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The Female of the Species
By ncruuk


Catherine came out of the apartment complex and ducked under the yellow crime scene tape. Pausing to adjust her eyes to the brightness, she soon spotted the silhouette of Sara Sidle. Threading her way through the sea of cruisers and cops, she crossed the little grassy area until she was within close earshot.



"You ok?"

"Yeah, you?"


The silence was comfortable between the two women.

"I found this guy…" started Sara, gesturing to the shaggy dog now sitting at her feet.

"You're a dog kinda gal?" asked Catherine, teasingly.

"Canines, yes."


"I prefer the female of the species…" elaborated Sara, suddenly feeling rather bold.

"You do, huh?"

"Yeah, you?"

"Oh, most definitely....the female of the species…" echoed Catherine.

"So, you only a canine person?" queried Catherine finally, when her curiosity had got the better of her.

"No, I like others"

"Cats?" queried Catherine carefully, hoping her hunch was right.

"Depends." Sara's boldness was still there, only her shyness was reducing her answers to cryptic monosyllabic replies.


"Yeah, depends on whether they're also into CSI work."


Another comfortable silence descended, only broken by the panting of the dog as he lay in the sun.



"Did we just...?" Sara was unable to finish, as a cop rushed up with a nervous caretaker.

"Oh thank god!" A new voice suddenly cut across the conversation.

"Excuse me?" Catherine was not happy at having her moment broken.

"You've found the grumpy old man!"

"Sir, I'm not at liberty to discuss the case...." began Catherine, wondering how this guy knew about the scene, but she was shouted down....by a bark, as the dog, officially known as Benji, lurched to his feet and walked through Sara, knocking her onto her back as he rushed to get to the caretaker.

"Hey, you ok?" asked Catherine, leaning over her winded colleague in concern.

"I think so…" came the hesitant answer.

"Do you know so?" bantered Catherine, enjoying the quiet moment.

"Yeah, and I think I just became a Cat person too…"

As Catherine leaned in for that special first kiss, she mumbled,

"You know if there's any sort of animal called a Sidle?"

The End

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