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AUTHOR'S NOTE: I couldn't decide whether this was a Sara/Sofia story or a Sara/Catherine story so I'll let you decide for yourself who you think it is. It is from either Sofia or Catherine's point of view.
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I Want
By WillowPowered


I want her to grab me and pull me tight against her body.

I want her to kiss me hard, crush our lips together.

I want her tongue to plunder my mouth.

I want her to drag me into our bedroom. Undress me and throw me onto the bed.

I want her to tease me while she undresses.

I want her to explore me with her hands and mouth. Caress me as she licks and sucks.

I want to watch as she moves down my body. See her fuck me with her tongue.

I want her to hear me scream her name. Watch me as I come.

I want her to strap it on, thick and long. As many inches as she wants.

I want her above me, her body pressing me into the mattress.

I want her to sink into me, fill me.

I want it slow, teasing.

I want it hard, our bodies slapping together.

I want to see her come, listen to the sounds that she makes. Hear my name.

I want to be below her and above. Riding her hard.

I want her to take me from behind, while I'm on my hands and knees.

I want her to take control. Have me anyway she wants.

I want her to dominate, rid herself of some of her ghosts.

I want her to prove to herself she is not like them. Not capable of hurting, abusing. Only expressing her desires, her love.

I want these things for her, for us.

She needs.

I want.

The End

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