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By Amy Jo

Part 1

My hands are woven in the silken strands of her hair. With gentle pressure I keep her close to me, not letting her back away again.

We've done this dance before. She leads and I follow her every step, willing to let her move us forward at a pace she is comfortable with and back when she feels it's too far. But I can't do this dance anymore.

She tries to move away, and I let her step back just far enough so that she can see the hunger in my eyes. She hesitates, unsure. One of my hands slides out of her hair and follows the line of muscles down her neck, resting momentarily on her shoulder before gliding smoothly down her arm to grab her hand firmly. That look of uncertainty is still in her eyes, even when I squeeze her hand reassuringly before tugging her lips back toward mine.

When I kiss her it is with everything that I am, everything that I need and want. The tightening of her hand on my hip and the low growl in her throat tells me that she wants this as much as I do.

She is still tense when my lips move from hers. I don't know what she seems to be so afraid of; I'm blindly trying to ease her fears with passionate kisses and loving caresses. So far nothing seems to take away that edge, that doubt.

My eyes open and I take in our surroundings. I'm only mildly surprised that we never made it inside the front door. We're standing on my front porch, necking like hormonal teenagers for all my neighbors to see. And so far, this is the closest to inside we've managed to get; chaste kisses in the driveway led to heavy duty make out sessions in the car, which led to many frustrated nights alone.

She's still hesitant, but she hasn't pulled her hand away from mine. I continue to look her straight in the eye as I move my other hand from her hair and behind me; the doorknob turns and I push open the door. Sara notices as the light from the hallway spills out onto the porch. She looks at me questioningly and I can only hope that she follows when I step back and pull her with me.

She stumbles in after me when I tug gently. I barely suppress a whoop of joy; it is my turn to lead in this dance we've been doing.

Not giving her a chance to back out, little more than seconds pass before I have once again covered her lips with mine. She seems slightly more comfortable now that we're inside; but she's still tense, muscles straining as she holds part of herself back from me.

The door closely quietly behind us and I make a swift decision. I release her hand from mine and grab hold of her hips, pushing her against the back of the now closed door. She collides with a soft thump, but my aggressiveness does manage to startle her enough that some of the tension in her body escapes as she grunts.

I whisper sorry in her ear; or at least I think I do, but I may have been distracted by the lure of her skin. The taste of her, the way she shivers when I breathe lightly in her ear, the feel of her fingers digging into my hips as my tongue traces the delicate lines of her neck. She provides a wealth of distraction anytime she is near; but in moments like this distraction doesn't even come close to describing the effect she has on me.

I straddle her leg, molding myself to her in order to keep her in this position as my hands move up from her hips and underneath the tank top she is wearing. This is usually the point where her breath catches and she pulls away, her voice low and full of desire as she stutters a reason for us to stop. Today I sense these same actions.

When I sense her ready to flee my hands stop their upward movement and firmly hold onto her sides. She's going to protest again, I know it. But I'm not willing to let her walk away this time. With a firm but pliable grip on her sides I bring my leg up slightly, gently thrusting against a heat I can feel even through layers of cloth.

Sara groans deep in her throat, and I relish the sound of her pleasure. She has more restraint than any lover I've ever been with, and I haven't even been with her yet.

My lips move to gently suckle the hollow of her throat at the same time that my thigh presses against her again. The sounds of pleasure coming from her are enough to make my body burn with heat for her; I want nothing more than to hear those sounds again and again, hopefully at higher and higher volumes.

Her resistance crumbles slowly under the grinding of our bodies together. My hands mover further upward underneath the cotton of her tank top, sliding easily over her ribs until my fingers come in contact with fabric. Finally being so close to touching what is underneath sends a thrill through me that excites me just as much as touching skin. It might even excite me more, because of Sara always stopping me before my hands can move this far up under her shirt.

Listening to her and feeling her relax under my touch only encourages me. She is still pressed against the door, and while I'm reluctant to move, for fear that she will change her mind, I really don't want this to happen here. Though with the past month of teasing touches, sultry looks and ardent kisses I crave her so much I'm tempted to lower her to the floor and make her scream my name right now.

My fingers slide under the silk fabric as I press my lips to hers again. The moan my movements elicit is swallowed in the depths of our kiss and leaves me shaking. I let myself indulge the taste of her, the feel of her before reluctantly stepping back. She seems surprised at my move and her eyes open with a questioning look. An intensely aroused, questioning look.

My hands slip down her side again, sliding over her hips before firmly grabbing her hands. I pull her toward my bedroom, walking backwards and never taking my eyes from hers. I'm not going to push her into this if she isn't ready, but I'm determined to let her know just how much I want this. A smile spreads slowly across her lips as she takes notice of where I'm leading her. I want to stop and kiss her again, but there will be plenty of time for that when I have her in my bed.

Outside the open door to my room she hesitates again and for a brief second I worry that she will turn away. She must have seen the look in my eyes because she smiles wide and takes a step forward, forcing me to step back and into my bedroom. Her hands lift and she wraps my arms around her neck as her head dips and her lips brush mine.

I feel her hands on my hips again, but I'm distracted by the force of her kiss. With my arms placed around her neck I once again tangle my fingers in her hair. My breathing comes in quick gasps and nearly stops altogether when I feel her hands work their way under my blouse.

I leave my hands in her hair, but move my lips to kiss across her cheek and gently nibble on her ear. I can't concentrate on both her kiss and her touch, and right now her touch is igniting a fire I never want extinguished.

Not content to simply touch, her fingers move quickly across my ribs. My lips find a spot just under her ear that I remember she really likes. Alternating between gentle nips at her skin there and light kisses I feel her hands move higher, moving in time with the kisses I lavish on her skin. Each little nip makes her breath catch and her hands stop, only continuing on their path when I press my lips against her skin.

I feel her hands brush along my side, raising my blouse. I lift my arms from her neck and reluctantly pull my lips away from her skin, helping her remove the garment. As soon as the blouse is removed my hands return to her hair, fingers gently rubbing into her scalp. Sara pulls me close, wrapping her arms around my back and lowering her lips to mine for another kiss. My lips quickly part, allowing her tongue to tease mine.

When she pulls away her arms slide across my shoulders and I only then realize that she has managed to unclasp my bra while I was distracted by her kiss. The thin material falls to the floor and I find myself topless for the first time in front of her. Part of me thinks maybe I should be nervous about this, her seeing me like this for the first time, but I've wanted for what seems like forever and the heat in her eyes as she looks at me calms any fears I may have had.

A different dance begins as she steps forward, forcing me back, until I bump against the bed. Sara leans forward, prepared to move our dance to a more comfortable and accommodating surface. This time I am the one that hesitates, but only for long enough to slide my hands under her tank top and quickly get rid of it. I fall onto the bed, with Sara only a heartbeat behind me. Together we move further up the bed until she settles comfortably on top of me.

This is an amazing feeling, having her almost skin to skin with me. I can think of only one thing that could possibly feel better and my arms move around her back to make that feeling become a reality. Her lips brush across mine all too briefly before moving to my neck, sucking skin hungrily into her mouth. Distracted by the feel of her against me, I can feel my hands shaking as they fumble with the clasp of her bra. I feel her smile against the skin of my neck.

With her bra undone Sara shifts her weight from her arms to her knees and she raises herself above me. With a crooked smile her arms raise and she tosses the silk to the floor. In awe of the sight I can barely breathe. My only thoughts are to touch and taste and lavish attention on the goddess above me.

I put my arms on her hips, tugging her back down to me. The feeling of her skin pressed flush against mine is better than any fantasy I have conjured in the past month. Her skin feels hot to the touch as desire burns through her veins. The heat sears every curve of her body onto my memory.

I'm lost in the feeling of her pressed against me. For a brief minute I close my eyes and run my hands along her skin, combining the feel of her with my memories of the way she looks when I see her fully clothed. I open my eyes slowly, wiping away the image of her in her tank top and jeans and replacing it with this memory: topless, skin flushed with desire, and looking down at me with unfettered desire.

And this is just the beginning.

Part 2

For a moment Sara lets all of her weight rest on me. My hands move up her sides from her waist as she shifts her weight back to her knees and pushes herself up with one arm. I try to pull her back, I want more time to feel her pressed against me. With a smile her muscles tense, resisting me again.

The fingers of her free hand trace along my jaw and down my neck. The gentleness of the gesture belies the darkening look of arousal in her eyes and the thundering of my own heartbeat. Her smile disappears as she leans her head down and presses her lips against mine.

Her hand makes light movements across my chest, barely touching skin. A moan of frustration escapes my mouth and I find myself moving underneath her touch; chasing her hand, straining for more contact. Something in my movements seems to encourage Sara as her once gentle kiss turns demanding.

Again I'm having trouble focusing on the combination of sensations. I move my lips from hers, both because I need air and we have done nothing more than kiss for the past month; I want to focus on her touch. The feel of her hands on my skin, the gentle caress, is everything I wanted but close to driving me insane. I want so much more, but she has once again decided that it will be her that sets the pace.

I tilt my head up to plant kisses on the side of her neck. I'm close to begging her to stop that gentle touch when she presses into me, trapping her hand between us. Sara starts nibbling at the small area of skin where my neck meets my shoulder; she knows full well that this is a hot spot for me. I can feel her smile as I move my hand to her hair, keeping her firmly in that place. She lifts her body from mine just enough to let her hand slip across to my breast.

I forget how to breathe with the feel of her lips on that spot and the attention she is giving my already erect nipple. Simultaneously I feel her bite down a little harder than usual as her fingers pinch slightly. The movement causes me to groan and buck underneath her, tearing her lips and teeth from my skin. Part of me recognizes that there will definitely be a bright red mark on that spot later. Sara's lips return to my skin quickly, kissing tenderly.

It feels like hours since we first entered my bedroom, though I know it's only been minutes. Sara and I both still half-clothed and whether it's been minutes or hours, it's been too long and I need to figure out a way to change this.

I slide my hands down her back, her muscles flexed with the effort of holding herself above me. I am amazed at the strength I can feel under my hands. I can feel Sara's breath on my neck increasing with every movement of my hands. Enjoying the feeling, I continue to slide my hands across her skin, reveling in the way her breath catches and the way the movement causes her own actions to stop momentarily.

I give her a moment to regain her senses as my hands rest just above the tops of her jeans. When her hand moves from my one breast to the other I quickly slide my hands under the denim. Sara mutters something reverent against my shoulder as I grip tightly and pull her closer. It feels good to hold her like this, and Sara seems to agree.

I hold her close and she tilts her head to the side capturing my lips in a heated kiss. Unable to move more than mere inches she seems satisfied to pour all of her desire into her kiss, her tongue pushes against mine in an attempt for dominance. She controls the kiss for minutes until I dig my fingers into her flesh causing a delightful whimper to escape her mouth. She recovers quickly and barely notices as my hands, still under the denim, slip around and hold onto her hips.

My head sinks further into the pillow underneath me, my only escape from the passion of her kiss. I take a few deeps breaths, watching intently as she slowly opens her eyes and takes notice of the new position of my hands. I grin at her and twist my hands, moving them carefully in between us.

Sara sits up once again, my trapped hands pulling me up with her, but the move allows my hands to move with a little more freedom. The button of her jeans pops open easily and I push my hands down, the zipper spreading as the tips of my fingers touch the very tops of her thighs.

A small patch of black satin is visible in the open vee of her jeans. For a minute I'm too stunned to react, but Sara takes the lead once again by planting her hands on the mattress next to my shoulders. She shifts her weight to her hands and stretches out above me. Her hands hold almost all her weight and she pushes up on her feet; the move allows my hands to slide down her thighs. I make sure to hook my thumbs in the side of those black satin panties and the fabric moves with the denim down her legs.

A few uncoordinated movements later and she is naked. I'm torn between reaching out to touch her and simply taking in the appearance of her naked with my eyes. Sara doesn't give me a chance to decide as she quickly lowers her head o my bare chest.

She kisses, licks and nibbles at every inch of skin. My desire for her is practically making me tremble. My hands roam freely over every part of her I can touch, memorizing new curves, new sensitive areas.

It's too much, being here with her like this. My heart pounds unceasingly in my chest, my senses filled with her. I can feel her on my skin as my hands roam across her back and shoulders, I can still taste our kiss, the scent of our mutual arousal lingers heavily in the air. Breathing heavily I feel a deep, guttural moan wrenching free as her lips wrap around my nipple.

My hands stop their movement on her shoulders as I forget how to do anything other than simply feel. Her teeth nibble, sometimes not so gently, but she soothes with a kiss and the slight pain is forgotten with the brush of her tongue.

I lose track of where her hands are, one minute I feel them on my sides; and in the next her fingers wrap around my other breast, teasing the taut skin.

I've started to push on her shoulders, urging her down my body. I don't know when I started pushing, but my efforts aren't working anyway. Sara is taking her time and drawing out every second of pleasure.

I nearly jump out of my skin when she dips her tongue into my navel. I quake under her touch, and I'm certain that if she continues I won't need her to touch me where I want it most before waves of pleasure overtake my body.

Begging, pleading, cursing her. I've never felt this before. This need so strong that I'm throbbing with both pleasure and the sweet pain of denial.

I'm not sure when, but at some point Sara worked loose the button on my slacks and has begun pulling them off my legs. I lift my hips off the bed and her arms wrap underneath me. My slacks and panties end up somewhere on the floor and I feel her hands as they run slowly up my shaking legs.

Completely unclothed I feel the cool air of the bedroom wash over my skin. Goose bumps spread across my skin, smoothed away by Sara's lips and hands. She covers my body with hers and I bring my hands to her hair again, lowering her head to mine for a heated kiss. She inspires a desire in me that I didn't know I had.

I started this dance tonight, but she quickly took the lead once I managed to get her into my bedroom. Every kiss, every caress has been to draw pleasure out of me. I reveled in the feel of her skin, lost myself in her touch. I want to touch, taste and feel every part of her, but selfishly my body shakes with its own need for release.

My eyes open when her lips leave our kiss. She has managed to lay herself on her side next to me, her hands roaming freely across my body. I see her smile as I feel her hand at the curve of my hip. She gently pulls my thigh up, her hand moving quickly to tease the sensitive skin on the inside of my leg.

How does she already know all my secrets? How does she know just where and how to touch? How can she bring so close to the edge without touching the very essence of my need for her?

Fingers dance lightly up my thigh as she leans over and kisses softly at the red mark on my neck. Her hand brushes lightly over my aching need before trailing down my other thigh. My body chases her touch, unwilling to be denied such sweet satisfaction.

I feel her smiling on my skin between kisses and I can't handle the gentle touch anymore. I begged, pleaded, for this moment and it's so close. Her head lifts as I grab a hold of her hand, taking control of the moment. I put her hand over my center and feel her hesitate once more.

There is no more hesitation when I twine my fingers with hers briefly. I feel her inside me and everything else fades. I see her looking into my eyes before my head sinks into the pillow beneath me and my eyes shut. I keep my hand with hers, though it is only her inside me.

With a month's worth of passionate kisses and today's even more pleasurable seduction I know that release is near. It's too soon but I can't control my response. Sara moves slowly inside me and just as open my eyes to look at her again I feel her fingers curl upward and I am completely lost.

Part 3

My eyes fling open at the irritating sound of my alarm. I notice two things right away: I am incredibly aroused and I am alone. I just had one the most visceral erotic dreams of my entire life. I am so close to the edge of orgasm that I still can't believe it wasn't real.

My breathing is out of control from the sensuous dream I was so rudely torn from. A glance around the room confirms what a small part of my brain already knows; everything was a dream. Sara is not here now, she wasn't here before.

I reach over and shut off the alarm, groaning at what has to be the worst timing I've ever known that lousy machine to have.

It was so real. The feel of her, the taste of her. God, it was so real.

I sink back into the comfort of the pillows with a heavy sigh. It still feels real. My heart is still racing, my skin is flush and overheated, my body literally throbbing with desire. I lay in bed concentrating on calming down, trying to breathe evenly and all those other tricks that are supposed to calm frayed nerves. Except that none of those tricks work for the particular state that I'm in.

My next choice is to take a long, ice cold shower. Not an appealing prospect by any means. Considering both the fact that I don't want to move, and that I really just don't like cold showers, this doesn't seem like a good option.

I try to divert my thoughts to other things. I've got about thirty minutes before I need to pick up Lindsey. A few hours with my little girl and then we're going back to her school so that my angel can star in the school play. Sleeping Beauty.

The phone rings pulling me out of my thoughts and thankfully the interruption should be just enough to let me calm down.

"Hello?" I say into the phone as I pick it up.

"You know, I really love calling you on your home phone," Sara doesn't even bother to say hello.

"Oh, and why is that?" I question with a smile as I lean back into the pillows.

I may have only thirty minutes before I need to leave but any time spent talking with Sara is worth being a little rushed later. And my body certain seems to think so too as flashes of my dream combine with the sound of her voice. Sara always knows just how to get to me, even when she's not aware she's doing it.

"You sound so much more pleasant," I'm about to interrupt her and ask exactly what she means by that but Sara, as usual, immediately offers an explanation. "It's just that whenever I have to call your cell, you always answer 'Willows' in that 'I'm too irritated to talk' tone."

"Well maybe if you called my cell for something other than work, I wouldn't sound so irritated," I kid with her. "You know as well as I do that the only way to get the boys in the lab to give up information quickly on the phone is to be a little less than nice."

Sara laughs lightly before responding, "Yeah. But nice works sometimes too."

"Try that with Greg sometime and let me know how it works for you," I can't help but laugh. Any time Sara is nice to Greg he practically trips over his own feet to do whatever she asks. And then he proceeds to barrage her with cheesy pick up lines.

"Point taken."

"So. Did you call for a reason, or did you just want to hear the sound of my voice?" I ask her, teasing gently.

"What if I said I was just calling to hear the sound of your voice?" She questions; her tone matches mine, light and teasing.

"I'd probably call you a liar," I kid.

"Ouch. I'm hurt Catherine. Really."

But I can tell from her voice that she isn't. In fact, I'd guess that if she were standing in front of me right now, she'd have her hands clutched to her chest with a mock look of hurt on her face.

"But you're a very sweet liar," I try to make amends.

"You're not sweet talking your way out of this one," I can hear the smile in her voice.

"And what must I do to get back on your good graces?" I can think of quite a few things, but I'm guessing that they are far more carnal in nature than whatever Sara might have in mind.

"Dinner," she answers quickly.

I don't answer right away, making her wait even though she already knows my answer will be yes. "Dinner. I think I can do that. When and where?"

"Tonight," She says.

"I don't think tonight's any good," I interrupt her. "Lindsey's play is tonight."

"I know," she says quickly. "Actually, that's why I asked. She's playing Sleeping Beauty, right?"

"Right," I say somewhat confused. I can't remember telling her this, though I must have at some point if she knows about it.

"Perfect. Dinner tonight at the Sherwood Forrest in the Excalibur. You, me, and Lindsey. We'll make a night of the theme. Your little princess will dine in a castle, and we might even be able to sneak a peek at the Tournament of Kings."

I'm shocked into silence. This is the first time she's mentioned us going out with Lindsey. Lindsey is my life, but every time Sara and I have managed to find time to do something together, it's always been during the day while Lindsey is in school. I'm not only surprised that Sara wants Lindsey to go with us, but surprised at the effort she put into planning a night out for us.

"Cat?" Sara asks when I've been quiet for too long.


"So would you like to have dinner with me?" She sounds nervous. Yet another quality that I want to describe as cute.

"I'd love to. And I'm sure Lindsey would too," I tell her, leaning over and check the time on my alarm clock. "I need to leave in fifteen minutes to pick her up from school. You want to just meet there?"

"Sure. That will give me a chance to get into work early while you two go to the play."

Ever the workaholic. I've been trying to break this habit of hers, and nothing seems to shake her need to work. "Sara?"


"I just …" I'm not really sure what I want to say, but it seems so much more than a simple thank you. "Well, thanks. You know, for the invitation to dinner, and wanting Lindsey to come along."

"I know," She says seriously before laughing and lightening the mood, "Besides, don't you think it's about time I got on the munchkin's good side?"

"And you think eating in a fake forest will help?" I laugh with her.

"Can't hurt right?"

"Guess not," I sigh heavily. "I need to get going. I've got to pick up Lindsey soon and I haven't even gotten out of bed yet."

Sara seems to find this amusing, "Still in bed? Shouldn't you be showered and nearly out the door by now?"

"I would be if someone hadn't called," I kid with her. Truth is, I probably wouldn't have crawled out of bed until the very last possible moment.

Part 4

"Oh no. You're not blaming that on me. I waited until you should've already been awake and showered before I called." Sara's laughter filters through the phone line and I find myself smiling wider.

"I had problems getting out of bed. It's nice and comfortable here," I tell her.

"I'll bet it is," Sara's voice drops and I wonder what she's thinking.

"What's that?" I ask her.

"Oh. Uh," maybe she thought I didn't hear her. "I uh … I just said I bet it is comfortable there."

If I could see her, I'd bet money her face is bright red. I wonder if I can make her blush even more.

"You should know. After all, you've been here all day with me," If I lower my voice anymore she won't be able to hear me. I can barely believe I'm doing this.

"When have I been there all day with you?" Sara asks, clearly confused.

"You were with me all morning, baby." There's no mistaking the tone of my voice this time.

"I was?" She croaks.

"Yes. As a matter of fact, you're the reason I couldn't get out of bed."

"I am?"

If I listen carefully, I can hear her breathing quicken. This is a lot more fun than a cold shower.

"You are. You ever have one of those dreams so good that you want to fall asleep again just to see what happens next? Or better yet, fall asleep and the dream starts all over again?"

"I don't think so," She replies slowly.

"Oh you should. I had the best dream this morning," I tell her.

"You did?" She questions. She seems to decide to play along and asks, "And just what does my Catherine have to dream about that makes it the best dream?"


I like that she calls me her Catherine. I've always been my own woman, but for some reason I like that she thinks of me as hers. Sara doesn't add any kind of possession to her tone when she says 'my Catherine', just simple affection. She doesn't say it so that I know that belong to her, it sounds more like she is saying it to remind herself.

"Me?" Sara squeaks out.

"Of course you. I could go into detail, but I'm not quite sure you're ready to hear about the tings that go on inside my head."

I didn't just dream her hesitation; that is real. In the past month we've been teasing and flirting with each other. The heat between us builds with every kiss, every light touch. But before it goes any further Sara manages to pull back.

"Oh I'm ready."

Her voice is low and husky; the reaction it sends through my body startles me. After all, it's just her voice. Well, her voice and some rather vivid memories of that dream. The combination has caused my body to flush with renewed heat and I seriously consider backing down from whatever it is that I've started here. Until she speaks again.

"Tell me." It's barely a whisper, but I hear the desire in her voice.

"What?" I can't hide my shock.

"Tell me," she repeats. "Right now. Tell me what you dream of. I want to know."

Are we really doing this?

"Well, it started out with a kiss," I say after a minute of silence. I guess we are going to do this. "I don't remember anything before the kiss. We could have been at work, or just coming back from a breakfast date. Anything. But I remember that kiss very well."

I'm whispering even though there isn't anyone around to hear me. I'm alone n my bed, eyes shut as memories wash over me.

"We were standing in front mf my door and I kissed you with all the desire that has been building up over the past month. I manage to tug you inside the house with me, pushing you against the door and trapping you there with my body as my lips devour the soft skin of your neck."

I hear her sharp intake of breath on the other end of the phone. With my eyes closed, recounting my dream to her, I feel my body responding the same way I had in my dream. The arousal building with each word I tell her, each small sound she makes, whether a small gasp or the tiniest of moans.

"You pinned me to the door?" She asks in a husky whisper.

"Yes. I put my hands under your tank top and thrust my leg into you."

"Oh god."

I throb with want at her response. "I couldn't get enough of the taste of you, the feel of you under my hands. I wanted to take you right there. Lower you to floor and ravish your body."

The ache to touch her, to taste her, pushes me beyond my normal boundaries. One hand holds the phone to my ear, listening intently to her response; I've lost control of the other hand as it roams across my own chest, caressing my own flesh, increasing my desire.

"Do you?"

"No. But I do pull you to my bedroom. We stop outside the door, giving you one last chance to turn away."

"I'm not turning away."

I can't tell if she's talking about my dream or about the next time we find ourselves alone.

"You take the final steps into my bedroom. The heat between us threatens to overwhelm me. You try to unbutton and remove my top, but I'm distracting you with my lips on your skin. Soon my blouse ends up on the floor, followed by my bra."

I can hear her moan, and knowing that I am the cause of that sounds excites me. My free hand slips under the satin of my panties, my fingers dance for a minute in the curls of hair before sliding over the slick heat of my arousal.

"God Sara," I gasp into the phone, wishing it was her touching me. This isn't something I've done with any lover, and I suddenly wonder why. From the dream, her voice, and my own touches I'm close to orgasm already.

Something in my voice elicits a louder moan from Sara. Her breathing matches mine; short, staccato breaths punctuated with tiny whimpers.

"Cat, are you …?" Sara doesn't finish her question.

"Yes." I can barely form the word as my finger swirls around my throbbing clit.

"Oh jesus," she whispers.

"We're on the bed now," I skip a few parts of the dream, knowing I'm not going to be able to hold back the orgasm for much longer. "I've managed to take off your shirt and you raise yourself above me and toss your bra to the floor. God, you're so beautiful Sara."

It's getting increasingly hard to keep talking.

"Our skin presses together as you lean down for a kiss." The imagery is becoming so real to me that I can almost feel her lips pressed against mine. "You tease me, your hands playing with breasts and hardened nipples."

"Cat," Sara groans. I'm caught up in the fantasy. Her voice threatens to be my complete undoing.

"My hands slide inside the back of your jeans, holding you to me before I move then to front and undo the button. The zipper slides down and I catch a glimpse of your panties." I move my fingers away from my clit, sliding them across the folds of my sex before dipping them inside. My fingers work in and out slowly as I continue, "Your jeans are gone and you've begun kissing and licking your way down my torso. I'm so close that I may not need you touch me."

"Let me touch you." I love to hear her voice like this, so full of need.

"I want you to touch me. God how I want you to touch me." My fingers move again, teasing my clit once more. I'm close, so very close. "You've removed my slacks and your fingers tease the insides of my thighs. So close to where I want you. I guide your hand to me, to my heat and desire."

"Yes," Sara moans loudly.

"Oh Sara. God." Her moan is all it takes to push me over the edge. I throb in the throes of one of the most powerful orgasms I've ever had. Certainly the most powerful I've ever had without the touch of a partner. I lay gasping and moaning, barely aware of the same sounds on the other end of the phone.

Part 5

I jump in the shower quickly after somehow managing to get off the phone. I really had no idea I could ever be so content to simply listen to the sounds of someone breathing. But then again, the way she was breathing … My shower was short and cold.

I'm just barely on time to pick up Lindsey. Normally I'm here with enough time to be parked and waiting when she walks out the school doors. Today she is almost already at the spot on the sidewalk next to where I park. If she notices anything about my being nearly late, she chooses not to mention it.

"Hi Mom!" She's always so excited to see me at the end of the school day. This feeling is what makes it so great to be a mother. This is what it's all about.

"Hey baby," I turn around and make sure she's all buckled in and ready to go home. "You in?"

"Yeah," She says with a smile as she tugs on her seatbelt, showing me that she's all buckled in.

Lindsey starts talking about everything that happened at school today. By the time we reach home I'm beginning to wonder if she even took a breath since we left the school.

We get inside and Lindsey starts to head upstairs to her room.

"Hey Linds?" I say, stopping her trek. She doesn't say anything, but she turns to look at me, waiting expectantly for me to continue. "You want to start your homework now and then get ready for tonight? We need to be ready a little early, we're going to go out to dinner."

She looks at me, obviously confused.

"You've got your play tonight remember?"

"Of course I remember, Mom," she tells me with that 'duh' tone.

"We'll were going to go out to dinner first. But I want you to have your homework done so that you don't have to worry about it this weekend."

"Are going somewhere with Dad?"

She sounds so excited, and part of me wishes she hadn't asked. Eddie agreed to come see the play tonight, though I got the feeling when I talked to him that he had better places to be. But even when he's being the biggest asshole he can be, even he can't say no to Lindsey.

"Uh. No, honey. Daddy's got something he needs to do tonight before the play. We're going to go out with someone I work with."

Her face scrunches up before she asks, "It's not Uncle Gil is it?"

"No." I'm kind of curious as to why she looked so odd when she asked, and why she looks so relieved now that I've told her it's not Gil. She'll tell me if she wants to, but now I can tell she's waiting for me to tell her who we're going out with. "It's Sara. Do you remember her?"

I know that Lindsey has seen Sara a few times around the lab when I had to stop by for one thing or another. I thought the shift in my relationship with Sara might mean that Lindsey would see her a few times here around the house, but so far the timing for that has been off. I don't have the slightest idea if Lindsey remembers Sara, and if she does, if she even likes Sara.


I guess that's my answer. "So go do your homework, and I'll be there in a little while to check on it."

Lindsey heads upstairs with a smile. I know she'll be busy with homework for the next hour, or close to it, and there are many things I neglected to do around the house morning. I pick up a little and decide that my quick cold shower earlier wasn't enough to make me feel sufficiently clean and ready to go out. I'm definitely not ready for anything that might resemble a date, so I hop back in the shower.

Feeling much more like myself after my shower, I check on Lindsey. She's sitting at her desk in her room, diligently studying. I run my hands thorough her hair and she smiles up at me.

"Are you about finished? We need to get you ready."

Lindsey sighs heavily, "Yes. I'm done. I'm just looking over it. Ms. Stephens told me we should always check our own work at least once before we say we're finished."

My little girl already sounds like an adult. It makes me proud and scares me at the same time. Someone so young shouldn't be acting so mature. She's going to grow up to be a beautiful, intelligent, wonderful woman; but I don't want her to miss her youth.

"You know, Ms. Stephens is right. But I think this once we can just let me check to make sure it's all finished while you get ready. My princess needs to be ready for prince charming."

Lindsey giggles and blushes a little when I call her princess. Or maybe she was blushing at the prince charming reference. Just a couple of weeks ago I picked her up from a rehearsal and I couldn't help but grin widely at my little girl as she played princess next to a cute little prince. She blushed when she noticed me in the room then too. It's adorable and positively frightening at the same time.

Lindsey rushes off to get ready and I sit to make sure she finished everything. Either I'm having a hard time focusing or Lindsey managed to clean up extra fast today, because it feels like I've only been sitting ere for a few minutes before Lindsey returns and is asking me for help with her dress.

We have a good time laughing and giggling as I transform my angel into a princess for the evening. She looks so beautiful in her blue dress.

We're going to be a little early for our dinner with Sara, but I really don't think Lindsey will mind. If Sara isn't there when we get to the hotel, I'm sure I can entertain Lindsey with all the other forms of entertainment available at the Excalibur. Maybe we could catch a sneak peek at the knights.

When we pull up to the hotel, Lindsey looks dumbfounded at where we are.

"Are we going to eat in the castle Mom?"

"We sure are, baby," I tell her with a smile. I'm going to have to remember to tell Sara just how happy Lindsey seems at this idea. "Sara thought you might like it since you're a princess."

Lindsey is hurriedly unbuckling her seatbelt and almost running to the hotel by the time I'm out of the car.

"This is so cool!"

"That's what I told your mom," I hear Sara telling Lindsey as she walks up to us.

"This was your idea?" Lindsey asks Sara excitedly, wrapping her arms around Sara's hips and squeezing tight.

"Yeah, it was," Sara smiles down at an over-excited Lindsey and rests her hand comfortably on Lindsey's shoulder. I think Sara might actually be blushing a little when she catches the smile on my face.

"Thank you, Sara. It's so cool." Someday my daughter will know words other than 'cool'.

Lindsey releases her hold on Sara, and to my surprise Sara bends down and wraps her arms around Lindsey for a real hug. I'm smiling and I can't help it. Lindsey is positively thrilled about having dinner in 'the castle' and Sara seems so comfortable with Lindsey. It really does warm my heart to see the two of them off to such a great start.

I know I shouldn't have been, but I was worried that Sara would feel awkward and uncomfortable around Lindsey like she usually does with children. I see nothing uncomfortable in their interaction, and it makes me smile even more. I'm surprised to see Sara's strong arms increase their hold on my little girl as she picks her up off the ground easily.

"C'mon princess, we've got a feast to enjoy before your play tonight."

Lindsey wraps her arms around Sara's neck and holds on as the two of them head into the hotel and toward the café. I follow them inside, marveling at the two most wonderful people in my life.

Part 6

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