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By Karin


"Oh come on, we need to know if he's our man. And besides, what could it hurt?" Your captain says with eyes filled with a bit of mischief.

You're standing in front of the interrogation room, looking from your captain to the suspect inside, slightly off balance by this proposition.

"Mmm, I don't know, Jim, it's not being very professional."

As the words stumble out of your mouth, you're overruled by your own image of the weeping woman you held in your arms earlier at the hospital.

You make a quick decision, and with a shy smile, you open an extra button of your blouse while entering the room.

"Alright, if he ignores me, then that would be suspicious," you think as you bend over the table trying to capture his attention.

His is not the only attention you capture.

Standing on the other side of the one-way mirror, a single CSI is gasping for air with eyes wide open and completely drawn to the most sensuous curves, ever.

"That went well," you say walking back to Brass' office. While looking down to close the button of your shirt, you crash into someone who's fleeing the corridor.


Instinctively, you grab the person by the arms.

"Look where you're going."

"Oh, hey, Sara."

Still holding her by her arms, a bit of concern arises because she's not answering, and she has this flustered look on her face.

"Sara, are you okay?"

She grabs your arms in order to set herself free, and the second she does, you see her eyes drop to your chest, her cheeks turning red. She rushes away.

You let her go, for now...

The End

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