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Consequences of Clubbing
By Myck's Nyx


Part 1

God, had that been stupid. To lose control while interrogating a witness- and in front of Grissom, no less! But that guy was being such an ass, cocky, like he didn't even care that the wife he had beaten into a coma was now dead. I could have killed him. But before I had had the chance, Grissom had dragged me out into the hall and started berating me like I was a twelve year-old.

And I was so angry, but I was also upset and it didn't take long for the panic to send me to the floor, hyperventilating against the wall. I wasn't crying until Gil told me to take the rest of the week off. I pleaded with him- I needed to work, but he just shrugged and said that I needed to clear my head. I sobbed, my knees tucked under my chin, for ten minutes. Then I picked myself up, headed to the locker room and then out to the parking lot.

For the rest of the night I sat on my couch drinking beer and watching infomercials for the latest useless invention. I passed out around eight o'clock in the morning and somehow slept until four in the afternoon. How had that happened? I slept for eight hours? I couldn't remember doing that since I came to Las Vegas.

I woke up on the couch, drowning in a sea of beer bottles. I never get hangovers, but looking around at the eight or ten glass bottles I thought that I should at least have a buzz in my head or something.

Picking up the bottles, I walked to the kitchen and threw them in the recycling. Just as I was about to open the fridge and see if there was anything in it except beer and an empty water purifier, the phone rang. I picked it up immediately, hoping it was Grissom telling me to come back to work.


It was Grissom, but that wasn't what he was calling to tell me. "Sara? It's Grissom."

"Hey." I tried not to sound too dejected.

"I was just calling to tell you that it looks like it's going to be a quiet night, so you should go ahead and stay home."

"Oh. Okay." There was a silence. "What about tomorrow?"

I could hear him sigh on the other end. God, it was so patronizing, I wanted to reach through the line and strangle him with the phone cord, "Let's just play it by ear, okay Sara?"

"Whatever." I could feel the anger start to build in my chest, I knew I should hang up before I said something that could get me in a lot of trouble.

Apparently Gil was thinking the same thing because he cleared his throat and said, "I'll call you tomorrow, Sara."

"Don't bother."

As I hung up the phone I could hear him say, "Sara don't-"

But I didn't hear the rest.

I sat down on a stool next to the kitchen counter with my arms crossed over my chest. God! Insufferable. So I lost control for one second.

Even as I started to build my argument I knew I was being stupid. It wasn't the first time I had lost control with a case like this. Men like that made my blood boil.

Just as I was thinking that it was almost happy hour, my phone rang again. If it was Grissom, I was going to hang up, "Yeah?"

"Sara? It's Sage!"

"Oh, hey." Sage was the first person outside of CSI that I met when I came to Las Vegas. We had had a thing for about a day before I tried to push her away. For some reason, she didn't go and though there certainly wasn't any attraction on either of our parts, she had stayed my friend, someone I hung out with pretty regularly.

"What's the matter with you?"

"Nothing. Just pissed at the world."

"Oh. Well, are you working tonight? I know you sometimes get Saturdays off."

I looked at my watch, "Christ, is it Saturday already?"

"Yeah. I was wondering if you wanted to head out to Gipsy with me? We haven't been clubbing in a while- I thought it might be fun."


"Really?" Even though clubbing had been my scene for the first couple of years after I moved, lately I hadn't exactly been in the mood, Sage always had to ask a few times before I would agree.

But tonight I would like nothing better than tons of alcohol, loud music, and shameless dancing to make me forget the last couple of weeks. "Yeah, why not? What time you want to head over?"

"Wow. Okay. That was easy. Why don't I pick you up around 10:30? That way we can get there around 11:00?"

"Can we take my Tahoe? It's a little more, you know, impressive than your Civic."

Sage could always tell what was on my mind. "Oh, so it's one of those nights. Well, yeah we can take your gas-guzzling butchmobile if you really want, but later you're going to tell me what's got your leather in a twist."

"I don't know what you're talking about," I said in mock appall.

"Sex isn't the answer to everything, you know."

"Look who's talking! You think fucking cures the common cold!"

"Yes, sex when you are level headed and not using someone else's body instead of psychologist's couch."

"Fuck you!" The words were harsh, but my tone was humorous.

"Alright, well, it's obvious that some woman will be incredibly satisfied tonight- just pick one that will be able to forgive both of you in the morning?"

"Okay, A) I always do- I can spot the inexperienced ones a mile away. B) You don't know that I'll be doing anything but dancing and drinking."



"You haven't agreed to go clubbing in over three months, and all of a sudden you're in a crappy mood and you would rather take your black truck and you agree to go, no convincing needed."


"So…nothing, never mind. I'll meet you at your apartment at 10:30."


I looked at my watch; almost 5:00. I never take long to get ready, so I figured that I had about three hours to hang around. I looked in the fridge; nothing. So I ordered Chinese and looked through my email while I waited.

Over dinner I watched the news and then I cleaned up, putting the rest of my Buddhist Delight in the fridge but pouring the egg drop soup down the sink. I went downstairs to put in a load of laundry and on the way back upstairs I grabbed my mail. I had a new Forensics magazine which I read until it was time to switch the laundry over, then I used the next hour to work out, first doing some weights and stretching and then pulling my standing punching bag out of the closet, practiced my kickboxing.

Afterwards I folded the laundry and brought it upstairs. It was 8:30. I was sweating from the workout and I hopped in the shower. After drying off, I went to my closet to decide what to wear. Black leather pants- the only thing to wear, really, but what about a top?

I decided on a lime green shimmering top. It's backless with a halter tie and two string ties across the back. Not something I would ever wear to work. Laying them out on the bed, I went to dry my hair. I ran a little gel through it. No make up and no jewelry. Despite what I had said to Sage, I knew that both, just like the underwear I wasn't sliding on with my pants, would only slow down the inevitable.

It was 10:00 when I was dressed so I grabbed another beer from the fridge and turned on some quiet music. It never hurt to be a little greased before you got to Gipsy, it was your typical club; the faster you got drunk, the faster you could let yourself lose control.

I lay down on the couch and started to think about the day before. Just as I was getting worked up over Grissom dragging me out of the interrogation room, I heard the buzzer by the door. The clock above the TV said 10:13. I got up and spoke into the receiver,


"Yeah, sorry I'm early, traffic's crap. I thought we should get a move on."

"Right. Hang on, I'll be down in two minutes."


I looked around for my purse. I grabbed a few twenties and a fifty and unzipped my back pocket to slide them in. Sitting on the edge of the sofa, I pulled on my favorite black boots. They had three inch heels and big silver zippers. They made me just about six feet tall.

Shutting off the light and locking the door behind me, I headed downstairs to meet Sage.

Sage looked phenomenal in a tiny blue and green dress with a peacock feather pattern. Her wavy blonde-brown hair was pulled back with shining blue clips but cascaded down her back.

"Hey gorgeous," she said to me teasingly, "You clean up good."

"Not to bad yourself," I replied, smiling. Unlike me, Sage was glittering with make-up.


"Yeah, my cars in the carport." I gestured to the other side of the building.

We walked, our heels clicking loudly against the wet pavement. It must have rained at some point, but I couldn't remember when that might have been.

On the road we talked about Sage's most recently failed relationship; some woman named Renee who was married and straight. It was the kind of thing Sage did. She was a research assistant at a college and she also tutored some of the professor's kids. I had the feeling she had also fucked the mothers of all her students. But in the end, they were never going to leave their husbands or their lives.

Deep down, I thought Sage might really want it that way; no attachments, no guilt. But every time, she complained about a broken heart. Oh, well. We all had our quirks.

When we were almost there, Sage finally remembered to ask me what was bothering me so much on the phone earlier. I didn't feel like explaining about the case and my hate for domestic violence, so I just said,

"I lost control on a case and my boss told me to cool down, and take a couple of days off."

"Maybe he's right." Sage interjected when we stopped at a red light just across from the club.

"No, he's not. I need to work, not sit around my apartment feeling sorry myself."

"Really? Is that what we're doing? 'Cause I thought we were about to have a wild time."

I smiled as we pulled up in front of the club.

I waved at the security guard on duty, a guy called Jerry, as we pulled in. There were two ways to be V.I.P. at Gipsy. You could either pay a lot of money, or you could be friends with everyone who worked there.

Getting out of the car I tossed my keys at Alison, the valet. She smiled at me and said, "Sara, I was beginning to think you were never coming back! What happened?"

"Just takin' a break, Al. I'll see you later!" I took Sage's arm as we walked toward the main entrance.

There was quite a long line to one side, but we walked straight up. Ahead of us I watched two women slip cash to Dale, the bouncer, and get in. One was of little interest- tall, but fairly ordinary. But the strawberry blonde woman whose ass she was playfully groping was something else altogether; a gold corset top with black ribbon and cream lace over a black micro mini skirt that really didn't leave much to the imagination.

Damn. I could only see her back, but already my mouth was watering. I wondered if she was actually with that woman or if the hand on her ass was like Sage's arm around my waist; only there until we got inside.

"Yo! It's my favorite badass!" Dale pulled me into a monster hug and the woman slipped out of my thoughts.

"Hey, Dale!" I tried to breathe but his grip was crushing me.

"How you been, suga'?"

"You know, same old, same old."

"Good, good. And how's the little suga'?" He smiled down at Sage who barely managed 5'4 and was wearing just about the tallest heels anyone could walk in and live to tell the tale.

"Great. Say, what's the chance you let us in ahead of these people?"

He looked at us sideways and we both pouted our lips as I produced a twenty from my pocket. "Please?"

He grinned, "Well, as long as you ask so sweet."

There was a loud groan from the people in line as Dale kissed the top of my head and said, "Good to see you back, Sara, suga. I was beginning to worry 'bout you."

I waved as we walked through the doors and began to feel the music vibrating in the soles of my shoes and then my stomach.

"The bar?" I yelled to Sage.

She nodded and, taking my hand, led the way the up the stairs to the crowded bar.

The bartender was also a friend of mine, one of the owners, a sexy Puerto Rican woman in her forties by the name of Flo. She waved at me and headed over as we took the last two available seats.

"Sara!" she yelled. "We haven't seen you around, what's up?"

"You know I work nights, Flo."

"Yeah, so we should get to see you on your nights off- that's once a week!"

"I've been busy."

"Not as busy as you're gonna be tonight, eh?" She raised an eyebrow at my leather pants.

I smirked at her but I didn't answer.

"So, what'll it be?"

"I'll have a margarita." Sage said.

Flo nodded and looked at me.

"Gimme a Denmark Orgasm and a beer- anything in a bottle."

The Puerto Rican nodded and headed off to get our drinks.

I turned to look over the railing to the dance floor below. I didn't see the redhead anywhere. Then I turned to the right and saw her, her back turned, talking to Flo on the other end of the bar- the somewhat butch woman she came in with now had an arm around her waist as she surveyed the crowd. The redhead said something to Flo that made her toss her head back and grab her sides in laughter. I raised an eyebrow in curiosity.

When Flo returned with our drinks I asked, "Whose the woman in gold down on the other end?" I took a big gulp of beer.

Flo shrugged, "I don't know her name. She comes in about once a month, different days. She's a real charmer, funny too."

"Yeah? Is she with that woman she came in with?"

"I don't know. Sometimes they come together, sometimes she comes alone. I've danced with her though, and fuck is she hot. If it weren't for that hair and eyes I would say she's a Latina through and through- her ass definitely comes from south of the border."

I laughed and finished off the beer.

"I'm serious," she said, "It is not natural for a white girl to move that good. You should ask her to dance, it's an experience you don't forget."

"Yeah?" I downed the Denmark Orgasm, "That good, huh?"

"I'm telling you, it's the kind of material you save for later, if you know what I mean."

"Really, well, I think I'll need another one of these," I tapped the glass of the Denmark, "before I ask something that hot to dance."

"Don't sell yourself short, mami, I've seen you move and I see you now. You're just as sexy."

"Ha." I looked at the ass on the redhead and just shook my head, "Thanks, Flo, but we both know I'd never win that contest."

Flo frowned like she was going to protest but instead she went to help some other customers and get my second Denmark.

"She's right, you know."


Sage looked at me, "I said, she's right. You could easily get that woman. And I've danced with you and watched you dance, you're hot, you know it. You're just over thinking. Let your Sara instincts take over."

I nodded, "I still need one more drink, though."

Sage raised an eyebrow at me.

"For courage." I smiled.

At that moment a girl in her early twenties with pink braids and a lip ring came over and asked Sage to dance. As she was being pulled down the stairs, Sage winked at me and yelled, "Ask her! And find me before you go!"

I just nodded to her and turned back to the bar to gulp my second Denmark Orgasm. I was just getting up the nerve to ask the mysterious redhead for a dance when I looked up to see that she had disappeared. Mildly disappointed, I drank up the rest of my drink. Just as I put the glass down a woman in a black dress with a shaved head asked me to dance. I nodded and put a twenty under my glass for Flo.

We headed down the stairs and onto the crowded floor. The woman was a fairly good dancer and we had a good time, even if there was no vibe between us. After three songs she thanked me with a peck on the cheek and said she had to get going. As I was heading off the floor I got pulled into the arms of a very tall woman in all leather who I danced with for one song, but then decided to get away from- she seemed just a little too dominating for my taste. Instead, I decided to go back to the bar where Flo greeted me with a smile.

"Another Denmark?" She asked.

I shook my head, "Let's mix it up, shall we? How about a Mexican Fuck?"

"Coming right up!"

As I was waiting for the drink, a vacant seat beside me was suddenly filled by a young woman, a girl maybe- she couldn't have been more than twenty-five. She had shaggy black hair, a black bra under a fishnet crop top and tight red pants. Her eyebrow was pierced, and she sported an armband tattoo. Her makeup was dark.

"Hey." She smirked at me with big green eyes.

I knew the look and I knew what came next, I shot her a long slow blink; yes, definitely interested. "Hey, yourself."

Flo placed my drink in front of me, watching the interaction in front of her with a knowing smile.

The girl reached out and traced a finger over my hand, wrist, and then arm. She bit her lip in a sexy smile when she said, "I'm Nina."

I smiled and raised an eyebrow; oh yeah, I was definitely getting laid tonight. "Sara." I played with the rim of my glass expressively.

"Wanna…" Nina raised her eyebrows meaningfully, "dance, Sara?" she finished.


"Then let's go." Nina stood and held out her hand.

I threw back the rest of my drink and slammed the glass down on the bar; this is what I had been looking for. I took her hand, but rather than let her lead, I moved ahead of her to take her down the stairs.

I heard Flo yell out, "See you next week, Sara!" and laugh.

I held out a hand to wave behind me as Nina and I slipped out of sight.

We danced a fast song together, working up a sweat. Towards the end I pulled her hips to mine and she began to nuzzle my neck.

Yes, God, this is exactly what I was looking for; a loose little girl without a care in the world….

I closed my eyes as I began rocking against her, my face in her hair. I kept one hand firmly on her ass, the other at the base of her neck, encouraging her to stay. Her hands at my waste began creeping up my sides; wow, this little girl didn't seem to care if anyone saw her. As the song died down and one with a slower tempo took its place, she whispered into my ear, "Turn around."

I did as she asked, my hands moving backward to keep her hips against mine. I opened my eyes again to look out across the dance floor. Right in front of me and about ten feet away was the mysterious red head, her back to me again. She was dancing with a tall exotic looking black woman positively draped in gold down to the glittering gold painted across her lips and eyelids and the gold collar around her neck. Her shimmering skirts and Arabian top made the perfect background to watch the redhead move. God, she was an amazing dancer.

I was so involved in watching her that I didn't notice for a minute that the girl I was dancing with, Nina, had moved her hands further south. Not inside my pants, they probably wouldn't have fit, the leather was so tight to my sweating skin, but she was not too subtly grabbing my inner thighs and crotch. Now, normally, this would have been a step too far on a public dance floor for me, but I was so turned on by the performance that was happening in front of me that all I could do was moan and arch back into this girl, urging her to move forward. My arms up over my head I pulled her neck to me as I spread my thighs and pushed back against her pelvic bone.

Taking this as a sign to go ahead, the girl began to curl her fingers into me in earnest. I jumped as, even through my pants, she managed to put pressure on just the right spot.

The girl thoroughly distracted, I devoted as much attention as I could to the amazing sight before me. The way this woman moved her hips and her torso was unnatural, the way her wrists could spin in the air above her head was incredible. She looked like some new and improved form of Mata hari. As I was watching her, the girl, who I had at that point completely forgotten the name of, had continued her ministrations, and my hips involuntarily began to buck under me.

Oh, God, this woman was absolutely gorgeous. I realized that several people on the dance floor were looking over the shoulders of their partners, and even the golden woman dancing with this goddess had stopped to watch her. Christ, I would kill to be able to dance like that. Or with that, I found myself thinking. God, I would orgasm in about a second if I could stand next to her.

Speaking of orgasm, as the woman in front of me moved her ass in ways I had never seen before, the woman behind me was sending jolting vibrations through my entire body. I drew a hand from her neck to push against her hand over my heat. I couldn't help but moan a little under my breath as my body began to quake.

And still I couldn't take my eyes of the redhead dancing. As the song began to end and her undulating changed pace, my jaw dropped in orgasm. I bit my lip and hissed through my teeth as her hands reached up and her back began to arch. Her legs were bringing her lower and lower, her back was arching, her head was tilting backwards. Just as the music ended I shuddered with the last waves of my orgasm.

And about three seconds after that my eyes got really wide as I realized who it was.

"Catherine?" I yelled. In the sudden silence after the music ended, my voice rang out. A few people turned to see who it was.

Catherine, because it really was her I realized, had had her eyes closed, and when she heard her name, she opened them. Seeing me from her upside-down position, her eyes got about as wide as mine, "Sara?" She said my name in utter disbelief before her legs buckled beneath her and she fell to the ground.

Part 2

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