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Rainy Day Lovers
By Ann


Sofia Curtis waits outside the One Night Stand hotel for someone from the CSI unit to arrive. There is a path of what appears to be dried blood from the door of room 25 to the corner parking space. Sofia has checked out the room but found no signs of life and no dead body either for that matter. She knows better than to test the substance for blood herself; the last time Sara was pretty pissed at her for fingerprinting a phone booth.

Ten minutes later, a Denali pulls up, and Sofia is relieved to see Catherine climb out. She knows Grissom is short handed at the moment, and more than likely, he had to take Catherine off a current case to check this situation out. Sara or Nick would have bitched the entire time about being yanked from some other case to come check out the seedy hotel.

Catherine walks up to the room with her kit in hand and says, "Hey Sofia, what do we have?"

Pushing off the wall, Sofia takes the toothpick from her mouth and replies, "It's probably nothing, but it appears that a body may have been dragged from this room to the parking lot. The owner came to check on something and found the trail. He called it in and left when I got here."

Taking off her jacket, Catherine places her kit on the ground and opens it to retrieve the phenolphthalein and a swab. Sofia manages to keep her focus on the procedure for determining if the substance is indeed blood instead of how good Catherine looks in her white tank top.

Catherine runs the swab over the dried substance and removes the cap from the phenolphthalein. Placing a single drop on the head of the swab, it instantly turns pink. Catherine retrieves an empty vial to put the swab into before turning her attention to Sofia.

Glancing up from her squatting position, she says, "Well, this is no false alarm. I guess we better call in for some help to check this place out. I'm going to take a few more samples every five feet or so to log in as evidence."

Sofia is thankful she has her dark glasses on since her eyes are fixed on a location just below Catherine's collarbone, well, actually two locations. Clearing her throat, she replies, "LVPD is in the same boat as you guys. It seems we're spread pretty thin as well, but I'll give it a shot."

Catherine stands and steps back from the blood path to survey the locations in which to swab when her ankle gives way on the uneven surface, and she falls to the ground. Sofia rushes forward and asks, "Whoa, are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere?"

Looking up from her position on the ground, Catherine replies, "You mean besides my obvious broken ass? Um, I think I may have twisted my ankle because it sure hurts like hell."

Sofia kneels down near Catherine's injured ankle and slowly begins to remove her shoe as Catherine leans back on her elbows. A gasp is heard from Catherine when the footwear is finally removed.

Lightly palpating the ankle area, Sofia gently rotates the joint and asks, "Does it hurt when I move it around?"

Catherine gives Sofia the equivalent of a 'duh' look and replies, "Yes, and I'd rather you not do that anymore."

Sofia changes her movements to a soft caress, and Catherine closes her eyes and responds, "Ah, that's much better Sofia. You have wonderful hands."

Before Sofia can reply to the flirtatious remark, the heavens suddenly open up with a heavy downpour, and Sofia quickly reaches over and closes the lid to the metal crime kit. Turning to Catherine, she scoops her from the ground and walks to the door of the hotel room. She opens the door and steps into the dry room as water from the soaked women drips onto the rug.

Getting her bearings, Sofia begins to walk toward the bed to unload her precious cargo. Catherine holds on tightly to Sofia's neck and says, "Don't you dare put me down on that bed. We both know what we would find if we used an ultraviolet light on that bedspread, and frankly, I don't want to get up close and personal with someone else's body fluids. Well, at least someone I don't know."

Amused, Sofia looks down at Catherine and has to grasp her more tightly to keep from dropping her on the floor when she gets a good look at what the rain has done to Catherine's white top.

Catherine may as well not have a shirt on as the water has made it totally transparent, and the sheer bra she has on leaves nothing to the imagination. There is no doubt in Sofia's mind that she is looking at the winner and champion of every wet t-shirt contest ever held.

Catherine doesn't help matters when she speaks in a sexy voice and asks, "Problems, Sofia?"

Sofia refrains from blurting out, "Please tell your boobs to quit staring at my eyes," and instead offers, "Um, no. If the bed is out of the question, where would you like me to put you?"

Smiling, Catherine replies, "Actually, I'm pretty good right where I am."

Looking into a pair of teasing blue eyes, Sofia responds, "Oh, really. You must have a great deal of confidence in my stamina."

Catherine leans forward and purrs, "I'm counting on it."

The two women stare into each other's eyes and slowly, inch by inch move toward the other's lips until contact is finally made. Catherine increases her grip on Sofia and doesn't hesitate to allow Sofia's tongue entrance into her mouth.

Time seems to stand still while the two passionately kiss in the middle of the less than stellar hotel room. Finally, oxygen becomes a bit of a problem, and Sofia reluctantly releases Catherine's lips.

Catherine lays her head on Sofia's shoulder and pants, "Wow that was hot. Where did you learn to kiss like that, detective?"

Recovering her senses, Sofia replies, "I'm not sure I've ever kissed anyone like that before, but you know what they say. It takes two to tango, and you tango quite well, Ms. Willows."

Smiling against Sofia's neck, Catherine places a few kisses on the exposed skin and states, "I don't believe I can finish up this scene with my injury and all, and I know I won't be able to drive with my right ankle bummed up. How about if we secure the scene and call for backup? I'll let Grissom know what's going on, and you can tell Brass. Then you can take me home."

Sofia walks to the door and locks it before stepping out and shutting it behind her. She jogs in the pouring rain to her car and places Catherine in the passenger seat. Returning for the kit, she puts it in her trunk and jogs over to lock the Denali before racing to the driver's side of her police vehicle.

Turning on the ignition, Sofia reaches in the back seat to retrieve a towel from her gym bag. She wipes her face and then hands it to Catherine before putting the car in gear. Sofia backs out of the parking space as both she and Catherine grab their respective cell phones.

After the two women make the necessary phone calls, Sofia asks, "How's your ankle feeling? Do we need to go to the hospital?"

Grinning, Catherine replies, "I think with a little rest it will be just fine, but to be certain, I'll need you to stay with me and make sure I don't get out of bed. I'm hoping you will have a plan to keep me occupied."

Sofia reaches for Catherine's hand and answers, "Oh, I can probably come up with a thing or two, but first we need to get you home and both of us need to get out of these wet clothes. Afterwards, we can let nature take its course."

Squeezing Sofia's hand, Catherine looks out the window and says, "I simply adore making love on rainy days."

The police car suddenly accelerates as it races down the wet street with the windshield wipers on high.

The End

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