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The Joys of Book Reading
By Debbie


Oh my God!

Catherine's always been beautiful; always known how to flaunt that beauty and yet I've managed to stay immune to her charms for all of the last six years. Oh, we've become much friendlier of late but our mutual antagonism always managed to keep true friendship, true attraction, just out of reach.

Until, that is, she decided, or maybe it was her optometrist who decided, who knew; until, that is, she started wearing those darned adorable glasses for close working.

You see, I've always had a thing for a pretty woman, but a pretty, intelligent woman, wow!

As I said, Catherine was already pretty, was already intelligent, but I could always separate the two characteristics. Until now; now, she was just added fuel for my innermost fantasy.

I couldn't help bringing this HOT vision of Catherine to the fore as I walked towards her office; I knew she was doing paperwork related to the present case, and, as I knocked on the door, I prayed she was wearing her glasses.

Damn! She wasn't. But I guess it didn't really matter because, now I've finally admitted to myself that she's gorgeous, she's always gorgeous, and today was no exception.

I announced my entrance, and she looked up from her computer screen with a twinkle in her eyes and a glow to her hair that made my heart skip a beat.

Ignoring my heart rate, I took a seat and got down to business.

"Warrants came through on the rental agreements"

"Jeff Powell went a little crazy on the corporate card and rented the Ferrari himself."

I smiled knowing my answer would confuse her.

"No, Heidi Wolff rented it, the reservation was held in the name of a company called Caprice Unlimited. This is where it gets interesting; Caprice Unlimited also rented Randy Bolen's Corvette."

Yep, there it was, that adorable look of interest; she was going to get the bit between her teeth, and I couldn't wait.

"What kind of business is it?"

"All I know so far is it's unlisted."

"Well nothing's entirely unlisted these days," she said with a smirk, and immediately looked down at her computer screen typing something into what I assumed was her search engine.

"Caprice Unlimited, anything is possible. Sounds like a sex business."

I smirked at her enthusiasm as she immediately grabbed the phone and began to dial a number.

"What are you going to say?"

"Something other than a guy is dead and it looks like you're involved."

Oh my, she was gorgeous as she rolled her eyes and shook her head at the lack of response to her call.

"Not taking any calls."

"Let's see if they're making any," I mused, and left her in peace to go do some research into this little company.

It turned out that Caprice Unlimited was a company that staged fantasies, where everything appeared real but was actually worked out, to the minute, in advance. As the man said, these scenarios take weeks to craft; everything there is to know is learned about the clients, their wants and desires, and all without them even knowing.

In this case, our victim lived his fantasy a little too well, fell in love with his fantasy woman and got himself killed in the process.

Grissom decided it was probably better if fantasies were best kept secret.

As you might expect, Catherine disagreed, and over drinks later that night she coaxed out of me my secret fantasy. Of course, I didn't admit that the brainy chick wearing glasses waiting to seduce me with wine and silk sheets bore a striking resemblance to one Catherine Willows.

At the end of the week I was pleasantly surprised to receive an invite to Catherine's home for a movie and a chat. It seemed Lindsay was off with Sam and Lily, and Catherine was lonely.

I was given my orders to arrive sometime after six, with myself and nothing else; Cath would organize the drinks and the eats.

So, at 6.15, I knocked on Catherine's front door, only to find it slightly ajar.

A voice rang down the hallway, "It's open, Sara, come on through. And lock the door behind you, huh?"

Wandering towards the front room I once again marveled at the homely feel that radiated from Cath's home; in fact, whenever I visited, Catherine's home always seemed more like home than the Godforsaken place I was raised.

Catherine was always the consummate hostess. So, I was more than surprised to find the front room empty; devoid of any form of nibbles, drinks, movies or Catherines.

I called out, "Cath? Where are you?"

"In the bedroom, Hon, come on up; I've something to share with you."

Walking through the bedroom door I pulled up short, stunned by the vision in front of me.

Catherine Willows was reclining on a nest of silken pillows and satiny black sheets, quietly reading a book. In the background I could hear my favorite Mozart piece, and the room was enveloped in the warm glow from many small jasmine scented candles. It looked and smelled just like my heaven; just like my fantasy.

When Catherine lifted her head to peer imperiously over the rim of her gorgeous glasses, my heart melted. To say I was stunned was an understatement; I wanted to say so much but my stupid mouth decided to work before my brain caught up.

"Uh, Cat, what're you reading?"

As if I cared.

She grinned evilly, and then, before carefully placing it to one side, she showed me the cover.

'The Joys of Lesbian Sex.'

Of course I fucking cared.

I licked dry lips, and then moved slowly towards Cath's beckoning finger.

The End

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