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Flight Plan
By Ann


Sara Sidle makes her way back down the aisle of the 747 to her assigned seat. With her face flushed and shirt untucked, she plops down next to her immaculately dressed partner. Turning, she takes note of the 'fresh as a daisy' look Sofia Curtis portrays.

Sofia gives a cocky smile as she asks "How was your trip to the restroom?" Grateful the two of them are alone in the row; Sara leans toward Sofia and testily answers "You know perfectly well how my 'trip' went." She glances around and whispers "I can't believe you followed me, pushed your way in, and had your way with me. What if someone had seen us?"

Grinning, Sofia answers "Don't worry, Sara. The guys are so wrapped up in their iPods and video games; they never even noticed the two of us were gone."

Sara looks at the row across from her to find Nick, Greg, and Warrick each intensely focused in their own little world. Looking a few rows forward, she finds Brass sound asleep, and Grissom watching the onboard movie.

Catherine, the lucky devil, was bumped up to first class so there's no way she is aware of the comings and goings of the two especially the 'comings.' Sara relaxes back into her seat as she realizes none of the others are privy to the rendezvous.

Cautiously, Sofia reaches over and is pleased when Sara allows her to take her hand. With the exception of the restroom encounter, Sara has been avoiding her touch ever since the misunderstanding at the hotel bar last night. Sofia takes advantage of the temporary truce to interlace their fingers.

Closing her eyes and leaning back in her seat, Sara says "Don't think you are completely off the hook. I still haven't totally forgiven you for last night."

Unable to censor herself, Sofia blurts out "For God's sake Sara, it was just a cocktail umbrella."

Sara snaps her eyes open and counters "You were the only one the waitress gave an umbrella to; the rest of our drinks barely even had ice in them. Hell, she didn't even give us a cocktail napkin."

Trying to placate her lover, Sofia tightens her grip and responds "I'm sure it was just an oversight on her part. Maybe she put the umbrella in my drink and ran out of them when she got to the rest of the drinks."

Rolling her eyes, Sara mutters "Yeah, right. I guess it was also an accident that her phone number was written across the top along with 'call me later you sexy thing,' oversight my ass."

Sofia throws caution to the wind as she lightly caresses Sara's face. "Sara, you are the only one for me. No one, and I mean no one, holds a candle to you. That woman could have stripped and danced on the table, and I wouldn't have given her a second glance. My eyes would have been solely on you. I love you."

Looking into sincere eyes, Sara wordlessly stands and starts back down the aisle with Sofia in tow. Realizing their destination, Sofia gladly goes along for the ride.

From first class, Catherine watches the pair as they make their way to the back lavatory with Sara in the lead. She smiles when she realizes the flight plan she and Sofia came up with last night seems to be working quite nicely. Closing her eyes, she whispers "Mile high sex . . . works every time."

Meanwhile in the back of the cabin, the door shuts to the lavatory, only this time it is sporting a new sign.

"Out of order. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please use one of the other lavatories."

The End

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