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First Kiss
By WillowPowered


Sara's so cute when she's nervous.

Arriving back at my place to drop me off after our first date she scrambled out of the car to walk me to the door.

Now here we are, standing on my door step, gazing into each other's eyes. Not saying a word.

Determined to taste those sexy lips I slowly move towards her. Sara quickly realises my intention and moves forward.

Cupping my face in her hands, her thumbs caress my jaw as our lips meet.

The kiss is slow and tender, filled with promises of things to come.

Eventually breaking apart we are both breathing heavy. I'm damn near panting.

She says a quiet goodnight before walking back to her car and getting in.

I watch as she flashes me with the most incredible smile before reversing out and then driving off.

Unlocking my door I feel like doing a happy dance as I lock the door behind me and head off to bed.

The End

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