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By Debbie

*I didn't want to come on the damn trip in the first place, did I?*

But how could she say no when the invite included a week's free accommodation and skiing at this wondrous lodge in the beautiful Colorado Rockies. As she gazed lazily at her benefactor and her daughter frolicking carelessly in the deep white snow, the child happier than she had been since the death of Eddie, the fact that she had sprained her ankle so badly the first time on the slopes and that she was now relegated to an idle bystander was neither here nor there.

*I don't even like the damn woman, do I?*

But watching said woman painstakingly teach her daughter to ski she couldn't help but realize, she might not like her, but Lindsey certainly did. Delighted laughter filled the air, showering true happiness over all it covered. And, though she was loathe to admit it, filling her with unreserved happiness too.

*She's such a miserable bitch, isn't she?*

But, looking up into deep smiling eyes and hearing the gentle friendly voice, at this moment in time that was hard to believe.

"I've dropped Lindsey off at the Apres-Ski club; she's in her element. Give me half an hour to get changed and maybe we could have dinner together, yes?"

Sighing inwardly she was surprised to hear herself eagerly answer in the affirmative.

*This is only for the duration of the vacation, isn't it?*

But, looking out of the window at the swirling maelstrom of a sudden snow blizzard, she realized that somewhere along the way her feelings had become as entangled as the swirling snow. Meeting the smoldering eyes of her companion for the night, she let her eyes wander down the sleek body moving gracefully towards her. A figure- hugging red dress with a tasteful side split showing just a hint of delectable thigh highlighted the welcoming smile directed towards her, and only her. A delicious tingle ran down her spine as Sara Sidle slipped behind her resting place and whispered low in her ear, "So Ms. Willows, are you mine for tonight?"

*I didn't, I do, she isn't, it isn't, and I am*

Catherine Willows smiled and turned her head to look into the expectant face resting dangerously close to her own. Decision made, she breathed seductively over the lips barely touching her own, "Tonight and onwards."

The End

Sequel Snow Flurries

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