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Snow Flurries
By Debbie

What made me say those words I'll never know? "So Ms. Willows, are you mine for tonight?" What was I thinking? Probably, something to do with the intensity of those deep blue eyes that had been watching Lindsay and me all day. I had been nervous of caring for Lindsay, after all her mother didn't even like me and certainly hadn't wanted to share a vacation with me?

But how could she say no when the invite included a week's free accommodation and skiing at this wondrous lodge in the beautiful Colorado Rockies. I had asked her because I was bored with our antagonistic attitude toward each other. I hated to admit the fact but I was lonely and had no other friends to speak of. Catherine was nice to my colleagues so I had made it my plan to get her on my side as a friend too. This lodge, belonging to a relative of mine, provided the perfect opportunity. I played the trump card of Lindsay deserving a winter vacation and here we were.

Then Cath had to go and sprain her ankle when we first arrived and was unable to join in on the skiing. Hence my time with Lindsay and hence Cath's eyes boring into my very soul throughout the day. My nervousness had disappeared quickly when I realized that even if Cath hated me, her daughter certainly didn't. We had a great time skiing and frolicking in the sun. Cath's eyes had subtly changed from undisguised mistrust to warm, caring, friendly throughout the day. Me, I was a sucker for red-hair and blue eyes. I forgot our long-standing feud and realized she was one gorgeous woman. When Lindsay asked if she could spend time at the Apres-Ski club an idea formed in my head. I wasn't just going to make her my friend; I was going to seduce Catherine Willows too.

When she answered my question with those sultry tones and those words, 'tonight and onwards', I nearly stopped my little game immediately; but what the hell, this was only for the duration of the vacation, wasn't it? And so Cath was here, sitting in front of me, smiling for heaven's sake. When did she last smile like that at me, for me? I had pulled her up from the couch, giving her an arm to lean on, and suggested she might want to change into something more fitting. Now, look at her, I'm sure she's chosen that dress to get back at me for lots of things. It's the same color blue as those eyes, and low cut. So low cut I was looking at more cleavage than I had seen in a lifetime. Did I say looking? I probably meant staring because I just couldn't drag my eyes away.

Catherine looked up and her eyes met mine. She laughed out loud, a delicious free laugh that caused a shiver to run down my spine. She spoke to me, "So Sara, are we going to order tonight or not? It will soon be time to pick Lindsay up from that club, you know."

I joined in with her laughter and the spell was broken for now. We ordered our meal and surprisingly had lots to talk about. She thanked me for my care and attention to Lindsay, and I thanked her for coming on vacation with me. We talked of work, home life, and the past. During the meal we eventually lay a few ghosts to rest and, as we finished our dessert, it seemed like we were old friends. I wondered what would happen next. How the hell was I, shy introverted Sara, supposed to seduce such a woman as Catherine?

Oh! Maybe I wouldn't need to. What was she doing? Catherine reached across and took both my hands into hers. She murmured quietly while looking deep into my eyes, "Sara, thank you so much for tonight, maybe we can do this again when we get home?"

I grinned like a Cheshire cat and felt a warm blush rise up my neck. Of course I answered in the affirmative and wonder of wonders a matching grin crossed Cath's face. She pulled gently on my hands, as if to draw me across the table. I was pulled like a moth towards a flame, and just as I felt the warmth of her breath blowing across my lips, we heard a child's voice, "Mommy, Sara, come and look at the snowman we've built. Quick. Hurry."

Catherine laughed out loud and winked at me, "Next time, my Sara, next time. Now, how about giving this invalid a hand to go and see this snowman, huh?"

The End

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