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State of Need
By Amy Jo

It's the end of yet another long day and I feel frustrated. I stare blankly at the inside of my locker, it's time to go home and yet I don't want to. I'm itching to do something, anything, but I just don't know what. My wild streak has kicked in, but there's not that many wild things to do at this time of day, even in Vegas.

Just as I've resigned myself to a day at home I shut my locker and turn to leave. I stop short as I nearly run into Sara. I didn't hear her enter the locker room, or hear her walk up behind me. I'm not surprised that she is still here; sure it's past quitting time for us, but Sara never quits just because it's time to go home.

I'm about to apologize for nearly running into her when she takes two steps forward. Her movement is quick and she is suddenly right in front of me. Her face is inches away from mine. I'm confused and want to ask what is happening, but again Sara is quicker than me.

My mouth is open to say something but before the words can come out her lips are on mine. Her lips are soft and taste of chapstick. Instinctually I close my eyes and groan softly as I feel her tongue easily slip past my open lips.

Sara pushes forward and my back collides with the lockers behind me. I move my hands to place them anywhere on her body; just to feel her. Sara anticipates my move and before my hands reach her she has wrapped her hands around my wrists and traps them against the lockers.

Unable to move I put all the effort of my struggle against her into our kiss. I become demanding and insistent. Just as I manage to work my tongue past hers and into her mouth, she slips a leg between mine and presses her thigh against my heat. What little control I had is now gone. I feel as Sara flexes her thigh repeatedly and the pressure is maddening.

We haven't been kissing for long, but she pulls away and I can no longer feel any part of her. She stands in front of me with a smirk on her face and all I can think is how much I want her, how much I need her.

The End

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