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Sara & Catherine: The Unfinished Story
By MBInc


Chapter 2: What Willows Wants


As they arrived at Logan International they collected all their baggage and went in search for a taxi. After a short ride they stood in front of a hotel. Grissom had made all the arrangements for them and the only thing they had to do was check-in.

After receiving their key they went up the elevator and entered their room. Expecting two separate beds both women were stunned to find only one king-size bed.

"I'll go back to the reception to sort this out" Sara said as she placed her baggage on the ground. Before Catherine could answer the brunette had already left.

Grissom had given Sara a note with all the arrangements that were made. The list included a hotel room with two separate sleeping accommodations.

Because of the conference the hotel was very crowded and after waiting for about ten minutes Sara finally spoke with the man at the reception.

"The person that made the arrangements asked for one room. There must have been a miscommunication about the bedrooms. I'm sorry ma'am, but there's no other room available."

With that said the man turned around and grabbed a phone that had started ringing while he had spoken to Sara. This left Sara in no position to give this man a piece of her mind.

"Great, now what?" Sara muttered as she walked back to the elevator again. Pushing the button for the third floor she thought 'I wouldn't mind sharing the bed, but I don't think Catherine would go for that option.'

Sighing heavily she walked out of the elevator as it opened. "Guess I'll have to take the couch."

As she walked into the hotel room she didn't immediately see Catherine. As she walked towards the small balcony she saw the strawberry blonde who was admiring the view.

'I would never ever have to have a bed if I could just hold her in my arms right now'

"So are you going to fill me in on the bed-situation, or are you just going to stand there forever?" Catherine said, not even turning round to face Sara.

Of course she had heard the door, so she knew Sara was back in the room. She could also feel the brunette's eyes on her. It had given her a weird feeling inside. 'But a good weird' she added mentally.

Catherine's question shook Sara out of her reverie. "Apparently Grissom is the person to blame for this" Sara answered as she walk over to the balcony.

"Some kind of misunderstanding with the reservations. You can take the bed. I'll sleep on the couch."

"Oh…OK" was Catherine's answer although she wasn't really sure that this was the solution she wanted.

"That is unless…" Sara started

"Yes…?" Catherine interrupted, hope filling her eyes as she turned her head so she was now facing Sara.

"I mean…I can try to get myself another room" Sara blushed and looked down suddenly very interested in her shoes.

'She looks so beautiful when she's flustered' Catherine thought as she saw the brunette's embarrassed state. This made her realize friendship wasn't what she wanted, she wanted more. But how could she tell Sara?

She decided to go the bold way and just get it out in the open. Walking back inside the older woman said: "You know, we could just share the bed. I mean, it's big enough for the both of us. At least that way you'll be able to get some decent sleep."

Sara let out a deep breath. She wanted nothing more than to sleep in the same bed as Catherine, but she knew it wouldn't be the way she really wanted it to be. She wanted to sleep with Catherine, hold her in her arms and fall asleep with the strawberry blonde all snuggled up against her. However, it wouldn't be fair towards Catherine, so that's why Sara opted for the couch.

"Don't you want a bed of your own? As was promised to each of us by Grissom? I mean… I'm not a person that needs much sleep so the couch is good enough for me" Sara answered.

Not receiving an answer Sara went inside to see where Catherine had gone. She found her in the bedroom, seated on the bed.

Seeing the brunette in the doorway she knew she couldn't back out of her plan now –as far as you could call it a plan. She patted on the space next to her on the bed.

Sara looked at Catherine and saw two sparkling blue eyes focussed on her which made her feel all warm inside. She walked over to the bed and sat down.

"A bed of my own, huh?" Catherine asked as she inched closer to Sara.

"Uhuh" was the only sound that left Sara's mouth as she noticed the closeness of the strawberry blonde.

"That's not what I want" Catherine stated seriously.

"I know what I want" She said as she placed a hand at the back of Sara's neck and gave a little tug.

"I want you"

And with that said she closed the remaining distance between them, engaging their lips in a soft kiss.

The End

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