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Master Plan
By Myck's Nyx


"That's your master plan?"

"Uh-huh." Catherine picked up their coffee cups and headed towards the kitchen sink.

Sara followed her and leaned against the counter, "To just walk in acting like a couple? Holding hands, hugs, pecks on the cheek before we leave for a scene? Maybe a 'honey, hand me the luminol' here and a 'sweetie, could you run this up to trace' there?"

The redhead dried her hands on a dish towel, "Yes, that was the general gist of the plan."

"Are you trying to give Grissom a heart attack? I mean, I knew you wanted to be supervisor…"

Catherine raised an eyebrow and the brunette trailed off, "What's your great idea then? Making out on the break room table?"

"No, though that would get the job done fast." Sara flashed a grin.

They had just finished a late breakfast. While Sara had taken Lindsey to school, Catherine had started making pancakes. But what had started as kissing batter off the redhead's nose had quickly escalated to out and out lovemaking on the kitchen floor and breakfast was served and eaten an hour late.

Neither woman was wearing much. Catherine was down to just Sara's tee-shirt. Sara had managed a bit better with a bra and jeans. Now they were discussing the best way to reveal their relationship to the lab in what was soon to be their kitchen.

Catherine looked around distractedly for her panties and was unsurprised to find them hanging from the ceiling fan; she and her lover could be…overzealous. She went to retrieve them, "I just think that this would be a lot nicer than announcing suddenly that we've been seeing each other for nearly seven months and that we're moving in together; I think they'll all feel sort of betrayed, don't you?"

Sara smiled at the older woman trying to leap up to get the panties and assisted her by standing on her tip toes and rescuing the underwear, "I don't think that we can avoid that, I mean, we did sort of lie to them for all this time."

"We didn't lie…"

Sara raised an eyebrow and the older woman blushed.

"We just didn't tell the truth."

"Oh, come on. That is the most Catherine Willows response."

"What do you mean?"

Sara didn't answer, instead she said, "Your daughter has started to pick it up you know. On the ride to school, I asked her if she had finished her milk this morning."


"And her exact response was, 'there wasn't a drop left in the glass.'"


"So, that's code for 'I poured it down the sink while you weren't looking.'"

Catherine shook her head, "Lindsey wouldn't do that."

Sara walked to the sink and picked up a cloudy glass. She inspected it and snorted triumphantly, "Check it out." She handed the glass to the older woman.

Catherine looked at it; there were no lip imprints around the edge, and the evenly spread layer of white liquid was characteristic of milk being poured down, not being sipped, "I'll be damned."

Sara moved around and kissed her girlfriend's temple, "Don't worry about it. Every kid does it. The question still remains; how are we going to tell the guys?"

Catherine twisted in her lover's arms so that they were facing each other and pulled her close, "Well, you don't like my idea of easing them into it. I don't like your idea of telling the truth. What if we compromise and just reveal…us like you pull off a band aid?"

"Quick and painful?"

Catherine smiled wickedly, "Exactly."

Sara saw the glint in her eye and began to smile as well.

"I don't believe it." Nick shook his head; stunned.

"I just lost ten bucks to Hodges." Greg stood next to him, slack-jawed.

Warrick stood on his other side, equally amazed, "Me too. But the odds were astronomical."

"Apparently not as good as we thought."

Nick turned away from the sight, "Hey guys, you think they know we're out here? Maybe this is wrong."

The three men looked back to see Sara smiling wolfishly at them and Catherine throw them a slow wink.

"Oh, I'd say they know." Warrick laughed and clapped, "I'd say this whole thing was a set up."

"Good thing Grissom and Ecklie are out of town then."

"I think that was the idea."

Warrick slapped his friends on the shoulders, "Come on, let's get back to work."

"Ah, man!" Greg's shoulders sagged, "Do we have to?"

"If it cheers you up, I think we're going to be seeing a lot more of this."

The three men walked off together talking about their latest case. Beyond the break room window, in the middle of the table, Sara pulled up from kissing her lover.

"Well, they're gone." She made a move to get off the table, but Catherine locked her legs around her waist.

"Yeah, but where do you think you're going?"

"As fun as this is, I'm sure we have a case…"

"Oh, no. I'm supervisor tonight, and I say that you're confined to the lab."

"On what grounds?"

"I heard that you were making out on the break room table in front of the entire team. So no field work for you. In fact, I may have to confine you to my office. And I won't let you out until you've been a very, very bad girl."

Sara smiled and held out her wrists in front of her, "Take me away."

Catherine laughed, leapt off the table, and did just that.

The End

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