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Her Hand in Mine
By Amy Jo

She is Venus. Truly a beautiful work of art. With her long legs and toned body. I just know every part of her body is tight and fit and muscular. The way she wears her clothes and the way she walks speaks volumes about her to me.

She goes to the gym often. Probably spends hours at a time there. Just enough to be trim, tone and incredibly sexy. From the way her legs move, I can tell that she was tall and gangly as a teenager, but has since grown into her body and walks with an ease and a step that can tell her mood if you pay enough attention.

When she is happy, her feet barely touch the ground. Her step quickens and her legs take her away from me at an alarming pace when she is busy thinking and needs to find her answer. She stomps in anger and her footfalls are heavy.

She wears these tight little tank tops that show off her muscular arms and her flat stomach. It amazes just how much I want her arms around me. To hold me in a loving protective embrace. To have her arms pull me closer to her.

I don't think she even knows how attractive she is. She doesn't have the personality to flaunt her stunning beauty, but with the simplest of movements she has half the office on their knees willing to do anything for her. But she doesn't' notice them. She doesn't notice me either.

I want to kiss her soft lips and know what it is that she tastes like. I bet she tastes mostly like coffee with the faded flavor of that cigarette she wants so bad she thinks she can taste it. But there will be something uniquely her in the mix and that is what I want.

What I wouldn't give to run my hands up those smooth legs and watch her tremble under my touch. To make her weak in the knees. To feel the flutter of her abdominal muscles as I touch her most sensitive spots. To hear her as she screams my name in ecstasy.

A sound breaks me out of my thoughts. I was so lost in my own world that I didn't notice the person that entered the room, or the hand that settled on my shoulder. I turn my head and there she is. My Venus. My heartbeat rages in my chest and I feel my entire body flush red hot with embarrassment at my own thoughts.

"Catherine?" She asks. It is not said in ecstasy like I dream, but with concern. "You ready to go? We've got a 419 in the `burbs."

She snaps my attention back to reality. We are at work and we have a case to solve. We are working toward a friendship. We hit a few stumbling blocks on the way, but I think in the end we will be good friends. If only she would look at me the way she looks at Grissom. Or maybe if I could just get over this infatuation.

I look up at her. She still has a hand on my shoulder and I think the fabric of my shirt just might burn away from the heat I feel there. I see the concern in her eyes and temporarily lose myself looking into their depths. There is so much feeling and intensity in her eyes. I want to know what she is thinking.

I pull myself together and look away from her. As I push myself up out of the chair I'm sitting in, Sara's hand remains on my shoulder. I am confused at her actions, but I decide not to mention anything and to just revel in the feel.

I stand and turn toward the door, which is behind her. I am now face- to-face with the woman of my dreams. I wonder if she saw right through my thoughts as her hand remains in contact with my skin. Her hand brushes across my shoulder and gently slides down my arm to grab my hand. The slight touch replaces the hot embarrassment my body feels with shivers of delight.

And the most amazing thing happens. Her strong arms wrap around me and pull me closer. I am suddenly trapped in her grip and I love it. She has no idea what she does to me. I realize that I can't stand here with my arms at my side in complete shock without looking like a fool. I wrap my arms around her like I've dreamed of doing so many times.

She feels even more exquisite than I ever fantasized. She gives me a tight squeeze before loosening her grip and I am forced to let her go. I could have stayed there forever.

"You really looked like you could use a hug." Was her simple explanation. She doesn't know that I obsess about her. She doesn't know that I fantasize about her. She doesn't know that her simple hug has set my body on fire.

Her hand remains in mine as she tugs me toward the door. Later, I will want to know what has caused this sudden rush of friendliness. But for now I simply let her lead out the door enjoying the feel of her hand in mine.

The End

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