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Under the Mistletoe
By Amy Jo

The evening is winding down and most of her coworkers have already said goodbye. Catherine wanders around her living room playing hostess to the remaining few people. She notices as Sara slips into the kitchen, either getting another drink or hiding from Greg who has been flirting shamelessly with Sara.

Minutes later, Sara has still not returned and the only people left at Catherine's Christmas party are Greg and Sara. Catherine knows that Greg is waiting for an opportunity to offer Sara a ride home. She also knows that Sara won't be going back to her apartment tonight. But there is no good way to explain that to Greg.

Catherine starts picking up her living room and Greg offers to help. When the place is mostly clean, and there is still no sign of Sara, Greg finally leaves. Seconds after the door shuts Sara walks down the stairs.

"Everyone gone?" She asks as she looks around the room.

"Yeah, Greg was the last hold out, and he just left." Catherine says as she sits on the couch.

"Good. I can only take so much of his flirting. I swear he was trying to come up with different ways to catch me under the mistletoe." Sara sits next to Catherine on the couch and settles her hand comfortably on Catherine's thigh. Through the thin barrier of silk Catherine can feel the heat of Sara's hand.

"The mistletoe huh?" Catherine moved her head to glance at the mistletoe, which she had purposefully hung just above the bottom stair. For anyone to be caught under the mistletoe, they had to be heading upstairs. And upstairs was off limits to the party.

Sara's hand moved under the silk and slowly caressed Catherine's bare thigh. "Yeah. He kept asking me why I thought you put it there and not someplace where people would be more likely to walk under it."

"I had my reasons."

Sara noticed the low pitch of Catherine's voice and the flush that was coloring her skin. She moved her hand further up as she leaned in to kiss the hollow of Catherine's neck. Catherine grabbed Sara's wandering hand and started to move off the couch.

Sara followed as Catherine pulled her toward the stairs. Catherine stood on the first step and turned to face Sara. With the two of them under the mistletoe, Catherine leaned her head down and kissed Sara.

The End

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