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Women in Black
By ralst


Nick stepped out of the car, his dark glasses firmly in place and a smile tinging his lips as he noticed Sofia's attire. "What, you're dressing alike now?" He made a show of examining their matching black ensembles, a smirk replacing his earlier smile. "Is this a gay thing?"

"Very funny." Sara reached into the trunk and pulled out her vest. It was still black but it would stop the twins look that Nick found so amusing. "Mr. Porn Moustache is giving tips on fashion."

"Hey, that baby was sweet."

"It was disturbing," Sofia disagreed. "After a day of bullets flying, people dying and being interrogated to within an inch of my life, it's still the memory of that moustache that gives me nightmares."

"She wakes up screaming," Sara added, her grin turning self conscious at Nick's knowing smile.

"And you'd know that how..?"

It was no secret that the two women had become a little more than friends since Sofia's transfer to the LVPD but Sara still found questions of a personal nature hard to handle. It wasn't that she was ashamed of their relationship but opening up to anyone other than Sofia was still hard. Still this was Nick and if she couldn't have fun with him, who could she? "The same way I know that our underwear doesn't match."

Nick coughed. "That is too much information for my fragile male psyche." He averted his eyes in an attempt not to imagine exactly what was under each of their tight black trousers. "I'll be right back."

Sara turned to watch Nick's sudden retreat.

"I think you broke him." Sofia lowered her glasses, a smile on her face as she watched Nick jump back into the car and start rooting around for some imaginary lost item.

"He'll be fine once he gets the image of you in your undies out of his head." Sara shrugged. "Although why he'd want to is anyone's guess."

Sofia moved a little closer, her hand resting comfortably on the crook of Sara's arm. "You're in a good mood this morning."

Sara's voice dropped as she leaned in to whisper in Sofia's ear. "That could have something to do with how I woke up last night." She watched as a slight blush coloured Sofia's cheeks. "Did I mention how much I love your idea of an alarm clock?"

"Maybe once or twice." The memory of their pre-alarm tryst made Sofia's heart race. It hadn't been planned, but waking up with Sara's naked body draped over hers had been too tempting an opportunity to ignore. "Did I mention how much I love..."

"I found it." Nick brandished a picture of one of the dead kids, the artificially smiling face somehow more disturbing than the original autopsy photo. "Are you ready?"

Sofia's hand dropped. "Let's do it."

Nick opened his arms and ushered the two women before him. A smile lighting his face as he gazed at the almost identical black clad asses in front of him. "I bet I know which one of you is wearing the thong."

The music from the party drowned out the response, but nothing could mask Nick's grin as they went to interview High-Def.

The End

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