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That Funky Strawberry Smell
By Esmerelda


Nine o'clock and still no assignments. Everyone from graveyard was sitting in the break room waiting for something to do. It had never before been this quiet in the Lab. Grissom was actually sitting with us in the break room reading a Shakespeare play. Warrick and Nick were playing Playstation, and Catherine was lying halfway across the couch with her legs bent so that she wasn't in my space. It was quiet except for the clicking of the Playstation controllers until Greg literally burst through the door.

"WOW! I feel good!" Greg started to sing as he played his air guitar in a frenzy. He was doing some serious head-banging as he kicked across the room still singing the song.

"So good, so good...I got you!" He finished the song with a jump and a half-splits on the break room floor.

By the time he was done, the guys had stopped playing mid-game, and we were all staring at Greg with wide eyes.

"Hey guys! So, I was thinking. No cases, nowhere to go. Nowhere to go, nothing to do. So I decided to try and invent a new element. Yeah I know I'm crazy, but I didn't have anything to do so it seemed like a good plan right? Anyways, I made this thing...like a, like a, like a GAS! It's nothing I could claim for fame, but it smelled really good, and now I'm feeling kinda funny!" Greg said in about two breaths.

Everyone was staring at Greg with their mouths open wondering what the hell he had been concocting in his Lab. After Greg's production, he was left breathless and laughing so hard he was gripping his stomach.

"Oh god, what did he do?" Catherine said into the room.

Everyone stood up and walked around the hysterical Greg. Catherine put a hand on Greg's shaking back and leaned over to look into his eyes. Grissom was standing by him not really knowing what to do, and the guys were laughing at Greg.

"Greg, you should lie down," Catherine said in a motherly tone.

Greg's head snapped up and his face went from smiling and laughing hysterically to completely serious instantaneously. He looked into Catherine's eyes and answered honestly.

"Can't! No time!" Greg yelled.

We were all chuckling by this time as Catherine and I led Greg over to the couch to at least sit down. I straightened out and looked over at Catherine.

"You think we should go check out what he was brewing?" she asked with an eyebrow raised.

"You think there could be side effects?" I asked.

We both looked at each other and giggled as we scurried into the Lab. When we walked through the closed door, a sweet scent greeted our noses. I took a big sniff and looked over at Catherine who was doing the same. We scrunched our noses in confusion.

"Strawberries?" I asked Catherine.

She shrugged her shoulders and walked around one of the tables to see something still steaming. She lifted the beaker to her nose and took another sniff.

"Yeah, strawberries," she said.

Whatever the hell the stuff was, it really did smell like strawberries and was starting to get to me. I could see that Catherine was starting to feel it too because when I looked over at her, we both broke out in giant smiles and started to giggle.

"Hey ladies, what did you find? *sniff* Strawberries?" Warrick asked.

Catherine and I looked at each other and started laughing at Warrick. He sighed and rolled his eyes before he looked at us.

"Oh no, not you too?" he said.

Just then Nick and Greg came into the Lab after everyone. We all stayed in the Lab for a lot longer than we needed to, but the temptation to be 'bad' at work without getting in trouble was just too good to pass up. We all started cracking up until Grissom came into the Lab with a gas mask on. Every single one of us stopped laughing at the exact same time and turned completely serious faces towards Grissom.

"Guys, get out of here!" Grissom shouted through his mask and waved us out of the room.

We all filed out with our heads bowed towards the floor like we were little kids being disciplined. Grissom just shook his head and watched us trudge back to the break room. We were just about in the room when Nick got a genius idea.

"YOU'RE IT!" Nick shouted and slapped Warrick hard.

Warrick didn't even think twice before he sprinted after Nick's retreating form. Grissom sighed and started off down the hall after them. Catherine, Greg, and I all looked at each other and started laughing as we walked back into the break room. Catherine and I plopped back down on the couch together, and Greg sprawled out on the floor. His face was pointed to the floor as he tried to say something, but it came out in a muffled mumble.

"What was that, Greg?" I asked.

Greg lifted his head from the floor and repeated what he had said to the floor.

"We should play a game."

Catherine and I looked at each other and started laughing. Greg then looked at us and started laughing too. We sat laughing until we were red in the face and then tried to decide on a game.

"How about Truth or Dare?" I said with wide eyes.

"YEAH!" Catherine shouted.

Catherine pushed herself off the couch and onto the floor with a thud. Then she turned around and grabbed my hands to pull me down with her and Greg. We sat in a circle and started the game.

"Ok, who goes first?!" Greg asked excitedly.

"You go first!" I said pointing to him.

"No!" Greg pouted by crossing his arms.

"Why not?" Catherine asked.

"/You/ go first!" Greg said and pointed at Catherine.

"NO!" Catherine was pouting now by sticking her lower lip out.

"Why not?" I asked her.

"Because," Catherine said like it was a completely valid reason.

"Ok, I'll go," I finally said.

Greg smiled and looked at me with an intense stare waiting for me to pick my victim. I looked from him to Catherine and back to him then back to Catherine. I was getting a little dizzy from the eye movements so I snapped them shut for a little bit and blinked to get my focus back.

"Catherine!" I yelled as I decided to pick her. "Catherine, truth or dare?" I asked.

"Dare! No truth! No dare, I mean truth!" Catherine yelled.

"Truth! Where is the weirdest place you have ever 'done it'?" I asked with a serious face.

"What?!" Catherine shrieked and flew back from her sitting position.

"HAHA! Catherine you gotta answer! HAHA!" Greg laughed and pointed.

"Fine! Once I had sex in a giant cup of champagne," she said very quickly.

We both started laughing all over again as we thought about the strip club prop filled with champagne. I didn't realize that Catherine was ready to ask me until I felt a whack on my shoulder.

"SARA TRUTH OR DARE HAVE YOU EVER KISSED A GIRL!" Catherine shouted loudly all in one sentence.

"Hey! I didn't get to answer truth or dare!" I protested.

Greg started laughing and mimicked me by repeating what I just said in a high voice. I started giggling a little before I turned to Catherine again.

"Yeah, I have. *pause* And it was HOT!" I said with wide eyes.

That last confession made Greg stop laughing abruptly and stare at me. Catherine was looking at me with a little gleam in her eye as well, and I decided to call on Greg.

"Greg, go find Grissom and kiss him!" I dared Greg with a pointing finger.

Greg gasped, and his eyes popped out of his head. He contemplated what I had just said without batting an eye and popped up from the floor. Catherine and I watched him run out of the room and down the hallway.

"Should we go watch?" I asked.

"Naw!" Catherine laughed and playfully hit my arm.

"Ok, truth. Have you ever had a crush on anyone here at the Lab?" I asked.

Catherine looked up at me and started laughing. I giggled a little and stopped to watch her suck a lip into her mouth and suck on it innocently. I started giggling again for some reason but quickly stopped when she closed our distance by leaning towards my face.

"Yeah...I have," Catherine whispered into my ear.

I closed my eyes and felt a shiver ripple throughout my body at Catherine's confession. I wanted so badly to ask her who and wanted it even more for it to be me.

"Who?" I heard myself ask.

"You're just so damn sexy in those leather pants," Catherine whispered again in my ear.

I was about to moan out loud, but Greg came crawling on his hands and feet into the break room. Catherine and I looked at each other and started laughing all over again.

"Greg, what are you doing?" I asked through a laugh.

"Hiding from Grissom," Greg whispered. "Sara, truth or dare?"

"Dare please," I replied looking right at Catherine.

"I dare you to kiss Catherine," Greg said still whispering.

I looked over at Catherine who was modeling the sexiest blush I have ever seen in my entire life. I smiled at her and she smiled back letting me know it was ok to kiss her. I climbed up from the floor so that I was on my knees shuffling towards Catherine who had also risen to her knees. Just as my lips were almost touching hers, I looked over at Greg who was caught up in the moment and unknowingly puckering his lips at the two of us.

I turned my attention back to Catherine who was looking at my lips. I took her bottom lip between mine and immediately ran my tongue along the soft flesh. Catherine let out a breathy moan and opened her mouth to deepen the kiss. I had forgotten about Greg watching us, and I lifted my hands to her neck. I felt Catherine's hands grip tightly onto my hips as I took her tongue into my mouth. I let my right hand trail down her neck and past her collarbone. As I slid lower, I let my finders brush the side of her breast and my thumb graze directly over her already hard nipple.

I heard a gasp from Greg and felt a moan from Catherine vibrate into my mouth. My hand stayed on the side of her breast, and I shifted my weight onto her. She bent backwards and laid on the floor as I found my way on top of her. I started tracing small circles on the swell of her breast while my mouth found her raging pulse point and sucked it into my mouth. Catherine arched her back demanding more contact, but I wasn't about to full-on grope her in front of Greg. I moaned when I felt Catherine shift her weight so that my thigh slipped in between hers and her hands rested on the top curve of my ass.

"JESUS! What is with everyone?!" Grissom shouted in defeat as he walked into the break room to see his only two female CSI's making out on the floor.

I reluctantly pulled away from Catherine to look up at Grissom who was shaking his head. I looked back at Catherine who looked at me with lust-filled eyes. She wiggled her eyebrows and smiled before she gently pushed me off from on top of her.

"Grissom, you need to take a trip to the Lab!" I joked which got a huge laugh from Greg and Catherine.

Grissom just let his mouth hang open and stared at the floor. Outside the glass walls of the break room, Nick went speeding by atop a chemical cart with Warrick running after him laughing. Everyone burst out laughing once again, but this time we were joined by Grissom softly chuckling.

The End

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