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Strong Enough
By Karen


Chapter 26

The sound of the last gunshot still ringing in her ears, Catherine was the first to react. She pushed Jim's hands away as he tried to stop her and forced her way inside the bar. She couldn't tell where she was going nor how much of a distance she would have to cover to reach Sara, there was no time to think about it clearly. Not caring that her feet were cold and bruised and that she had no idea what she would find, she never slowed down. The possibility of being in the wrong place never even crossed her mind; in her heart Catherine knew this was the place to be and she hated herself for not getting there sooner.

Tears were clouding her view but she kept crashing into walls and stumbling in the dark, her heart hammering against her chest in fear she'd be too late. She could hear Jim calling after her from a distance and it sounded strange, as if his voice had been quieted by the sound of her own blood rushing through her body. The fear of losing Sara tightening its hold around her soul, Catherine could barely keep on breathing.

She hadn't been so afraid in her life. Not when Eddie pushed her against the wall and nearly choked her in one of his jealous outbursts, not even when some drunken fool cornered her outside of the club she used to dance in, hoping to persuade her with a knife against her neck that he deserved a more private performance. The only time she came close to going mad with fear was when she found her baby trapped in a drowning car and Catherine now knew for certain she wouldn't know how to survive the pain if anything had happened to Sara.

She couldn't imagine her life without her in it anymore, whatever happened in there Sara had to be all right. Sudden rush of dread washing over her, Catherine rounded the corner and gasped. Even in the faint light illuminating the end of the hallway she could see glass shattered everywhere and her heart nearly stopped when she heard someone yelling, "An officer down!!!"

She would have surely collapsed if Jim hadn't finally caught up with her and grabbed a hold of her shoulders at the same moment one of his officers chose to appear. He was coming towards them, dragging a nearly unconscious man with him. The man was obviously being manhandled even though he was bleeding profusely but Catherine couldn't have cared less at the moment. Fear and fury mixed inside her once they came closer and she recognized Kiner's face, Jim's strong grip around her arm being the only thing stopping her from putting her gun to good use.

"An officer down!! Send the paramedics!" Another officer kept yelling into his radio and Catherine couldn't stand not knowing for another moment.

"Try not to kill him; I wanna see him rot slowly in jail." Jim grumbled before turning to rush after the blonde who again managed to wrench herself from his grip and run off towards the small room. He heard Catherine's sharp intake of breath and looked up in time to see her gun slip out of her hand with a thump.

For a few moments Catherine just stood there taking in the sight before her, her legs refusing to move. The whole place was a mess, shattered pieces of furniture covered the floor and there were puddles of blood everywhere she looked. Candeece Black was lying dead in the far corner of the room, a look of shock forever frozen on her face.

And then there was Sara, hunched over Warrick's motionless body, desperately pushing her hands onto the wound in his side hoping to slow the bleeding. Sara's hands were trembling, covered in his blood, her face stained with tears and Catherine could hear her soft pleas, "Come on, open your eyes Warrick, please… You can't die now… "

"Jesus!" Jim whispered in shock, not knowing what to do first.

Catherine took a few steps towards the brunette and dropped onto her knees, sobbing her heart out, feeling terrified and relieved at the same time. Sara was all right but their friend was hurt badly and the feeling of despair washed over her again. She didn't know what to do for him nor how to comfort Sara, the mixed emotions confusing her too much to be able to deal with them. She shuddered when Sara cried out, "You can't die, you can't! Damn it Warrick, open your eyes!"

Blood kept flowing rapidly between Sara's fingers and Catherine crawled next to them and pushed her hands down on Sara's, applying more pressure onto the wound. Both women gasped when Warrick finally groaned a little, his eyelids fluttering for a moment.

Brass kneeled down next to them and gently rested his hand on Warrick's shoulder, "They'll be here soon… Help is on the way, hang in there!" His eyes quickly examined Sara, "You okay kid?"

Sara just nodded in response. "Please fight Warrick…" She mumbled, her eyes never leaving his face.

Warrick was breathing heavily, a pained expression covering his face as he struggled for each breath. Finally he opened his eyes a little to look at Sara. It took a while but he managed to whisper, "Hurts…"

Sara nodded again, new round of sobs shaking her body and Catherine finally found her voice when she realized Sara couldn't, "You'll be okay… Just hang in there. We're here, it's okay." She continued to talk to him hoping to soothe him with her words, hating that it was all she could do.

The paramedics finally arrived and they were forced to move away from him. Sara was determined to go to the hospital with Warrick but Jim wouldn't let her, "No, I need you here. Grissom will meet Warrick in the hospital."

He tried pulling her in a hug to calm her and Catherine could only helplessly watch them yelling at each other as Sara fought against his hold, "I don't want him to be left alone, not now!!"

"Sara, you need to be examined as well…" Jim tried taking her hands gently but she pushed him away.

"No I don't, I'm fine!!"

"You're not fine, you're in shock." Jim insisted. He motioned to the closest EMT to stand by for a while.

"God damn it, that bullet was meant for me!" Sara yelled, tears streaming down her face and Catherine finally reached out for her and pulled her into a crashing hug.

"Jim, go with Warrick, please." Catherine whispered to the worried detective holding onto Sara with all her might. "Please. We'll be fine, go." She told him before slowly lowering herself and Sara onto the floor determined to never let her go again. She wasn't even aware she was sobbing herself; all she cared about was this woman falling apart in her arms, the love she nearly lost.

"Oh Sara…" She whispered softly feeling Sara tighten her hold around her.

"He just shot her in cold blood…" She heard Sara's strangled whisper and pulled the brunette closer. "I yelled to get his attention but he shot her anyway. Then he turned towards me…" She looked up into Catherine's eyes, "I didn't have the chance to react… it all happened so fast…" Catherine nodded and brushed Sara's face with her fingers, straining to hear the brunette's words. Sara looked so desperate and lost and Catherine could barely stand to watch more silent tears trickling down her cheeks. "Before I knew it Warrick threw himself over me and Kiner shot him." Her voice cracked and Catherine pulled her close again and closed her eyes, praying that this nightmare would end soon.

"Who shot Kiner then?" The blonde asked quietly after a while.

"One of Brass's officers." Sara told her sounding confused herself, "I don't even know how they found us…"

"It's okay." Catherine whispered kissing Sara's temple.

"What if he dies?" Sara asked in a small voice, her face buried in Catherine's neck, "How will I live with myself?"

"He won't die, sweetie. He's too stubborn for that." Catherine promised softly. She continued to rub Sara's back slowly hoping to help her relax. "You scared me…" She whispered into Sara's ear, almost too quietly to be heard.

Sara slowly looked up into tearful blue eyes as Catherine's words finally registered, realizing for the first time what she must have put the other woman through. "When I heard those shots, Sara…" Catherine's voice failed her and a new wave of guilt crushed over the brunette.

Her breath caught in her throat, she cradled Catherine's face with trembling fingers, "Oh baby…" Catherine closed her eyes; the tears spilling when she felt Sara's lips softly touch her cheek. "I'm sorry… I'm so sorry…" Sara kept whispering, kissing every inch of Catherine's face. She wrapped her arms around Catherine and pulled her as close as she could. She couldn't have cared less about the cold floor beneath them, officers securing the scene or the EMT still standing next to them. All Sara could feel were Catherine's lips on her neck, her hands in Sara's hair and nothing else mattered. Their eyes met again, searching, words frozen on their lips but they both knew in that precious moment the world only made sense when they were in each other's arms.

The young man softly cleared his throat and blushed when both women looked up at him. "Ahem, I'm sorry to interrupt…" He muttered uncomfortably, trying his best to look Sara straight in the eye, "I really need to make sure you are all right before I leave."

"Well you can leave then, I'm fine." Sara grumbled. Glancing down over Catherine's body she gasped, "Oh God, your feet…"

Catherine sighed exasperatedly, "It's nothing."

"What do you mean, it's nothing? They're bleeding!" Sara quickly extracted herself from the embrace so she could inspect the little cuts covering Catherine's feet. "What did you do?" She mumbled more to herself when Catherine tried to wiggle her legs out of Sara's grasp.

"I kicked my shoes off so I could run faster, all right?" Catherine told her, rolling her eyes at Sara's close inspection. "You're tickling me." She complained half-heartedly.

Sara sharply looked up, not able to find anything amusing in the current situation, "Catherine, there are small pieces of glass sticking out of your feet. You need to have them pulled out."

"Fine." Catherine mumbled and watched the brunette as she got up from the floor.

"Stay there." Sara told her seriously before turning to the EMT, "Well, come on! Make yourself useful."

Catherine shook her head trying not to smile at Sara's protectiveness and Nick chose that moment to barge into the room, "Jesus!!"

Sara turned around abruptly, surprised to see Nick frozen in the doorway staring at her wide eyed. She looked down to check what it was that made her friend go pale and realized she was covered in Warrick's blood. Quickly looking up again, she made a few steps towards him, "Nick, I'm okay! It's not mine… I'm okay." She pulled the shocked man in a brief hug, "I'm okay."

"Catherine?" He mumbled when Sara released him and he caught a glimpse of Catherine's injured feet, "What happened?"

"Catherine lost her shoes." The blonde joked in hopes to distract herself from the burning in her feet.

"Any news about Warrick?" Sara asked holding her breath.

"He was taken into surgery. They need to remove the bullet. Griss is there, he promised to call as soon as he hears anything."

"All right, ma'am. We're done here." The EMT finished bandaging Catherine's feet and Sara rushed to help her get up.

"Can you walk?" She asked so softly Catherine didn't have the heart to show her just how annoyed she felt.

She silently cursed whatever made her wear heals and smiled at Sara, "Yes. And I really want to leave this place. Please."

Sara nodded and looked at Nick, "Who will work the scene?"

"Grissom called a few guys from dayshift. He's waiting for us at the hospital." Nick told them. "We can take the main exit. Come on." He offered pointing at the smashed front door.

He led the way through the bar swarming with policemen, noticing Catherine took Sara's hand and didn't let go till they reached the car. Knowing better than to ask he glanced at their reflection in the rear-view mirror with a small sigh of relief. When Grissom sent him to the scene he had no idea what he would find. It was hard to look for the good things that would perhaps come from all this mess when his best friend was still fighting for his life. Nick had to use all his willpower just to stay calm but knowing at least the girls were safe made it just a little easier to breathe.


Chapter 27

The wait seemed endless. Warrick was taken into surgery a couple of hours ago and no one came to tell them anything since. When the silence between them became nearly unbearable Sara got up to stretch, followed by Catherine's nervous glances. Grissom had left the waiting room a little earlier and she wandered down the hallway over to the vending machine noticing him standing next to it. She couldn't help thinking she had never seen him look so pale or worried.


He seemed lost in thought, his fingers unconsciously playing with a coin and Sara almost thought he hadn't noticed her. "I can't decide what I want." He said just as she was about to call his name again. The normally piercing blue eyes lifted to meet her gaze and Sara nearly shuddered seeing so much sadness in them.

"How about a Mars bar?" Sara suggested, "You used to like them." Disturbed by that pained expression in his eyes, she took the coin from his hand and inserted it into the slot. Grissom only nodded slowly, lowering his gaze to the floor.

He only looked up again when Sara stuck the small chocolate bar into his hand. "He'll make it." She told him softly and he nodded again.

"You've almost gotten yourself killed." He nearly whispered not looking at her.

Tears clouding her view again, Sara whispered back, "In the end I'd almost gotten Warrick killed."

"I don't think… I would have known how to… if you had… if anything…" He stuttered miserably before Sara unexpectedly stepped closer and wrapped her arms around him.

"Stop it." She told him gently, "I don't want you thinking like that." Too busy trying not to fall apart Grissom stayed quiet so Sara squeezed him lightly and dropped her small pearl of wisdom, "Shit happens." He tried not to snort but it didn't work and Sara smiled proudly. "I'm okay." She told him after a while, "And Warrick will be okay too. Say it."

"He'll be okay." Grissom whispered before lightly kissing the top of her head and pulling away. They looked at each other for a few moments and then he nodded slightly, "Go on. Catherine will worry." He smiled a little and she realized he probably knew. Maybe he had always known he would eventually lose her interest but the affection remained and his smile grew bigger till there was nothing Sara could do but smile back. The tension disappeared, for a moment Sara felt like she had found her friend again and she gently touched his arm before turning away and leaving.

When the surgeon finally arrived another hour later all five of them jumped from their seats. "Good news." He told them with a smile gracing his lips, "We've been able to successfully remove the bullet. Mr. Brown suffered a severe blood loss but is now stabilized. No vital organs had been hit and we're expecting him to make a full recovery."

Sara hugged both Catherine and Nick at the same time, silent tears slipping down her cheeks. She heard Grissom asking when they would be able to visit and turned around to look at the doctor once more.

"As soon as he wakes up he will be transferred into a regular room. I will keep you informed Mr. Grissom, but you shouldn't be expecting any changes in the next 8 hours."

"We're going to need that bullet of course." Jim chimed in and the doctor promised to come back with it.

"Why don't you go home and get some rest?" Grissom suggested turning to Catherine and Sara, "There's nothing we can do here tonight."

"Yeah." Nick agreed rubbing Sara's back, "You and Cath should go. I'll stay here just in case Warrick gets tired of napping and wakes up sooner."

"Will you call us if anything changes?" Sara asked, still unsure if she should leave.

"Of course." Nick nodded.

"All right." Grissom sighed once he saw the doctor return with the bullet. "I'm going back to the scene, Jim will take the bullet to Greg. Nick, keep in touch."

He left and Sara turned to Brass but before she got a chance to speak he pulled her in a hug. "It's all right. Don't worry about it kid." He softly promised.

Catherine smiled at the scene and decided to give them a little privacy. She slowly moved away and went to teak a seat again. Nick was already on the phone with Greg, the young tech being seriously upset about getting stuck in the lab with no one around.

"I'm sorry I yelled at you." Sara finally apologized to the detective, the damn tears choking her again. She couldn't look him in the eye without wanting to cry ever since her little breakdown at the scene.

"Sshh… It doesn't matter." He kissed her temple and smiled, "You're still my favorite girl."

"I couldn't stop him from killing her, Jim." Sara whispered in agony.

"Hey, hey." Jim pulled away a little to look into her eyes, "Don't do this."

"Maybe I've waited for too long…"

Jim kept shaking his head, "Sara, stop it."

"But if… if I'd walked in there sooner…"

"No. You shouldn't have been there in the first place." He watched Sara lower her head in embarrassment and gently hooked a finger under her chin. Big chocolate eyes looked up at him worriedly and Jim smiled, "You sure can run like mad." Sara simply raised an eyebrow so he continued, "I'm pretty sure she'd have gotten herself killed with or without you there. I probably wouldn't have reached her on time and Kiner would have probably escaped."

"You don't know that." Sara mumbled, not happy with his efforts to make things easier for her.

"Neither do you." Sighing, Jim took her hand and slowly led her back to where Catherine was waiting for her. "Don't think I'm not pissed you nearly got yourself killed, but we'll talk about that later."

"Don't you need to take the statements?"

"I'll take them, don't you worry. Warrick needs to wake up first. And you need rest."


"Sara." Brass turned towards her once more. "I won't let him get away." He assured her firmly, "We've got him now. And I will make him talk."

"We needed Candeece." Sara noticed sadly.

"Yes." Jim agreed, "But we'll have to do without her."

Catherine got up from the chair carefully, still feeling a little unsteady on her feet and cursing the damn slippers she now had to wear. Noticing her discomfort Sara kissed Jim's cheek and rushed towards the blonde to offer her support.

"I'm okay." Catherine protested but still leaned into Sara's side, welcoming the strong arm around her waist.

"You will be when I get some painkillers into you."

"Ohh… A late supper!" Catherine joked hoping to ease Sara's worries. Jim waved them goodbye and the two women walked slowly towards the elevators. "I was thinking of picking up Linds and taking her home." Catherine looked up into the soft brown eyes, "Do you mind if we drop by at Nancy's first?"

"Of course not." Sara smiled a little, already looking forward to seeing the girl herself. It was late, they would probably have to drag her out of bed and she'd be cranky as hell and there was something adorable about cranky Willows women. They walked into the empty elevator and the blonde pulled her closer.

"Will you come home with us?" Catherine asked quietly. "I really want to have both of you close tonight."

Sara leaned down and slowly kissed the blonde's lips. "I'd like that." She murmured, smiling a little into their kiss before wrapping Catherine in a hug. "Are you sure Lindsey wouldn't mind?"

"Are you kidding? She loves having you over." Catherine assured her. She looked up into the smiling eyes again, "And I've already talked to her about us. I hope you don't mind."

Sara just looked at her before shaking her head a little. "I… no. I mean, does she?" She stuttered in surprise.

"No." Catherine smiled proudly, "She thinks you're good for me." She wiggled her eyebrows at Sara.

"Really?" Sara's eyes sparkled happily, a little smile slowly spreading into a full blown grin.

"Oh, come on." Catherine playfully slapped her arm, "What did you bribe her with?"

Sara wrapped her in a hug again, "I didn't have to. She's a smart girl."

"Very smart." Catherine nodded against Sara's neck.

"Should we take a cab?"

"Jim had one of the officers bring my car here." Catherine nuzzled the soft patch of skin under Sara's ear before trailing light kisses along her jaw.

"Any idea where he parked it?" Sara decided to ask while she could still form thoughts, Catherine's lips soon becoming far too distracting.

"Nope." Catherine admitted before sneaking an arm around Sara's neck and pulling her down for a kiss. Her feet were killing her but she wouldn't have admitted it for the world as long as she could stand there and kiss Sara breathless. She pulled away and smiled, very proud of herself for that unfocused look in Sara's eyes before finally suggesting, "Let's find it."

"Hum?" The brunette mumbled, aware only of Catherine's fingers brushing down her neck.

"My car, Sara?" Catherine chuckled, lightly kissing Sara's chin. The door opened and she pulled Sara outside.

"Right." Sara cleared her throat, "You best stay here… I'll be right back." She left with a quick kiss to the blonde's forehead, leaving a grinning Catherine behind.

A worried blonde woman opened the door and wrapped Catherine in a hug. "What happened?"

Sighing, Catherine simply mumbled, "Rough evening." She pulled away to look into her sister's eyes, "I just want her home with me."

Nodding, Nancy glanced towards the car then back at Catherine, "Is that Sara?" When Catherine didn't answer Nancy leaned forward a little, whispering conspiratorially, "Why did you leave Sara in the car? I've seen her before."

"I thought she might be too tired to deal with you now." Catherine told her sweetly.

"Catherine, what happened tonight?" They could joke around but Nancy didn't miss the tired expression in Catherine's eyes nor her current choice of footwear. It was also rather unusual for her sister to barge in at midnight so she could wake the sleeping child and take her home.

"A lot of running, a witness getting herself killed…" Catherine sighed and added more quietly, "Warrick got shot protecting Sara."

"Oh my God…"

"He'll be all right, he underwent a surgery and is still in ICU but his condition isn't critical any more. We've just spent hours waiting for the news…" She trailed off when Nancy pulled her in another hug. "I nearly lost her." She whispered almost inaudibly and Nancy closed her eyes and just held her close.

They never even heard soft padding of bare feet behind them, "Mom?"

Catherine quickly swallowed around the lump in her throat and let go of her sister. "Hey baby." She reached out and wrapped her arms around the small form. "Missed you." She whispered in Lindsey's ear.

Big blue eyes looked up at her in wonder, "How come you're not at work? What's wrong?"

"Bad case. I took the rest of the night off." Catherine gently brushed her daughter's cheek. "Please come home with me."

"Let me grab my stuff." Lindsey rushed back inside and up the stairs, too worried about her mom to be questioning her now. She actually couldn't remember the last time Catherine showed up in the middle of the night like this and she was certain something really bad must have happened. She came back in record time, blurting out the only question she couldn't bear to have unanswered, "Is Sara all right?"

Catherine smiled and nodded, "Yeah. She's waiting for us in the car."

Lindsey quickly kissed her aunt goodbye and dashed towards Sara when she saw the brunette getting out of the car. Both women watched Sara crouch down and open her arms a moment before Lindsey tackled her to the ground. "I have two five-year-olds…" Catherine mumbled shaking her head and gazing adoringly at the tangled heap on Nancy's lawn, enjoying the laughter filling her ears. She turned to her amused sister and kissed her goodnight, "I love you."

"Love you too. Call me in the morning."


Chapter 28

"Come on." Gently guiding Catherine to the bedroom Sara ignored the frustrated sighs coming from the smaller woman. Leaning down to briefly kiss her lips she calmly told her, "You need to lie down." She knew the blonde would never admit to being tired. It was a small miracle she actually managed to persuade Catherine to take some painkillers.

"Sara, don't fuss. It's not that bad." Catherine protested even though a part of her couldn't help enjoying that Sara wasn't letting her out of her sight. She plopped down on the bed and watched as Sara crouched in front of her.

"Catherine, some of those cuts were deep."

"Stop worrying." She gently cradled Sara's head and leaned in to kiss her softly. "I'm fine. You're here…" Sara kneeled and pulled the blonde closer wrapping her in a hug. "I have both of my girls with me and that's all that matters." Catherine whispered.

Sara tightened her hold feeling a rush of regret wash over her again. She acted on instinct, never thinking she could get hurt. She hated herself for being careless enough to put Catherine through so much pain. "I'm really sorry…" She murmured into Catherine's hair.

"I need to know you'll be here when I wake up." Catherine told her, "And not just this time." She pulled away a little to look at Sara. "And if I let you out of my arms I need to know you'll come back to me." Silent tears slowly slipped down Sara's cheeks and Catherine caught them with her fingers. "I can't stand the thought of anything happening to you, the thought I'd have to go on without you. I can't lose you Sara."

"You won't lose me." Sara promised, her heart breaking at Catherine's words.

Blue eyes held her gaze with intensity before the blonde leaned in to kiss her tears away. Sara closed her eyes at the feathery touch, Catherine's light kisses making her breath hitch. "Sara…" Catherine whispered against her lips, her fingers burying themselves in dark hair. "I love you." She softly murmured before closing the short distance between them, their lips melting together.

The most beautiful smile gracing her face when their eyes met again, Sara gently kissed the fingers still brushing her cheek. "I love you too, Catherine." Raining soft kisses all over Catherine's smiling face she whispered into the small ear, "With all my heart, I love you." She wrapped her arms around Catherine and pulled her close, letting the blonde rest her head on her shoulder.

When Lindsey walked through the door she stopped short and turned to leave not wanting to interrupt their moment but Catherine caught a glimpse of movement and gently called her back, "Linds, come here." She reached her arm towards the girl when Lindsey guiltily turned around again.

"Sorry…" Her daughter mumbled before she was being pulled closer, "Just wanted to say goodnight to you guys."

"Goodnight." Catherine smiled and softly kissed her head, "Hop in."

Her eyebrows raising a little Lindsey nudged her mother playfully. "Are we having a slumber party?" She joked climbing onto Catherine's side of the bed.

"Yep." Sara grinned ruffling the girl's hair before tucking her in.

"What? No hair braiding?" Lindsey yawned and moved over so Catherine could lie down beside her.

"Maybe next time." Catherine mumbled sleepily, sighing in contentment when Sara turned off the lights and snuggled in behind her.

Gentle fingers brushed her face and then Sara's voice whispered close to her ear, "Good morning." Lindsey slowly opened her eyes when a kiss landed on her forehead. "Rise and shine, sweetheart. You and I have a date with Mr. Blake." Sara informed her, receiving giggles in return.

"Rise and shine?" Lindsey mumbled, "Are you kidding me?"

"Ssshh." Sara gently covered the girl's lips with her fingers, "We don't want to wake your mother."

"Ok, but… rise and shine?" Turning around slightly to see her mother still sleeping peacefully next to her, Lindsey looked up at Sara, "Who talks like that?"

Shooting Lindsey a mock stern look Sara offered her a hand, chuckling lightly when the girl yawned widely as if she hadn't slept for days. She waited for Lindsey to wiggle herself out of Catherine's protective hold, smiling when the girl half-heartedly complained, "Do we have to do this now?"

"Hear the voice of the Bard," Sara wrapped an arm around the girls shoulders leading her out of the room, "Who present, past, and future, sees,"

"Oh, God…" Lindsey groaned.

"Whose ears have heard the Holy Word that walk'd among the ancient trees…"

"Could we make some pancakes first?"

Catherine awoke to the sound of running water coming from the bathroom. She turned around realizing she no longer had company and glanced at her watch. "Jesus!" It was way passed Lindsey's school time and she sat up quickly enough to get dizzy before noticing a small note waiting on the pillow beside her. Sighing in relief once she realized Sara already took care of everything, Catherine stretched and leaned back on the bed. Smiling to herself once the memories returned, Sara's soft 'I love you' replaying in her mind, she rolled over to the other side of the bed. The water was turned off and she pushed herself up onto one elbow, her eyes quickly turning a darker shade once the brunette appeared in the doorway.

"Hey." Sara smiled, adjusting the towel around herself. "I thought you were still asleep."

Letting her eyes wander appreciatively over Sara's approaching form, Catherine smirked a little and sat up pushing the sheet away, "Nope. Started feeling cold without you."

Her eyebrow rising slightly at the predatory look in the blonde's eyes, Sara stopped in mid-stride, her heart rate quickening when Catherine lowered her legs to the floor and slowly got up. "Found your note…" She purred, her gaze following the soft curves of Sara's body all the way down the length of her legs before slowly going back up to meet her eyes.

Her very own nearly naked goddess stood just a few feet away and the mere thought of fulfilling her fantasy made the blonde's breath hitch. Her eyes never leaving Sara's, she strode lazily towards her till they were standing just a few inches apart and she could feel the heat radiating from the lovely body in front of her. Catherine reached up to wrap her arms around the brunette's shoulders and her shirt lifted revealing a bit more of the naked thighs underneath. Gulping at the sudden rush of excitement when Catherine leaned in to brush their lips together, Sara wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her closer. Cupping Catherine's face, her thumb lightly tracing soft parted lips, Sara couldn't resist leaning in for another kiss. "I might be forgiven then?" She asked quietly and Catherine raised her eyebrow a little. "For leaving…" Sara murmured between the kisses, "…unexpectedly."

Humming into their kiss Catherine slowly started moving forward, gently pushing Sara backwards till her back bumped against the wall and she gasped at the sensation of Catherine's body pressed flush against her. "You just might get rewarded actually." The blonde smiled.


"For being thoughtful, that is." Catherine added before lowering her mouth on Sara's neck, feeling little chuckles vibrating underneath her lips. "Something funny, Sidle?" She asked while trailing soft kisses over Sara's collar bone, enjoying the feeling of soft hands stroking her back slowly before sliding lower to brush against her sides. Whimpering a little when long fingers trailed upwards again and lifted her shirt a little, Catherine looked up questioningly into the darkened eyes.

"I love breaking rules." Sara smirked, her fingers never stopping their motion, making little circles around Catherine's lower back.


Crushing their lips together Catherine moaned into the kiss when Sara's hands came to rest on her backside. She gasped when a sneaky finger slipped under the soft fabric of her underwear just trailing lightly, teasing her. Sara gently ended their heated kiss and leaned to suck on Catherine's earlobe, enjoying the moan escaping Catherine's lips and the feel of nails digging into her shoulders.

"Any more of them I should know about?" Sara asked while pushing herself slightly away from the wall and making Catherine take a step backwards. The blonde's ragged breathing was making her chest heave and Sara reveled in the sensation of their breasts brushing together. Her arms wrapping around the slim waist, Sara lowered her lips onto that tantalizing pulse point and sucked gently getting more scratches in return.

"Can't remember." Catherine managed between gasps, "I threw my rulebook away."

"Really?" Sara's hands went around Catherine's back and she could feel Catherine arching into her and gasping when one of Sara's hands cupped her backside again. "When?" She asked but then the blonde's leg came to rest between Sara's and when her lips returned to Catherine's she felt Catherine press into her making her groan loudly.

"When I first kissed you." Catherine gasped out and taking the advantage brought her hands to Sara's front. Distracting her with deepening their kiss again, she unwrapped the towel still covering brunette's body, her hands going straight for Sara's chest. Feeling lightheaded when Catherine's fingers cupped her breasts, Sara pulled her lips away, arching into the touch, crying out in pleasure when Catherine's fingers started rubbing her nipples.

"I want you so much." Catherine whispered, feeling Sara's body shiver at her words.

Pulling the blonde a little closer Sara promised, "You have me… All of me." Her shaky fingers tracing Catherine's face, she leaned in and followed their path with her lips softly kissing Catherine's temple, her eyelids, cheeks and the tip of her nose causing the blonde to smile till she felt Sara's lips capturing her own. Her hands got tangled in Catherine's hair and she could feel soft whimpers vibrating through them both.

Pressing her leg more firmly into Sara's center Catherine got another strangled groan from the brunette. Liking the sound she repeated her actions and Sara moaned loudly in response. Her mind already clouded with desire for the amazing woman in her arms Sara shuddered at the words falling from Catherine's lips, "I need to feel you Sara…"

Mumbling "Oh God" when Catherine's fingers pinched her nipples lightly, Sara arched into the touch filling Catherine's palms with soft flesh. Grabbing the blonde's shoulders for support Sara leaned in kissing her passionately. Slowly unbuttoning Catherine's shirt, her tongue voraciously claiming the sweet mouth, Sara couldn't stop moaning into their kiss at the feel of Catherine grabbing her hips and grinding against her thigh.

Sara let the towel hit the floor before peeling the shirt off of Catherine's shoulders and watching it drop when Catherine lowered her arms. Both breathing heavily, for a few brief moments they just stood there taking in the sight before them till they couldn't stand to be apart anymore. Reversing their positions the blonde woman leaned against the wall pulling Sara along, wrapping her leg around her. One hand placed against the wall supporting them both and the other slowly rubbing the soft skin of Catherine's thigh, Sara hungrily crashed their lips together.

"So sexy…" She murmured pulling away, trailing her hand along Catherine's stomach and cupping a breast on its way up, making Catherine arch her back again and press herself more firmly into Sara's touch. Moaning desperately, unable to keep her eyes open no matter how much she wanted to watch Sara's face, Catherine soon felt strong arms lift her up urging her to wrap her legs around the brunette's waist.

Her vision blurred slightly when she felt a warm tongue licking its way down her neck and lower still until Sara's mouth found one of her nipples. Catherine nearly screamed in pleasure clutching Sara's head tightly to keep it in place. Liquid heat gathering quickly between her thighs while Sara's soft whimpers against her breast kept sending shivers down her spine, Catherine squirmed against the slim waist urging Sara to keep going. "Sara… the bed… please…" She managed between strangled moans ripping from her throat when Sara's mouth switched to the other nipple.

The wall still supporting them, Sara's hands started massaging her backside roughly and Catherine feared she wouldn't be able to hold back for long. She never imagined their first time to get out of hand so quickly but couldn't find it within herself to care at this point. Her need building up fast she was quickly losing control and forgetting all about her plans of slowly seducing the brunette. It seemed Sara had other ideas and as Catherine realized she could be very persuasive. Besides, she wasn't about to start complaining now that Sara had finally managed to tear them away from the wall and had carried Catherine over to the bed.

Catherine was gently laid down and soon covered with a very hot body, Sara's fingers trailing all over her quickly dissolving her into nothing. Her lips and hands were driving her insane and Catherine could only tremble, the sensations overwhelming her with need for more. She couldn't even tell when her panties had disappeared; Sara pinned her arms gently along the side of her head and her lips crushed Catherine's again, the ferocity of her kisses leaving the blonde breathless.

Excitement washing over her at the feel of Sara's body pressed fully against her, her heart beating madly, Catherine was surprised to feel Sara's lips moving away. She opened her eyes to the feel of Sara's hand cupping her cheek. As if only now realizing her dream was coming to life, the brunette stopped all movement to gaze at the beauty before her. "God, you are real…"

Reaching up to touch Sara's face, Catherine trailed her fingers around Sara's neck and brought her closer to whisper against her lips, "Very real… and I really need you." Smiling gently, Sara lowered herself down again and there was a brief moment of tenderness, their lips barely touched and each could feel the other's breath upon their skin. Slowly they melted together; lips parted continuing their search and Catherine's fingers tangled happily in Sara's hair, enjoying its softness.

Feeling Sara's lips moving down her neck and descending lower again, Catherine arched her back, her spine curving seductively, making Sara lift her eyes in amazement to watch the muscles of her abdomen twitch. She dipped her tongue into the blonde's navel and Catherine bucked underneath her in response, a low moan parting her lips. Sara shuddered at the feel of slender fingers grazing through her hair and down her neck, sliding over her back before Catherine slowly raked her nails on her way up, the unexpected sensation making Sara's entire body go flush. She arched, moaning slightly and Catherine couldn't resist the sudden opportunity to rise up and take Sara's mouth in a deep kiss, reversing their positions unexpectedly. Gasping in surprise Sara found herself pinned to the bed staring into mischievous blue eyes.

"Oh my," Catherine purred in her ear straddling one of Sara's thighs. A groan escaped her lips as Sara's hands cupped her backside pushing her down more firmly. Grabbing Sara's arms Catherine gently moved them away looking down with a huge grin. "What a lovely view." She whispered before letting her tongue slowly trace Sara's lower lip, teasing but not allowing the frustrated woman to deepen their kiss.

She kept grinding her hips slowly, a delightful friction causing her head to fall back in pleasure, groaning more loudly each time their breasts brushed together. Gasping for breath, already half crazed from the need to touch Catherine again Sara mumbled half-heartedly, "I don't wanna wrestle…"

Letting out a small laugh the blonde met Sara's eyes, "Too late now." It felt absolutely amazing to finally have the brunette writhe beneath her. Still holding Sara's hands against the bed Catherine laced their fingers together and leaned down to trail kisses over Sara's breasts. Teasing the hardened nipples with her teeth and tongue, Sara's soft cries only spurring her on, she could feel the brunette's gentle efforts to free her arms. Helplessly arching into the blonde's touch all thought was soon lost as Catherine's knee came to rest between her legs, pressing harder into her each time Catherine would rock her hips. Strangled moans ripping from her throat, Sara could feel her own need building up quickly and then Catherine finally relented.

Letting go of the trapped hands she came to hover above the brunette leaning on her elbows for support. "You're gorgeous…" She mumbled into the delicate ear as Sara's hands wrapped around her back again making lazy circles before pulling her closer, their tongues meeting in another heated dance. Sara rose up a little to suck on Catherine's neck, biting lightly on the tender flesh as her hands moved to cup her breasts again. Catherine's moans intensified when Sara moved her lips down her chest and took one nipple in her mouth, biting down gently and tugging. She pulled the blonde down to sit on her stomach, soon gasping in pleasure at the feel of Catherine rubbing her throbbing wetness against her. Her hands moved up Catherine's thighs to brush against her sides, her hips bucking involuntarily each time Catherine would press down on her abdomen.

The sensation itself combined with her own aching desire becoming too much for Sara, she ran her hands up and down Catherine's thighs again before gripping her hips and lifting her a little. A low guttural moan ripped from Catherine's throat as one of Sara's hands sneaked between them and two long fingers slipped easily within her drenched folds. Sara started out slowly, easing the fingers in and out in a steady rhythm, mesmerized at the sight of the gorgeous blonde in a throws of passion moaning loudly above her. Catherine shifted most of her weight on her knees, pushing herself harder and faster into Sara's hand. Her fingers entering Catherine with little effort, Sara couldn't stop moaning at the feel of wetness coating them. The blonde cried out when Sara added another finger, the tight muscles contracting around them bringing an almost unbearable pleasure along.

She gasped in surprise when the fingers suddenly withdrew and in one swift movement Catherine found herself on her back again, Sara's lips claiming her mouth, long fingers once again buried deep within her. Her breathing was shallow, coming out in short gasps and turning into low moans as Sara kept moving faster inside her, her hips rising to meet her lover's every thrust. Placing heated kisses along her neck Sara's lips found her earlobe and nibbled on it gently sending shivers down Catherine's spine. "I wanna taste you." Sara whispered feeling the muscles around her fingers clench in response, Catherine arching into her. Kissing her way down Catherine's body she felt Catherine's hands find their way into her hair, gently holding on, groaning her appreciation when Sara curled her fingers a little. Never slowing their movements she repeated the motion and felt Catherine's hips buck hard, new rush of wetness coating her palm. She finally settled between parted legs trailing wet kisses down one thigh, Catherine's constant moaning spurring her into action. Closing her mouth around the aching nub and groaning at the taste, she had barely started sucking on it gently when Catherine screamed above her, her entire body shuddering in release.

Sara stilled her fingers, her tongue still trailing soothingly along her lover's folds waiting for Catherine to ease the death grip she still had on Sara's head. Long moments passed till the tremors subsided and Catherine managed to catch her breath again, gasping when Sara's fingers slowly left her heat. She opened her eyes and reached out a shaking hand towards her lover.

"God, Sara…" She mumbled exhaustedly when Sara slid back up her body to lower herself on the bed next to her, pulling Catherine closer and wrapping her arms around the small form. She kissed the top of Catherine's head and smiled when the blonde sighed in contentment. Nuzzling the soft skin of Sara's neck Catherine was certain she had never felt so sated in her life. She lazily raised her head to look at Sara. Noticing a little smirk softly curling the lovely lips Catherine groaned a little burying her face in Sara's neck again.

"Was that a blush I saw?" Sara teased gently while running her fingers down Catherine's back, taking pride in rendering her beautiful lover speechless. She dropped a few light kisses in the blonde hair, capturing Catherine's lips softly once she looked up again.

"You're asking for trouble." Catherine murmured against the soft lips before allowing Sara to deepen their kiss. Her fingers found their way back into the soft dark hair and she pulled Sara's head back, her lips latching onto her throat, licking and sucking. Bringing her hand down to brush over Sara's breasts, she heard her lover's breathing quicken as she lightly kissed her collar bone, her lips trailing lower while her fingers massaged the soft flesh. She took a nipple into her mouth and Sara cried out at the sensation, her hands gripping Catherine's shoulders. Lifting herself a little Catherine kept trailing wet kisses down the quivering stomach; Sara's back arching a little higher each time the blonde's tongue inched lower.

"Please Catherine…" Sara whispered brokenly, far too aroused by that point to stand more teasing and soon felt a gentle hand running down her thighs, pushing her legs apart. Catherine's body propped above her and those brilliant eyes she loved so much looking at her with intensity, Sara gasped when slender fingers slowly filled her. Her hips bucked hard, moaning when Catherine's fingers withdrew a little only to come back with greater speed. She tried to raise her head, to keep her eyes open at least but found the pleasure too overwhelming. She tried forming words, her body aching for more contact, lips desperate for Catherine's kisses but her lover's actions were too distracting. She had to settle for wordlessly reaching out towards the blonde who understood her need and allowed Sara to pull her closer, gently resting most of her weight on top of her.

Wrapping her arms around Catherine's back Sara arched into the touch, her hips setting a frantic rhythm. Her lips hungrily covered Catherine's while her fingers kept grazing along the tender flesh of her back. Catherine could feel the tension building fast in the body beneath her and Sara's guttural moans vibrating through them as she kept the steady pace with her hand.

Mesmerized with Sara's reactions to her touch, enjoying the feeling of tight muscles convulsing around her fingers; Catherine realized Sara's breath was coming out in short gasps and buried her face in Sara's hair, "Let go baby…" She trailed wet kisses down her neck and chest, hot tongue darting out to tease the straining nipples. Sara's skin tingled and she felt the beginnings of a shudder starting to spread all over her body bringing the hot pleasure along. The intensity of it leaving her breathless she suddenly went still, wave upon wave of deep emotion washing over her, crushing her.

She felt the need to ground herself somehow and managed to gasp out Catherine's name. Hearing the desperate plea in her lover's voice Catherine looked up and locked her gaze with Sara's. The amount of emotions reflected clearly in Sara's eyes leaving her breathless, Catherine felt Sara's arms drawing her closer and her fingers went for the final thrust. And then everything flashed and Sara was sure it was a scream ripping from her throat as she arched into Catherine, falling over the edge.

Opening her eyes after long moments Sara smiled tenderly, Catherine's hand lightly tracing her cheek, trailing down to Sara's mouth. Kissing the slender fingers one by one Sara gently pulled her down, capturing Catherine's lips softly. "I love you." She whispered before she was being kissed again, Catherine's arms wrapping around her tightly.

"I love you too, Sara. So much…" The blonde sighed in contentment and snuggled into Sara, listening to her lover's racing heartbeat. She relaxed into the body holding her and felt Sara's lips brush against her temple.

"Sleep, love." Sara murmured sleepily, her words melting Catherine's heart, "I'll be here when you wake up."

Part 29

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