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Sara & Catherine: The Unfinished Story
By MBInc


Chapter 10: "Adoptation" a.k.a. Where We Left Off


About an hour and a half later Sara arrived at Catherine's place –her mind still filled with thoughts about both Sophie's and Chris' case as she locked her car.

As she walked onto the porch, the front door opened, and Lindsey stormed out.

"Sara!" the little Willows woman said as she wrapped her arms around the brunette's legs.

"Hey Lindsey. How was school today?"

"It was ok. Miss Sanchez taught us how to do multi…multiplications," she stated, struggling with the last word.

"Ah," Sara started, "Math, now that's my cup of tea." The brunette smiled as she guided the little girl inside.

"Would you please help me with my homework then?" Lindsey asked, her face flashing the irresistible look Sara had named the 'Willows-look'. A look she had often seen on the older Willows woman as well.

"Gwen invited me for a sleepover, but mom said I had to finish all of my homework first"

Both of the Willows women knew how to get their way, and Sara just couldn't resist.

"Sure, I'll help you. Go get your stuff, and I'll be right with you," the lanky brunette said as she scanned the rooms, in search of the other blonde.

"Where's your mom?" She asked Lindsey who was already halfway up the stairs.

"Kitchen," was the short reply she got.

Walking towards said room, she stopped in the doorway. Leaning against the door-post, and folding her arms she just stood there –appreciating the beauty in front of her.

They had only been together for a few weeks, Sara knew that this was what she always wanted. And despite this same fact –their relationship only a few weeks old, Sara already thought about their future together. Catherine and Lindsey had become so important to her, she knew she wanted things to be forever.

Hold your horses Sidle, you're going way to fast. The brunette stopped her train of thoughts, and merely stared at Catherine's backside. And what a lovely backside it was.

"Are you going to keep staring at me, or do I get a kiss?" Catherine spoke up without even turning around.

Sara smirked, and walked over to where the strawberry blonde was cooking at the stove. Circling her arms around the smaller woman's waist, she pulled their bodies close to one another.

Placing a soft kiss right behind Catherine's ear earned the younger woman a moan –causing a smile to form on her own face. Then she turned the strawberry blonde around, to give her a proper kiss.

As their lips met, Catherine's arms found their way up, hands tangling into the taller woman's hair.

"I heard your daughter is going to a sleepover tonight?" the brunette said as their lips parted. She recalled something about promising to finish things they had started that morning, and, with Lindsey at a friend's house, she had every intention on keeping that promise.

"Well, that's what I wanted to talk about," Catherine started, looking into the hazel eyes in front of her.

"The sleepover?" Sara asked, confusion written all over her face.

"No, not that part, I meant about my daughter," Catherine said. She reached her hand up, and caressed the taller woman's cheek.

"Oh," was the only sound that left Sara's mouth.

"I know how much you love Lindsey…and me, and we both love you. And I talked about this with her…I want for you to be legally responsible for her if anything ever happens to me. What I mean to ask is whether you would want to adopt her?"

Not receiving an immediate answer from Sara, Catherine continued, "You don't have to answer right away, just, think about it ok?"

Sara could feel tears forming in her eyes. She was really surprised by the older woman's request –a good surprised though. Although Catherine had said she could give it some thought, she already knew the answer.

"I would be honored, Catherine, I'd love to," Sara said as she placed both of her hands on Catherine's cheeks.

"We need to t…"Catherine started, but was silenced by a finger against her lips.

"We'll talk things through tonight," Sara said before claiming the strawberry blonde's lips in a passionate kiss.

But before things could get too heated, they were interrupted by a voice from behind.

"I thought you said you were going to help me, not mom. She can cook on her own, you know."

Leaning her head against Catherine's shoulder, a smile crept onto Sara's face. Releasing the strawberry blonde's waist, Sara let out a small sigh –only for the older woman's ears to hear- and walked over to Lindsey.

"Yeah Linds, Sara was just….ehmm…I got something in my eye," Catherine said, a little shyly –she hadn't wanted for her daughter to find them in this compromising position.

"Right mom, and pigs fly," Lindsey quipped, placing her books on the kitchen table.

"You're way too smart for your age," Sara said as she tussled through the little blonde's hair.

"I know. And now you're going to help me. So, focus, I have a sleepover to go to," Lindsey said as she opened her math book.

Taking a seat next to the little girl's, Sara shared a look with Catherine –big smiles on both of their faces.

The next thirty minutes Sara helped Lindsey with her homework while Catherine finished cooking dinner. Wanting to set the table, the older woman shooed her daughter and lover into the living room.

"You two girls go and enjoy yourselves in the living room for a few minutes. Dinner's almost ready."

Lindsey grabbed her books, and walked out of the kitchen. Sara was still seated, and Catherine walked up behind her.

She had enjoyed watching the easy interaction between Lindsey and Sara, and she was grateful for the brunette's response to her question. The glances the brunette had thrown her way hadn't gone unnoticed, and made her feel all warm and tingly inside.

Finally, she thought We're starting to become a real family again…well, sort of, she added in an after thought.

Even though Eddie had never been much of a husband to her, he had done his best in the father-department. However, it seemed as nothing when compared to the way Sara cared for Lindsey.

Wrapping her arms around the strong shoulders of Sara, Catherine leaned in and placed a sweet kiss on top of the brunette's head.

"I'm glad we've got some time for each other tonight," Catherine said. The past few days had been pretty hectic, and both of the women were craving for more physical contact.

"Well then, I'd better go and help Lindsey pack her stuff," Sara said, a gap-toothed smile coming onto her face as she stood up.

And with one last kiss, Sara headed out of the kitchen, in search for Lindsey.

It was about two hours later when Sara and Catherine settled themselves onto the couch. During dinner the three of them had talked about Sara becoming Lindsey's legal guardian –trying to explain to the little girl what it meant.

Now, Lindsey had just been picked up by Gwen and her mother, and wouldn't be back until the next afternoon. Cuddling into Sara's arms, the strawberry blonde spoke up

"I've talked to my lawyer."

"Uhuh," was the taller woman's absent-minded reply, one hand occupied with stroking through blonde locks of hair, the other grabbing hold of Catherine's hand –entwining their fingers.

"About the adoption?"

Now that got Sara's full attention.

"Yeah," she said as she squeezed Catherine's hand.

"Well, we're not…married or registered partners…" Yet, she added mentally as a little smile crept onto her lips "but you can become her legal guardian."

"I know," the brunette stated.

"You do?" Catherine turned around in the embrace so she could face Sara.

"Yeah…I ehm…while you were doing the dishes I called my lawyer…to see which possibilities there were," Sara said sheepishly –avoiding Catherine's sparkling blue pools, and hoping she hadn't been to forward with this action.

As the strawberry blonde realized what Sara just told her, she turned her entire body around, and was now completely splayed on top of the other woman.

"We'll make appointments with our lawyers tomorrow and arrange this as soon as possible," Catherine replied before her lips attacked Sara's.

"And now," she started as she came up for a breath of air "you're gonna fulfill your promise."

Sara noticed the sexy smile on the older woman's lips, and pulled her in –once again engaging their lips into a passionate kiss.

Nibbling on the strawberry blonde's lower lip, Sara searched entrance to deepen the kiss. However, Catherine decided not to give in immediately.

A groan of frustration filled the living room when Catherine slid off of Sara's body and stood up.

"You look sexy when you're frustrated," the older woman smiled. "Now," she reached out her hand, "take me to the bedroom."

In mere seconds Sara complied to the strawberry blonde's request, left the couch and grabbed Catherine in her arms –carrying her into the direction of their 'sanctuary'.

The End

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