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AUTHOR'S NOTES: This is done in a stream of conciousness kind of style, from Sara's point of view.
SPOILERS: This is set directly following Crash And Burn.

Oh, God
By Lil

Ow. Ow. Pain. Oh God, that's a lot of pain. We're talking rhythmic poundage, here. Geez...I need a drink...wait...drink...ooohhhh. *That's* what this is. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the hangover. Okay, who talked me into imbibing? Oh! I remember! It was Catherine! Damn her! I hope she's in pain too.

Brightness. Lots of brightness...why does the sun have to be so *bright*? I mean damn...Opening the eyes...AH! Ow, oh that hurt.The filling of blood in the mouth now...but SO NOT MY FAULT! There is a Catherine RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE! Why is there a Catherine right in front of my face? Where am I? Okay. Stop. Deep, cleansing breaths. Softness underneath me...what feels like cotton sheets tangled between dead limbs...a bed? I made it home? That's a plus. Good sign. Coming home. The scent of...cinnamon? Cinnamon? Oh. Catherine.

Okay, beware of blinding sunlight that only increases pounding in head. Oh God, that's bright. Yep. That's Catherine. And she's sleeping too, damn her. Uh huh. I see how it...oh god. This isn't my bed. I am not in my bed. I only have one bed in my apartment. That means...oh god. That means I'm not home. Okay...where am I? Hm, nice headboard, is that wrought iron? Definitely not home. Nightstands, phone, picture, glasses...picture? Oh, of Lindsey. I'm at Catherine's. Of course I'm at Catherine's. She doesn't know where I live. Stupid.

I never realized how heavy my body was. Do I really want to turn over? Okay, here it goes. Turning, turning...almost there...oh god! I think I'm just gonna rest here, get my wind back. Oooohhh. This SUCKS. I'm in sooo much pain. I hate you, Catherine. You did it just to make me suffer. You've had it in for me from the very beginning. And look at you. All peaceful. Sheets tangled around your naked body like you haven't a care in the world. Holdup, wait. Naked? Yeah, that's a hip, and oh, look. I never would have figured you for a natural redhead.

Oh my god! I'm naked too! Oh yeah, that's my breast. And my toes! Those are my toes! Okay, what the fuck happened here?? I think it's safe to say that Sara is never picking up another bottle. No more. Never. God, I'm all grungy and my hair is a mess, I need a shower.

And my hands smell! They smell like..well, I know what they smell like, but that's not the point! WHY do they smell that way?? What did I do? I couldn't have, could I? With Catherine? Oh my god. Female coworker. This is a situation you NEVER want to find yourself in, *especially* with a female coworker! Oh god. What if she remembers? What if she wakes up and finds me in her bed and freaks out? Then what? I could have just ruined the one working relationship I valued! How could I be so stupid! But, it's okay. She's still asleep. I'm half alive. I can get out of this. Just calm down, Sara. Take a moment. BREATHE.

She's still sleeping. Peaceful. She looks younger when she sleeps. More vulnerable. Makes you just want to hold her and OH GOD! STOP THINKING LIKE THAT! COLLEAGUE! Someone who can potentially ruin your ENTIRE career! Time to get the hell out of dodge! Maybe she won't remember. Maybe she'll think it was a dream! A drunken, erotic dream. Oh god, I wish it was a dream. But she is beautiful. So pale. Perfect, really. That's okay. It is. I'll get over this. It means nothing.Right now though, rolling out of bed and into clothes are probably GOOD ideas.

Oof. Can I *be* any clumsier? Can I? Okay. Underwear. Oh god. Underwear is shot. Hm. Jeans. There they are. Shirt? Top? Okay. Found it. Going commando today, why me? Why? Socks. Looking for socks. Okay. Looking for *a* sock. Ha! Found it! Now the shoes...

What was that? Door, that was a door. And feet. Feet running. Oh god, who is it? I'm going to get caught!

"Mommy?" Lindsey! Lindsey, that's Lindsey! Oh god, she can't find me here like this! She can't find *Catherine* like this. Woah, hello. Stuffing feet into shoes, buckling belt really quick. Good morning Catherine. Yeah, you're panicking too, huh? Glad I'm not the only one. God, can your eyes *be* any more blue? Or more panicky?

Door opening now, an uncertain voice. "Mommy?" Frozen. Of course you are. Don't worry Cath, I'll cover for you. Hi Lindsey. Don't you just look like the cutest thing, standing there with your big blue eyes and questioning face? God, how do I deal with you?

"Hey, Lindsey. It looks like your mommy's not up yet. She had a hard night last night. How about we go make her breakfast?" You nod, taking my hand like you expected to see me there, and lead me out of the room. Yeah, don't think I don't see you Catherine, still laying there like rigor mortis has just set in. You only *wish* you were dead. And, oh god, do I know the feeling.

The End

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