Strong PG Sara/Sofia No synopsis given. Complete

Jocelyn Brant

Are We There Yet? PG Sara/Sofia A road trip to Ohio. Complete

Lay Here 18 Sara/Catherine Post-Ep for "Crow's Feet"… We last saw Catherine staring at herself in the mirror… Complete


Strangers 15 Sara/Sofia   Sara/Olivia Law & Order: SVU crossover - Sometimes in exploring paths not taken we discover our true self. Complete


Plumbing PG Sara/Catherine Catherine has some plumbing problems. Complete

Epiphany 15 Sara/Catherine Even stubborn people have world altering epiphanies. Complete

Too Tired New G Sara/Catherine Sara is too tired to go home. Complete


Measure of Worth 15 Sara/Catherine Catherine is reminded that for better or worse, love always finds a way. Complete

I Go Weak PG Sara/Catherine Sara has to choose between lust and love. Complete

Leaving Las Vegas 15 Sara/Catherine Missing scene from Burden of Proof. This was how it happened in my head anyway, so bear with me. Complete

Four Songs In A Thunderstorm 18 Sara/Catherine Getting caught in the rain can be a good thing. Complete

Candy Girl PG Sara/Catherine Sara and Catherine sure aren't boring... Complete


Strong Enough 1-4 5-6 7-10 11-12 13-15 16-18 19-20 21-22 23-25 26-28 29-31 32-34 18 Sara/Catherine What does it take to come full circle? Complete


Red Dress G Sara/Sofia The first appearance of Sofia Curtis in the life of Sara Sidle. Complete

Curves G Sara/Sofia Sofia's investigation skills capture the attention of somebody else as well. Complete

Voices 15 Sara/Sofia Sara gets hurt. Complete

Prevention PG Sara/Sofia Sofia persuades Sara into a joint venture. Complete

Genie in a Bottle PG Sara/Sofia Occasionally wishes do come true. Complete

Workout PG Sara/Sofia There is exercise and there is exercise. Complete

Risen PG Sara/Sofia Sometimes it takes a lot of courage. Complete

Close-up PG Sara/Sofia Sassy ficathon entry. Complete


A Thousand Words PG Sara/Sofia They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This one was telling him to let her go. Complete

Kristina K

Hooked PG Sara/Sofia You might as well fess up and tell her everything, because it seems she already knows how hooked on her you are. Complete

A Way to Cope PG-13 Sara/Sofia Tears. They burned her eyes, and when she blinked, they poured down her cheeks, hot and unstoppable. Complete

Perfume G Sara/Sofia It's her job, Sara says, noticing things. Complete

Rain PG Sara/Sofia If she could, she would have made love to her with her eyes, but instead she leaned in and kissed her. Complete

The Big Guns PG-13 Sofia/Calleigh CSI: Miami crossover - Sofia meets her match. Complete

By Design PG Sara/Sofia It all started with an innocent brush of hands. Complete

A Long Night PG-13 Sara/Sofia Sofia wants to talk. Sara doesn't talk much. Complete

Summer Storm PG Sara/Sofia Finally, rain. Complete

Hostage 15 Sofia/Olivia Law & Order: SVU crossover - She felt herself being pulled in closer, into the fire. Complete

Divine PG-13 Sofia/Olivia Law & Order: SVU crossover - She had no idea how beautiful New York is in the fall. Complete

The Guilty Pleasure Drabbles PG-13 Sara/Sofia Three drabbles. Complete

Reminiscence 18 Sofia/Olivia Law & Order: SVU crossover - a memory. Complete

Runaway PG-13 Sofia/Olivia Law & Order: SVU crossover - Olivia deserves better. Complete

Leaving Las Vegas PG Sara/Sofia Sofia already lost her battle with tears. Complete

Unspoken PG Sara/Sofia Sofia is sorry. Complete

Figuring out Sara Sidle PG Sara/Sofia Sofia's observations on Sara Sidle. Complete

Eternity Begins PG-13 Sofia/OFC Sofia has been chosen. Complete


Being Drunk's A Lot Like Loving You PG Sara/Catherine Being drunk's a lot like loving you. Complete


Good Whispers and Bad Whispers PG-13 Sara/Catherine 'Whisper' prompt- 1001 Nights Challenge. Complete


Maslow's Hierarchy: Through Her Eyes PG Sara/Catherine   Sofia/OFC At a seminar discussing Dr. Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of basic needs, the CSI team meets their newest colleague, who learns as much, if not more, about them than they do about her. Complete


Stuck series

Stuck to me 15 Sara/Sofia   Sara/Catherine First story in the Stuck series - a love, or is it just lust, triangle. Complete

Stuck With Me 15 Sara/Sofia   Sara/Catherine Second story in the Stuck series - a love, or is it just lust, triangle. Complete

Stuck On You 15 Sara/Sofia   Sara/Catherine Third story in the Stuck series - a love, or is it just lust, triangle. Complete

Stuck 15 Sara/Sofia   Sara/Catherine Fourth story in the Stuck series - a love, or is it just lust, triangle. Complete

Stuck at the Intersection of ... 15 Sara/Sofia   Sara/Catherine Fifth story in the Stuck series - a love, or is it just lust, triangle. Complete

Stuck In Las Vegas 15 Sara/Sofia   Sara/Catherine Sixth story in the Stuck series - a love, or is it just lust, triangle. Complete


Afternoon Fun PG-13 Sara/Sofia Sara and Sofia have some fun while cleaning. A quick look at the aftermath. Complete

She Wakes When She Dreams 15 Sara/Sofia "The first time Sofia kissed Sara on the lips, it completely surprised both of them." A series of firsts following the course of their relationship. Complete

The Last Good Name Left

Stray Conversations PG Sara/Catherine Catherine and Grissom talk about Sara, a lot. Companion to Stray Friends. Complete

Stray Friends PG Sara/Catherine Sara and Greg talk about Catherine, a lot. Companion to Stray Companions. Complete


The Worst Part 1-8 9-14 15 Sara/Catherine Catherine takes some unexpected advice and decides to go to Sara's and find out exactly why it is she is so upset by domestic violence cases. Complete

Unconventional 1 2 PG-13 Sara/Catherine Murder at a Xena convention, soul mates, tears, and a crazy blond with vengeance on her mind. Complete


My One Shot PG-13 Sara/Sofia "Why do we drink to escape and sleep with strangers?" Complete

The Stay PG Sara/Sofia "Nothing like a blunt force trauma to bring two people together, huh?" Complete

Lesley Davis

Falling Further In 15 Sara/Sofia Sara has a fall. Complete


Oh, God PG-13 Sara/Catherine Sara wakes up with a hangover. Complete

Sugar is Sweet PG-13 Sara/Catherine Sara makes pancakes - sequel to "Oh, God" Complete

Nice PG-13 Sara/Catherine Sara and Catherine take the time to relax - sequel to "Sugar is Sweet" Complete


At Lady Heather's 18 Sara/Lady Heather Drabble - Sara finds a little ritual sets her at her ease. Complete


Kiss and Make Up PG-13 Sara/Sofia Sara and Sofia work on a case together, of course their feiry characters collide. Complete

Looking Back 15 Sara/Sofia Sofia looks back and realises something important. Complete

Sofia's Secret 15 Sara/Sofia Sara and Sofia have a bet. Complete

Cinnamon Girl 1 2 3 4 5 15 Sara/Catherine Catherine and Sara are trying to solve a case, but the suspect is complicating things. Not only for the case, but also for Catherine and Sara. Complete

Once more...with feeling 15 Sara/Catherine Catherine and Sara have another fight. Complete

Troubleshooter 15 Sofia/Wendy Sofia finds out that Wendy is good at troubleshooting. Complete

Life according to Hannah Jenkins 15 Sara/Catherine A new CSI gives her view on life and on the people of the graveyard shift. Spoiler or Other Information: This is my first attempt on writing comedy, I hope it works. Complete

Hustle and Flow 1-5 6-10 15 Sara/Catherine   Sara/f To get what you want you sometimes need to hustle and sometimes just need to go with the flow. On-Going

Underneath It All 15 Sara/Calleigh CSI: Miami crossover - When Calleigh comes to Vegas to help Catherine and Sara solve a case, Catherine realizes there is more between Sara and Calleigh than they are letting on. Complete

Only the Beginning 18 Sara/Sofia When Sofia looked into Sara's eyes, she knew this was only the beginning. Complete

Complicated is the whole point 15 Sara/Calleigh CSI: Miami crossover - no synopsis given. Complete


Jealousy PG-13 Sara/Sofia Sassy ficathon entry. Complete


2,592,000 PG-13 Sara/Sofia Sara ends one relationship and starts another. Complete


Into the Sun 1 2 PG-13 Sara/Catherine Catherine and Sara deal with the repercussions of Catherine's assault at a crime scene. On-Going


Falling PG-13 Sara/Sofia No synopsis given. Complete

Ascending PG-13 Sara/Sofia A companion piece to 'Falling'. Complete

Colliding PG-13 Sara/Sofia A companion piece to 'Ascending'. Complete


Through the Dark 1-3 4-6 7-10 PG-13 Sara/Catherine At the end of each dark tunnel there's always a bright light. Complete

In The Light 1-3 4-6 PG-13 Sara/Catherine ...out of darkness, standing in the light. Sequel to Through the Dark. On-Going

Wishing and Hoping PG-13 Sara/Catherine Will Sara's wish come true? Complete

Breakfast In Las Vegas 18 Sara/Catherine What happens next? Sequel to Wishing and Hoping. Complete

Awakenings 18 Sara/Catherine The afternoon after... Sequel to Breakfast In Las Vegas. Complete

Love's Celebration PG-13 Sara/Catherine Love is worth a celebration. Complete

Knock 'n' Roll 1-3 4-6 7-9 PG-13 Sara/Catherine Will a case involving a hit-and-run bring Sara and Catherine closer? Complete

Sara & Catherine: The Unfinished Story

The Wind In The Willows 18 Sara/Catherine Their story of a lifetime. Complete

What Willows Wants 18 Sara/Catherine Their story of a lifetime. Complete

Cashing In...Or Not 18 Sara/Catherine Their story of a lifetime. Complete

The Taking Of Sidle 123 18 Sara/Catherine Their story of a lifetime. Complete

Meet The Willows' a.k.a. Like Mother, Like Daughter 18 Sara/Catherine Their story of a lifetime. Complete

Sara And The World Of Tomorrow 18 Sara/Catherine Their story of a lifetime. Complete

Lovers, Friends.And Other Acquaintances 18 Sara/Catherine Their story of a lifetime. Complete

Inside Man - Part One 18 Sara/Catherine Their story of a lifetime. Complete

Inside Man - Part Two 18 Sara/Catherine Their story of a lifetime. Complete

'Adoptation' a.k.a. Where We Left Off 18 Sara/Catherine Their story of a lifetime. Complete

Who Framed Gilbert Grissom? 18 Sara/Catherine Their story of a lifetime. Complete

The Questions You Asked PG Sara/Catherine Important questions, important answers. Complete

And The Truth Shall Set You Free PG-13 Sara/Catherine Will she stay, or will she run away? Complete

Dress Up Surprises 18 Sara/Catherine The romantic antics Halloween costumes can lead to. Complete

Untitled 18 Sara/Catherine No synopsis given. Complete

I'll Wait For You PG-13 Sara/Catherine Catherine is waiting for Sara who is stuck miles away due to a blizzard. WARNING: D.O.C. tissue alert. Complete

Paperwork 18 Sara/Catherine Doing paperwork never was Sara's favorite... Complete

Paperwork II 18 Sara/Catherine Sequel to Paperwork. Complete

Jackpot PG-13 Sara/Catherine Sara is a bodyguard who recently started to work for Sam Braun. After a shooting occurred at a casino, she meets a certain strawberry blonde CSI. Complete

Forget PG-13 Sara/Catherine Sara needs Catherine to make her forget... Complete


Beyond Cause and Effect - Sofia PG Sara/Sofia Sofia is trying to find her place within graveyard and has to cope with the aftermath, when she doesn't fit it. Complete

Looking past the evidence - Sara PG Sara/Sofia Sequel to 'Beyond Cause and Effect - Sofia' - After the events of the shooting, Sara is reconsidering her reaction towards Sofia. Complete

An Equivocation of Lies PG-13 Sara/Sofia Sequel to 'Booking past the evidence - Sara' - Sofia's mother comes to Vegas. Complete


Teamwork PG Sara/Aiden CSI:NY crossover - CSI Las Vegas and New York join forces. Complete


Love me or Leave me

Interested? PG Sara/Lilly Cold Case crossover - Somtimes when you feel lonely you're in search for someone to listen. Complete

Meet the Geeks PG Sara/Lilly Cold Case crossover - sequel to 'Interested?' - Lilly follows Sara's invitation to join her (and her colleagues) at the conference. Complete

Waiting for You PG Sara/Lilly Cold Case crossover - sequel to 'Meet the Geeks' - After three months Lilly is back in Las Vegas. Complete

A Phone Call Away PG Sara/Lilly Cold Case crossover - sequel to 'Waiting for You' - Never drink and call. Complete

Destinations PG Sara/Lilly Cold Case crossover - sequel to 'A Phone Call Away'. Complete

Collateral Damage PG Sara/Lilly Cold Case crossover - Sequel to "Destinations' and a new part of the 'Love me or Leave me' series. Complete

A tree and a book PG Sara/Lilly Cold Case crossover - sequel to 'Collateral Damage' It's Christmas time, but Grissom decides to play the Grinch Complete

Rainy days PG Sara/Lilly Cold Case crossover - Even in the desert there are sometimes storms. Complete

Blame it on the Coat PG Sara/Lilly Cold Case crossover - Lilly realizes just how much her coat means to Sara. Complete

Trias series

Oxytocin PG Sara/Sofia A small lecture in neuroscience. Complete

Critical Period PG Sara/Sofia Sequel to Oxytocin - another lesson in neuroscience. Complete

Black Swan PG Sara/Sofia Sequel to Critical Period - After two lessons in neuroscience, now one in philosophy. Complete

Today, Tomorrow PG Sara/Sofia An incident at work leaves Sofia devestated. Complete

Leaving Evidence PG Sara/Sofia Evidence powder. Complete

Rain Check 1 2 PG Sara/Sofia Sofia and the night shift try to find Sara, but will they find her in time? Complete

College Experience PG Sara/Sofia The Gilmore Girls crossover - Sometimes all you need is snow. Complete

Miss Widget

And It Was PG-13 Sara/Catherine Catherine asks for help. Complete

Missy Holland

Letting Down 15 Sara/Catherine She had cried so much, and yet it seemed so little. She let her down, she had only one option left... Complete

Tears and Rain 15 Sara/Catherine I run, like a haunted animal. I'm almost there... Complete

Cry Just A Little PG-13 Sara/Catherine   Sara/Sofia Right now he's probably carrying her to his pretty little tuned up four- wheel drive. I love her, I hate her, I'm drunk. Complete

Fairytale PG-13 Sara/Sofia 'You're the detective, go detect!' So I do. So I did. So I've done. Complete

Myck's Nyx

Caught 15 Sara/Catherine Catherine and Sara get caught and have to face the consequences. Complete

Cave-in PG-13 Sara/Catherine Sara and Cath are trapped and the stress creates certain revelations. Complete

Master Plan PG Sara/Catherine Catherine and Sara have to figure out how to reveal their relationship. Complete

Consequences of Clubbing 1 2 3 4 5 15 Sara/Catherine Sara goes clubbing to unwind after a particularly hard case, and discovers a whole new kind of tension. On-Going


Nothing Else To Do 15 Sara/Catherine Sara blames herself for not being able to solve Eddie's case. Complete

Hostage 15 Sara/Catherine A trip to the bank leads to a lot more than expected. Complete


Santa Who? PG Sara/Catherine Multi-fandom crossover - Who believes in Santa Claus? Complete

Take a moment and look up... PG Catherine/Mac JAG crossover - Hot tubs in cold climates. Complete

The Power of Chocolate PG Sara/Catherine There are moments in every relationship when chocolate is the only answer. Complete

The Female of the Species PG Sara/Catherine A dog is an unusual piece of evidence, leads to an unexpected conversation. Complete

Fridge Poetry PG Sara/Catherine Between the fridge and the coffee maker, there are no secrets. Complete

Geek Love PG Sara/Catherine The Body was in the Library. Complete

Job Share PG Sara/Catherine Sharing Cases is not always appreciated. Complete

Lover's Touch? PG Sara/Catherine Catherine 'enjoys' a delicate touch during a meeting. Complete

Einstein PG-13 Sara/Catherine Performance Anxiety. Complete

The Proof is in the Eating PG Sara/Catherine Evidence is not to be eaten. Complete

Steady Hands PG Sara/Catherine Steady hands required, phone calls not appreciated. Complete

Too Much Information! PG Sara/Catherine Catherine asks one question too many. Complete

For the love of Zucchini, the Chicken was lost PG Sara/Catherine Catherine fails to watch what she eats. Complete

House Party PG Sara/Catherine Preparation prevents p*&%-poor performance. Complete


Silence 18 Sara/Catherine Things that could have happened when Sara was in the shower. Complete

Going Down 1-6 7-12 18 Sara/Catherine Catherine and Sara are sent to a remote location to investigate a suspicious case, but they become more involved than they would like to be. On-Going

Nique Bartok

Crash and Yearn 1-10 11-20 18 Sara/Catherine Sara and Lyndsey are caught up in an explosion at the labs. Complete

Long River In Egypt 1-17 18-31 18 Sara/Catherine Complete


Big Yellow Taxi PG-13 Sara/Sofia Catherine reflects on Sara and Sofia's new status as a couple. Complete

Physco Wolf

Love That Lasts A Life Time PG Sara/Catherine Catherine asks why Sara left her the way she did. Complete

Lone Wolf PG Sara/Catherine She always was the lone wolf. Complete


Letting Go of the Past 1-5 6-10 11-15 18 Sara/Catherine Sara decides it's time to put the past behind her. Complete

Awakenings 1-4 5-8 PG-13 Sara/Catherine Catherine is forced to reconsider her relationship with Sara after the younger woman is seriously hurt. Complete

With a Little Help 1-5 6-10 11-15 16-20 21-25 26-30 31-35 36-40 41-45 18 Sara/Catherine Grissom's absence at a conference leaves Catherine in charge. On-Going

Pure Intent

You Just Had To Say It 15 Sara/Catherine If she'd just kept her mouth shut. Complete

You Tease 15 Sara/Catherine Girls like to tease. Complete

Carribean Blues 1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8 PG Sara/Catherine Bonding at a conference. Can Catherine quell Sara's blues? Complete

When Darkness Falls 1-5 18 Sara/Catherine Pure fantasy. The girls explore their darker sides. On-Going


Submission 18 Sofia/Lady Heather   Sara/Sofia Sofia meets Lady Heather. Complete

Acceptance 18 Sara/Sofia   Sofia/Lady Heather As their relationship begins to develop, Sara finds out about Sofia and Lady Heather. Will she be able to come to terms with it? Or will she shun Sofia for good? Complete

The things you learn... G Wendy/Sam   Sara/Catherine   Calleigh/Natalia CSI: Miami crossover - Sam meets Wendy at a forensics conference. Complete

Shadows and Ghosts 18 Sofia/Olivia Law & Order: SVU crossover - After Sara's death, Sofia takes a job at the one-six in New York and meets Olivia. What happens when two women haunted by shadows of the past find each other? Complete


You Work It Out 1 2 3 4 5 6 18 Sara/Catherine When Catherine confronts Sara about her issues with a case Sara challenges her to work out why. Complete

Friends 15 Sara/Catherine Morning after recriminations. Complete

Conference Entanglements PG Sara/Catherine A conference, a doppelganger and a matchmaker... add water and shake. Complete

Redemption PG Sara/Catherine No synopsis given. Complete

Boundaries PG Sara/Catherine Christmas Wishathon-fic for scorpio2097 - prompt was "OMG, you saw them doing what?" This just popped into my mind. Complete

A Daughter's Mother 1 2 18 Sara/Catherine Catherine has a revelation, Sara has a visitor, after that it gets really complicated. Complete


Sweet as Candy PG Catherine/Wendy A one shot Candy fic. Done off a challenge from Chelsee6: Must include a cat, rubber duck, and a lack of caffeine. Complete


Green for Envy 15 Sara/Catherine Catherine and Sara have a little chat on the way back to the lab. Complete

Closer 18 Sara/Catherine Catherine and Sara's relationship takes a turn proving change isn't always a bad thing. Complete

Babes That Bump in the Night 15 Sara/Catherine Who knew a carnival could be so much fun? Complete


On the cutting room floor from 'Werewolf' PG Sara/Sofia Missing scene from 'Werewolf'. Complete


Insomnia 18 Sara/Catherine No rest for the wicked. Complete


Phone Intervention PG Sara/Catherine FLUFF: Sara decides to intervene. Complete

Thong PG Sara/Catherine FLUFF: Catherine witnesses something unusual in the lab. Complete

Coming to an Agreement PG Sara/Sofia Sara thinks it's about time Sofia stopped playing CSI. Complete

Eventually PG Sara/Sofia Catherine's thoughts on Sara and Sofia's new relationship. Complete

Why? PG Sara/Sofia Sofia tries to understand why. Complete

It's Only Sex 15 Sara/Sofia Only sex? Complete

Fevered PG Sara/Sofia Fevered embrace. Complete

The Small Things PG Sara/Sofia Sara shares a memory from her past. Complete

Clinging to the Lie PG Sara/Sofia Some lies are hard give up. Complete

TV Femmes Anonymous PG-13 Multi-fandom crossover - Something has to be done about Valentine's Day. Complete

The OTP Vote PG Multi-fandom crossover - It's time to put the pairing question to the vote. Complete

I'd like to thank... PG Multi-fandom crossover - the femslash characters react to the news that X:WP has been given a second month as 'Fandom of the Month'. Complete

I Hereby Call this Meeting to Order PG Multi-fandom crossover - the femslash characters are at it again. Complete

Pole to Pole PG Sara/Sofia Greg's birthday bash - an answer to the parody challenge. Complete

It's the Same Side PG Sara/Sofia Are they on the same side? Complete

Unacceptable Lies PG Sara/Sofia Sara and Sofia meet unexpectedly. Complete

Don't Call Me Stupid PG-13 Sara/Sofia A heated conversation. Complete

Seeking Advice PG Sara/Sofia   Catherine/Wendy Catherine seeks Sara's advice. Complete

Women in Black PG Sara/Sofia Missing scene from 'Poppin' Tags'. Complete

Matt or Ben? PG Sara/Sofia The burning question is: 'Matt or Ben?'. Complete

Options PG Sara/Sofia Post season six - Sara realuates her options. Complete

Rumour Has It PG-13 Catherine/Wendy   Sara/Sofia A rumour about a certain dark-haird lab tech peeks Catherine's interest. Complete

Waiting PG Sara/Sofia Post season six - Sofia waits. Complete

Letter of Abandoned Lovers PG Sara/Sofia Sara writes Sofia a letter. Complete

Lakeview PG Sara/Sofia A trip to Ohio does go quite how Sofia hoped. Complete

Abeyance of Guilt PG Sara/Sofia Sara needs to assuage her guilt. Complete

A Coffee Break PG Hints of Sofia/Catherine   Sara/Sofia Catherine has noticed a change in the blonde detective. Complete

Meeting the New Girl PG Sofia/Wendy Sofia encounters the new DNA tech. Complete

A Little Pride in their Work PG Sara/Sofia A crime scene at Las Vegas Pride. Complete

Ground Zero - Las Vegas, 3.19am 15 Sara/Sofia/Wendy/Catherine Part of the 'Ground Zero' series and the 'Vampires, Ghosts & Zombies' challenge. Complete

Diary Entry PG Catherine/Sofia Catherine looks through her empty diary. Complete

You're In My Way PG Sara/Sofia Sofia has heard a rumour. Complete

Welcome to the FLPD New 1 15 Multi-fandom crossover - two new deputies join the Femslash-Land Police Department and find that nothing is quite what it seems. On-Going

The Raven

Love in an Elevator 15 Catherine/Nessa Las Vegas crossover - Title says it all... Complete

Desire 15 Sara/Sofia Desire is a madness... Complete

Craving 15 Sara/Sofia Just a taste, just one. Complete

Pleasure 15 Sara/Sofia Giving in to temptation... Complete

Hunger 15 Sara/Sofia Impossible to resist. Complete

Sensation 15 Sara/Sofia Unimaginable temptations... Complete

Viva La Priestly 15 Lady Heather/Miranda The Devil Wears Prada crossover - Miranda has been waiting for someone who can match her for a long time... Complete


Like Mother, Like Daughter PG Sara/Sofia Sara's thoughts on mothers, daughters and what passes between them. Complete


Invitations PG Sara/Catherine After a particularly harrowing case, Catherine Willows considers her options. Complete

Payback 1-2 15 Sara/Catherine A simple job of babysitting turns potentially deadly for Sara. On-Going


The Initiate 1-5 6-10 15 Sara/f Sara and a transferred detective must solve a murder with ties to the Santeria Palo community. On-Going


The Rantings of a Fanfiction Character G Sara/Catherine I think you need to leave. Complete


Not Yet PG Sara/Catherine An argument brings changes to Catherine and Sara's relationship. Complete

Breaking All the Rules PG-13 Sara/Catherine Sequel to 'Not Yet' - Sara and Catherine take a ride on Sara's bike ... Complete

Who Hung the Mistetoe? PG Sara/Catherine Mistletoe equals a very confused Sara. Complete


Confined 18 Sara/Catherine Sara is stuck between a rock and a hard place... Complete


Sara Sidle, Queen of Denial PG Sara/Sofia Sara's in denial. Complete


Caress PG Sara/Catherine Short poem detailing a lovely moment between the two ladies. Unmentioned trauma of some sort. Complete


Dreams PG Sara/Sofia A late night crime scene. Complete

Back Home to You PG Sara/Sofia Sassy ficathon entry. Complete


Running up that Hill PG-13 Sara/Sofia No synopsis given. Complete


Here's to You, Ms. Willows 1 15 Sara/Catherine   Catherine/f A mysterious stranger opens Catherine's eyes to new possibilities... including Sara. On-Going

Turf Wars PG-13 Sara/Sofia An intern at the lab sparks Sara's jealousy! Complete


Real Life Vs. TV G Sara/Sofia Sara's views on a certain fictional CSI. Complete


I Hate Myself the Most G Sara/Catherine Poem. Complete

Stone Angel

The Gift 15 Catherine/Olivia CSI/Law & Order: SVU crossover - A Christmas story - The SVU detectives attend a crime scene, while Catherine's returning home to Vegas after some Xmas shopping. Complete

Susan P

The Good Ones PG-13 Sara/Sofia Sometimes you just need a shoulder to lean on. Missing scene for Monster in a Box. Complete


No Matter How Far You Go 1 2 3 4 18 Sara/Catherine   Sara/Other Lindsey brings Catherine and Sara together, but shadows from Sara's past emerge to threaten the burgeoning relationship. With the help of Sara's friend and former lover, Special Agent Jo Foster, Catherine and Sara navigate the minefields of Sara's past in their search for a future.
Note: Please read the disclaimers.

What Goes Unsaid PG Sara/Catherine Things that go unsaid can be the most damaging. Complete

Theia L.

Dragonslayer 15 Catherine/Sofia Slay the dragon. Save the princess. Complete

Meeting the Family 15 Catherine/Sofia   Lindsay/Cindy Women's Murder Club crossover Complete


Communication 18 Sara/Catherine Sara is keeping a secret from her other half. Complete

Let Go series

Let Go G Sara/Sofia Sofia makes a decision. Complete

Don't Let Her Go G Sara/Sofia Sequel to 'Let Go'. Complete

Not Going Anywhere G Sara/Sofia Sequel to 'Don'g Let Her Go'. Complete


An Inappropriate Glance PG Sara/Sofia Sara catches Sofia looking. Complete

Apropos of Nothing 15 Sara/Sofia Five minutes, an empty bathroom and two hot CSI agents. Complete

Five Stages of Love 15 Sara/Sofia Attraction, romance, passion, intimacy and commitment. Complete

Business or Pleasure 15 Sara/Alex Law & Order: SVU crossover - Sara has an unexpected encounter with a stranger in a restaurant. Complete

Quirks G Sara/Sofia Sofia can't seem to do anything right. Sara disagrees. Complete

Humpty Dumpty PG Sara/Sofia ...had a great fall. Complete

Her Jealousy PG Sara/Sofia Strippers, pasties and subtle flirtations, it's just another day in Las Vegas. Complete

Ghosts 15 Sara/Sofia A semi-sorta crossover with Y: The Last Man, Sara and Sofia deal with the end of the world... and each other. Complete


Falling 15 Sara/Catherine Sara's broken up, and Cath takes an opportunity. Complete

Uriel Falcon

Poison Revelations 1-5 6-10 15 Sara/Catherine Through a twisted case, eyes are opened to a chance. Complete

Halloween Challenge PG Sara/Catherine/Sofia A special Halloween of a family. Complete

Happy Dance 15 Sara/Sofia Sassy ficathon entry. Complete


Stay With Me PG Sara/Sofia "You've never given up in your life, Sara, you're a fighter, fight now, fight for us, baby, please." Complete


Ending It PG-13 Catherine/Sara Catherine and Sara redefine their relationship." Complete


Let Me Be Your Fantasy 18 Catherine/Sara Catherine gets a fantasy fulfilled in an unexpected way. Complete

Fantasy Playback 18 Catherine/Sara Paybacks are due. Complete

In A Tight Situation 18 Catherine/Sara Catherine and Sara end up in a tight situation on a call. Complete

Something Wicked and Sexy Comes This Way 18 Catherine/Sara Sara checks out a creepy basement on a Halloween call out. Complete

Taking a Chance 18 Catherine/Sara Catherine finds out Sara's secret. Complete

The Wish 18 Catherine/Sara Catherine grants Sara a wish. Complete

My Bodyguard 18 Catherine/Sara Lindsey wants to know how Sara and Catherine met. Complete

Angel of Mercy 18 Catherine/Sara Uber - No synopsis given. Complete

A Helping Hand 18 Catherine/Sara No synopsis given. Complete


Waking Up 15 Sara/Catherine Catherine reminiscing. Complete

Slow 15 Sara/Catherine A little Sara/Catherine fluff. Complete

Packing 18 Sara/Catherine A little Catherine/Sara lovin'. Complete

Pattern 18 Sara/Catherine Catherine's developed a pattern. Complete

Christening G Sara/Sofia Sara and Sofia are taking time out for a Christening. Complete

Hero 18 Sara/Catherine Something happens that makes Catherine re-evaluate her feelings for a certain brunette. Complete

First Kiss PG Sara/Catherine Their first kiss from Catherine's point of view - a short piece of fluff. Complete

Protect and Serve PG-13 Sara/Sofia Sofia wants to protect and serve. Complete

Needing Her 18 Sara/Sofia She doesn't just want Sara, she needs her. Complete

I Want 18 Sara/Sofia or Sara/Catherine I couldn't decide whether this was a Sara/Sofia story or a Sara/Catherine story so I'll let you decide for yourself who you think it is. It is from either Sofia or Catherine's point of view. Complete

Fur and Loathing 18 Sara/Catherine This is a response to my CSI Title Challenge. The first line would have to be one of my all time favourite quotes from the show. Complete


Winds of Change 1-3 4-6 7-9 10-12 13-15 16-18 19-21 22-24 25-27 28-30 18 Sara/Catherine Someone from Sara's past returns. Complete

The Tears That Never Came 1-5 6-10 11-15 16-20 15 Sara/Catherine A deranged shooter, a fragile victim and a foul-mouthed sex offender. What do they have in common? Complete

Precious PG-13 Sara/Catherine "If Mohammed won't come to the mountain, the mountain will go to Mohammed." Complete

Oasis PG-13 Sara/Catherine Sequel to 'Precious' - When you lie, you have to learn to live with the consequences. When you lie to someone you love, there's no saying what entails. Complete

Shooting Stars PG-13 Sara/Catherine Sequel to 'Oasis' - I wish upon a shooting star, hoping you'll find your way back to me again. Complete


Looking In New PG-13 Sara/Sofia No synopsis given. Complete

Abandoned Hope New PG-13 Sara/Sofia No synopsis given. Complete


Drowning 1 2 15 Sara/Catherine Sara's hitting rock bottom and needs someone to pull her back. Complete

Reconstruction 15 Sara/Catherine Catherine is assigned to a crime scene at Sara's home and ends up learning more than she expected. Catherine's POV. Complete

The Mouths of Babes PG-13 Sara/Catherine Post-ep for Lady Heather's Box. Complete

Gambling PG-13 Sara/Catherine Sara gets drunk and partakes of Vegas's charms. Complete

The Plot PG Sara/Catherine Okay, I was having a bad day and I decided to kill Grissom. Am I nuts? Uh...yes. Complete

Distractions 18 Sara/Catherine Plot? What is this plot of which you speak? I suppose you could say the plot of this involves Sara and Catherine distracting each other while at breakfast with the gang. But really, that'd be a stretch. Complete

Blind Date PG-13 Sara/Catherine Sara and Catherine both get stood up and decide to make the best of things. Complete

Painting PG Sara/Catherine Fluff, once again. The gang are helping Sara to decorate her bedroom. Complete


Can't Help Myself 1-6 7-10 11-Epilogue 15 Sara/Catherine Sara's leaving Las Vegas, but her past follows her. Complete

Between Love and Hate 1 2 3 4 5 18 Sara/Olivia Law & Order: SVU crossover - Olivia Benson gets a temporary assignment in Las Vegas and finds she hates a coworker. On-Going

Map of You 1-6 7-12 13-18 19-24 25-30 18 Sara/Catherine The trials and tribulations of getting to know someone. On-Going

The Replacements 18 Sara/Catherine Catherine finds out what Sara does on her nights off. Warning: Angst and anti-fluff. Complete

Loving the Buckeye State PG Sara/Sofia Sara and Sofia have to go out of town for a conference. Complete

The End of the Affair PG Sara/Catherine A psychological look into Sara Sidle. Complete

The First (and Last) Meeting of the FCwPP PG Multi-fandom crossover - The First (and Last) Meeting of the FCwPP (Femslash Characters with Perceived Problems) Complete

Rules are Made... PG-13 Catherine/Sofia   Sara/Sofia   Sara/Catherine CSI spoof - where were Catherine and Sofia during the B.F.A.G. meeting? Complete

...To Be Broken PG-13 Sara/Wendy   Sara/Catherine   Catherine/Sofia   Sara/Sofia CSI spoof - Sequel to Rules are Made... Complete

Bulletproof Soul PG-13 Sara/Sofia Sofia is leaving Las Vegas for good, unless someone can persuade her otherwise. Complete

Island PG Sara/Catherine What happened after Grissom left the observation room at the end of "Committed"? More of a friendship piece. Complete