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Car Trouble
By Eyah


"Damn it…come on." Slamming a hand against the steering wheel, Sofia cursed her luck and tried the ignition one more time to no avail. She'd known for some time that it was time to trade in the old Honda, but she was trying desperately to squeeze one more year out of it.

She was so engrossed in her dilemma that she was startled when she heard a tapping on her window. Glancing up quickly, she was surprised to find Sara standing outside her window. Swinging the door open, Sofia slid out as Sara stepped clear of the door.

"Pop the hood," Sara said, the words lilting upward in a manner that was characteristically Sara Sidle.

Leaning back into the car Sofia complied. As Sara moved to the front of the car, Sofia's eyes traveled over the brunette's neatly pressed khakis and form fitting tank top. Her mouth went dry when Sara leaned over the open hood of the car, affording Sofia a glimpse at the soft curves along the top of her breasts. Jesus.

"You know much about cars?" Sofia asked conversationally.

Sara lifted a shoulder in a casual shrug. "Enough."

Sofia grimaced at Sara's usually closed attitude. She watched the tight muscles of Sara's forearms flex as she reached into the engine compartment…fiddling with this and that.

"Go try it again," Sara instructed, waiting while Sofia leaned back inside the door and turned the key. She cocked her head to the side, listening as the engine coiled up but failed to catch and turn over. "I'll be right back, I need some tools," Sara called over her shoulder as she strode back toward the lab.

Slumping back into the driver's seat, Sofia watched Sara's retreating back. She pushed her hand through her hair wishing that this incredibly long day were over with.

A few minutes later, Sara returned. She had donned a pair of navy overalls and carried a tool box. Setting down the box, she leaned once again over the car. Pushing out of the car, Sofia walked around the car to join her at the front. Her eyebrow lifting unconsciously as she allowed her gaze to roam over the brunette. She allowed herself a moment to imagine reaching up to unzip the front of the overalls to find that Sara wore nothing underneath. The green tank top peaking out under the open collar told her that wasn't the case, but…a girl could dream. How can a pair of shapeless overalls bring to mind so many fantasies?

Sara glanced over her shoulder, and straightened quickly. She turned to face Sofia, shaken by the look of pure unadulterated lust in Sofia's eyes. And she was standing so close. Nervously, Sara swiped her hand over her cheek. As she did Sofia reached up and caught her wrist.

"Your hand," Sofia said her voice low and husky. She pulled Sara's hand away and looked at it, indicating a dark smear of grease on her fingers. She hadn't meant to touch her, had actually been trying to avoid it for several weeks now. It had been an instinct to stop Sara as she rubbed her grease stained fingers against her cheek. And now she felt Sara's racing pulse beneath the fingers that wrapped around her wrist. There was something so intimate about feeling the life pulsing through the veins beneath the soft skin.

Swallowing hard, Sara jerked her hand away and wiped it furiously against the overalls that she had put on for just that reason. She started to turn back to the car, but she stopped short when Sofia reached up and brushed her own fingers over Sara's cheek.

She couldn't stop. She's touched Sara Sidle. And now her own heart beat furiously in her chest as she realized that now she couldn't stop touching her. The thin line that snaked over Sara's cheekbone was excuse enough, and her fingers were drawn to the tight skin there. She heard Sara's breathless gasp as her fingers rubbed the grease away.

"You know, I don't think it's going to start." Sara nervously turned away. "Why don't I just give you a ride?" Sara tried desperately to look everywhere except at Sofia. The detective still stood only inches away, and a hot look still burned in her eyes. Sofia shifted her weight, assuming that cocky stance that always made Sara's body react.

Sofia tilted her head to the side, watching Sara react to her. Interesting. "Why don't you let me buy you a drink for your trouble? We could…stop by the Palm." When it seemed that Sara was going to refuse, Sofia rushed on. "Come on. My treat."

Sara raised an eyebrow, sensing the challenge in Sofia's voice. In a move completely unlike her, Sara stepped closer. "Can I get something with an umbrella in it?" She asked jokingly.

"What ever you want," Sofia purred.

Sara's mouth went dry. Christ, Are we still talking about drinks? "Okay, just let me go get out of these." She gestured down at the overalls.

Remember her thoughts from a few minutes ago, Sofia reached out a hand to grasp Sara's arm, stopping her. "Sara." She waited until Sara paused. "Leave them on."

The End

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