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The Questions You Asked
By MBInc


Will you be my friend?

That's what you asked me all those years ago. We'd had our share of arguments, right from the start, and to be honest, I was getting tired of this constant bitching. It wasn't because I hated you, no, far from it. It was my way of dealing with my feelings for you.

But that day, after six years of struggling to get along, we buried the hatchet. We both were tired of spending our energy on fighting rather than getting along.

From that day on our relationship developed, a deep bond forming between us.

Would you like to go out with me?

The second important question that you asked me. As in a date? I replied, incredulous at hearing these words uttered by your beautiful lips, and even more surprised that those words were directed at me. The nod I received from you made my heart flutter.

The date was great, so romantic. Flowers, candle-lit dinner, a dance. It was the best evening I had had in a long –very long- time. But as always, all things come to an end, so you brought me home.

As the door closed, I was still mesmerized by the soft touch of your lips on mine.

Do you want to spend the night?

We had been going out for just over a month, but, since we decided to take things slow, hadn't gotten to the point of consummating our relationship. But now, you and I both felt ready to take the next step, and soon you led me to your bedroom.

That night our hands explored each other's body, discovering, mapping and memorizing. Lips connected. Skin on skin. Bodies entwined. Souls aligned.

As the pale moon was already retreating into its hideout, we found our destiny, our paradise.

You want me to move in with you?

Ok, that was a question which originated from the one I asked you. We were celebrating our six months anniversary, and after talking things through with Linds –who was very eager to the prospect of having you around 24/7 (as was I, of course)- I popped the question.

As you heard my confirming answer, you rewarded me with the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen, your amazing gap-toothed grin, and inched towards me.

I rather felt than heard your answer as you captured my lips in a searing kiss.

Will you marry me?

Now that is a question I wouldn't have thought to hear ever again for the rest of my life. We have been together for a year and a half. You are taking such a good care of Lindsey and me, you make us feel safe, protected. You make us feel loved.

Tears of joy start to blur the sight in front of me: You, kneeled, ring in your hands, eagerly waiting for my answer. I kneel down as well, reach up to cup your cheek and answer.

Yes Sara Sidle, yes I will! And after you place the ring on my finger I claim your lips in a fierce kiss.

The End

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