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She Did Not Need to Speak
By Amy Jo

Oh God. I never dreamed it would feel this good. Her lips are soft and full and persistent. I feel her hand wrap around my head to pull me closer. She sucks my lower lip into her mouth and trails her tongue along it. I can't contain the whimper of delight.

I release her other hand from my grip and place both of my hands on her hips to steady myself. I open my mouth slightly to slide my tongue out to meet hers. Soft, wet velvet pressure. She is demanding and I feel her take control of the kiss. Her tongue is suddenly in my mouth and I am convinced I have never felt anything so sensual.

I am not content to let her control all of this kiss. I want to taste her. Some part of my brain reminds me of this and we struggle for dominance as I try to learn every inch of her mouth with my tongue. I taste the bitterness of her last cup of coffee and a sweetness that is all her.

She has one hand wrapped around my head, pulling me closer, making sure I do not break the kiss. As if I would ever want to. Her other hand is sliding underneath my shirt and around my back to pull me further into her body. At the first touch of her hand on my skin I dig my fingers into her hips and I moan into her mouth.

Every inch of my body is on fire from our kiss. I do not know how long we have been standing here like this, but when she pulls her lips away it feels all too soon. My disappointment comes out in a strangled moan. She does not move away from me and I drop my lips to her neck to taste her skin.

Every part of her is better than I ever dreamed. The feel of her body against mine. The way she kisses, the taste of her skin. The animalistic growl of desire she makes as I suck on her skin. Her breathing is shallow and labored as I feast on her exposed skin.

I feel her fingers flexing against my back and my skull. With my lips on her neck I can feel her erratic pulse. Her body begins to grind into mine and my senses are nearly overloaded with her.

Despite every urge of my body, I pull away from her. I miss the heat of her body immediately. I am brought back to the reality of our location. We are necking and dangerously close to taking it further right here in the locker room at work.

My brain is barely in control of my body as I suddenly discover that I don't really care that we are at work. I just want to be back in her arms and continue what it is so obvious that we started. There was no mistaking the look in her eyes or the kiss we shared. Or that fact that her body is still moving against mine.

I try to say her name only to realize that I am breathless and my voice no longer works. I weakly clear my throat and try again. What comes out is barely a whisper of her name and I am not sure she even heard it. She opens her eyes and looks right at me.

For moments I am lost in the intensity of her eyes. Her eyes tell me more about her thoughts than any words could. She slowly realizes where we are and what we're doing. I watch as she thinks about continuing just as I had. The upper part of her brain wins the argument but the fire is still burning behind her eyes.

"So, um, about that something to eat you suggested?" Her hand is lightly stroking my back and I wonder how much longer I will be able to stand here without ripping her clothes off.

"Hmm?" She looks confused and I watch as she remembers that she did indeed ask me if I wanted to get something to eat with her. It feels like a lifetime ago that she asked. So much has changed in the past few minutes. I could stand here looking into her eyes forever. She hides so much of herself from everyone, but it is all there in her eyes.

"You know. Food. As in dinner, or breakfast. With me?" A small part of me is worried that she doesn't want to go. But I know that she does, or she wouldn't have asked in the first place. Before we got distracted she looked wounded when I didn't respond to the same question. I think I know how she feels.

"Okay. Let's go." But she doesn't release her hold on my body. One hand is still stroking my back while the other is busy playing with my hair. I remove my hands from her hips and grab a hold of her arms and give them a gentle tug. One she realizes that she is still holding on to me, she forces herself to let go.

I like her like this. She is such a controlled woman when she is working. Focused and determined. Not at all like she is now. Now she is like putty in my hands. I have done this to her. Made her dizzy with desire and unable to think. It is an intoxicating power and I am drunk with it.

I grab her hand and place a brief kiss on the back before wrapping my fingers together with hers and leading us out of the building and into the morning. I lead her to my car and I drive to my favorite Italian restaurant. We had not discussed where we would go, we had not even talked since leaving work.

Normally, I would find the silence unbearable, especially after that kiss we had shared. But her hand reached for mine as soon as we were both in the car, and she did not let go until it was time to get back out of the car. With her hand in mine, and that smile becoming a permanent fixture on her face, she did not need to speak at all.

The End

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