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House Party
By ncruuk


"So, we started in the kitchen..."

"We did?"

"Sure...it was really quick though..."

"It was?"

"Yeah...the stone floor tiles were really hard on the knees..."

"Oh, right, I remember..." Catherine smiled slightly as she remembered the floor - Sara was right, the floor was really hard on her knees...


"Yup, did that....took ages though..."

"Oh, right, the bath tub...." Catherine trailed off as she remembered the bathtub...it was large and well equipped with a range of jacuzzi jets.


"With the chair?"

"Lumbar Support, very important..." commented Sara, rounding the corner and continuing towards the break room, Catherine never breaking step with her.

"Of course...den?"

"Bean bags..." was all Sara needed to say as both ladies visibly shuddered at that particular memory.

"Where else?" asked Catherine, trying to remember.


"How could I forget...back breaking...."

"Yeah...Master Bedroom?"

"Waterbed and thick pile carpet...." countered Catherine immediately, remembering that room well.

"Guest bedroom had the four poster bed..." continued Sara, continuing to tick the rooms off her fingers.

"Anywhere else?"

"Must be, we were there for ages...have I said garage?"

"Now, yes...with the sports car?"

"Leather seat..." agreed Sara, mentally reviewing everything they'd said to see if there was anything missing.

"That it?"

"Apart from the porch and back deck..."

"Right, the swing seat and hot tub..." by now they'd entered the break room and, without realising it, drawn a bit of a crowd as the guys on shift with them were eager to learn just what the lovers were talking about.

"That's it!" declared Catherine triumphantly, unable to think of anywhere else they'd done.


"Think we're ready then?"

"I think so...we can't do any more preparation..." decided Sara thoughtfully, only to be interrupted by an amazed Greg,

"You call all that just 'preparation'?"

"Yes...why, what would you call it?"

"An orgy..." decided Greg with glassy eyes, whilst Nick agreed with a nod and added, 

"Or the very best frat party..."

"Huh?" Catherine was confused.

"You were talking about sex, right?" asked Warrick, suddenly nervous they'd completely misinterpreted their eavesdropping.

"No...Processing the McManders Mansion....we're in court tomorrow, and the case was 4 months ago...."

The End

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