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AUTHOR'S NOTE: This originally started out as a challenge fic for a livejournal community. Then I couldn't stop writing so it got too lengthy. The first part covers the challenge, but I kept writing anyway. The challenge: Write a fic that involves dancing and tupelo honey. Use the words: assortment, snap, snort, sociable, rose, leather, strict, deprive, warm, yoga. (words can be altered: roses, deprived, etc.) Must use the phrases: 'dancing in the room with you', 'with bated breath', and 'what do you think'.
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Tasting Honey
By Amy Jo

(Part I)

Catherine gave one last look across her desk making sure she didn't forget anything before leaving the office for home. Her eyes settled on the assortment of six sterling roses and her thoughts immediately drifted to the person who had sent them to her. Catherine knew that by know Sara would be waiting for her at home, anxious to see Catherine after her long day off.

Catherine tried to make it home as soon as possible, but was deterred by an offer of breakfast from the rest of the night shift. Realizing she had not been entirely sociable for the past few months, Catherine went, but only reluctantly.

The guys always liked to discuss their cases at these breakfasts, and Catherine's attention was not fully focused on the conversation until she heard a remark Grissom made.

"And then Catherine said 'Well I like hairy chests but I'm not about to bop a six-foot weasel.' I swear it was the funniest thing I'd heard all week," Grissom said, laughing almost hysterically.

Catherine's head snapped up so fast she almost thought she was going to break her neck. It wasn't that she felt what she had said to Grissom was in strict confidence or anything, but she had no idea that these were the things the guys talked about at breakfast.

Greg snorted in laughter, the sound calling attention to him so that no one noticed the warm blush coloring Catherine's cheeks.

Warrick look disbelievingly at Grissom. "She really said that?"

"What do you think?" was Grissom's only response.

As the rest of the table erupted in laughter, Catherine quickly finished off her breakfast, made up an excuse about Lindsey and hurried out of the restaurant.

The drive home was short and Catherine was hoping that Sara hadn't yet given up on her and gone to sleep. She was barely two steps in the door when she felt herself being slammed against the wall and kissed thoroughly.

Catherine was barely aware of the sound of music coming from the living room, and she lost all thought when her hands roamed down Sara's back to the curve of her hips. As her hands brushed against the soft leather of Sara's pants she felt more than heard Sara groan into her mouth. Sara pulled away quickly, leaving Catherine breathing hard and deprived of any ability to think or even move.

"C'mon," Sara said, speaking with bated breath.

Sara pulled Catherine into the living room, closer to music. Catherine vaguely recognized that Sara had cleaned the living room, or at least part of it. The floor was surprisingly clean of Lindsey's toys.

Sitting on one of the tables in the room was another assortment of six sterling roses. But next to this vase was not stacks of paper, but a small bottle of something Catherine almost instantly recognized from her trip to Miami a few years ago.

"Sara?" Catherine asked cautiously.

"Yes honey?" Sara answered with a smirk.

Catherine couldn't tell if Sara had chosen that word on purpose. "Is that..?"

Sara leaned close to Catherine's ear, her body moving with the music. "Yes honey."

Again that word.

Catherine started dancing to the music with Sara, wondering just how Sara had found out about the honey from Miami. It wasn't something that Catherine had ever mentioned to anyone in Vegas, but seeing that tupelo honey being poured over that almost naked woman in Miami had been one of the most erotic things she had ever seen.

"I wanted to try something," Sara whispered in Catherine's ear, the husky tone sending shivers down Catherine's spine. "It starts with dancing in the room with you. Whichever room you choose, here in the living room or back in the bedroom, it doesn't matter. And it finishes with that bottle of honey and seeing if my yoga classes are finally starting to pay off."

Catherine knew that by the time either of them got any sleep she would see something much more erotic than what she had seen in Miami. After all, she had music to dance to, the feel of soft leather under her hands, and the promise of tasting honey off Sara's skin.

(Part II)

I am still caught up in thoughts of Sara's skin when I feel her move my legs apart to slide her thigh in between them. The music changes to something slow and sensual. Sara dances with the music and every few beats her hips push into mine.

Sara once told me she didn't dance. Ever. But if the movement of her body against mine is any indication, I would have to say she's a quick learner. She knows just how to move her hips to the music, and her hands are moving across my body with just enough pressure to drive me insane.

The music plays on, but I don't hear it anymore. I close my eyes and let my hands rest on Sara's hips. Through the leather I can feel the heat of her skin. Impulsively my grip tightens and I feel my body move with hers. We're no longer dancing with the music, but with ourselves. Sara dictates the motions and the speed, the movement of my body chases hers, aching to sustain the fleeting contact.

I hear her laughter in my ear and feel her breath on my neck. My hands move around her waist to her back. The leather is smooth across her backside and I hear a sharp intake of breath when I squeeze hard. The feel of her under the leather is almost as good as the feel of her naked. Almost.

Sara shifts slightly and bends down just a little. She wraps the fingers of both hands around the back of my head. I can feel the heat of her as she grinds her center against my thigh.

"Look at me," Sara commands.

I didn't even realize that I had closed my eyes. I open them to find Sara inches from my face, her eyes now level with mine. Her deep brown eyes stare intensely into mine as she continues to grind into me. The look of lust in her eyes makes my body flush with heat and desire.

Sara moves forward, her lips pressing into mine. My mouth opens immediately and I feel the wet heat of her tongue. I pull her further into me and I hear a soft growl from deep within Sara's throat. The sound is so sexy I'm tempted to skip the rest of this dance and simply rip her clothes off. What the hell, we can always dance later.

My hands move up her back and underneath her shirt. Normally I would take my time and luxuriate in the feel of her skin, but today I just want her naked as soon as possible. Her shirt slides up her back and soon she pulls her lips from mine to let me remove the garment. Her lips are back on mine before I even have time to notice that she wasn't wearing a bra.

My hands reach her waist and my thumbs slip under the leather and slide to the front. Sara pulls away from me, breathing hard. Her skin is hot to the touch and I kiss her neck, feeling her erratic pulse. My lips continue kissing, each touch of my lips to her skin bringing me closer to her center.

Soon my fingers have released the buttons of her leather pants and I am on my knees in front of her. I want one last feel of the smooth leather that hugs her skin so tight. My hands drop to her ankles and move up the back of her calves just enjoying the sensation. By the time my hands have traveled up her thighs and over the curve of her ass I can feel Sara's legs trembling under the touch.

In one quick move her pants are pooled at her ankles. My hands move back up her legs, following the same path that was only moments earlier covered in leather. I move to stand up in front of her as she steps out of the pants. I shove the pants out of the way with my foot and lower both of us to the floor.

(Part III)

Above her, I watch her chest rise and fall in shallow breaths. Suddenly I remember something Sara said earlier. Leather, honey and yoga. The leather pants she wore have been removed and are now lying forgotten on the floor. I turn my head and spot the small container of honey.

I've never tasted the skin of a lover like this, but I know that Sara wouldn't have gone to the trouble of finding the honey if she wasn't sure we would both like it. From the corner of my eye I can tell Sara is watching me as I decide whether or not I'm really ready for this.

"Yes," Sara barely whispers the words. I'm still undecided until I hear a faint, "Please."

Fire burns through my body as I reach for the jar. I'm suddenly aware that Sara is underneath me completely naked and I am still fully clothed. I set the jar of honey next to Sara and stand up. When Sara moves to stand as well I shake my head no and she lays back down.

I stand with my feet at her sides and Sara watches in utter fascination as I strip for her. Moves I thought I had long forgotten come back as I sway to the music. I remember this being a lot easier when the person watching is sitting rather than lying down, but I don't want Sara to move. I want her lying there, ready for me.

When I lay down on top of her, I can feel the heat radiating from her body. She looks like she wants to say something, but I place a finger across her lips to silence her. Sara opens her mouth and sucks my finger in, running her tongue along the edge and sucking gently. The sensation is so overwhelming that I forget what my original plans were.

Sara's hands wrap around my back, holding me to her. The sudden feeling brings me out of my hormonal daze. I remove my finger from her mouth and replace it temporarily with my tongue. I prolong the kiss, attempting to calm some of my desire for her. If anything the kiss only increases my desire as Sara repeats the gentle sucking.

I push myself away from her mouth and she moans in frustration. I straddle her hips and reach for the jar of honey. Her hands are resting comfortably on my thighs as she watches me open the jar. Teasing her, I dip two fingers inside and coat them in honey. Sara watches as I lick and suck the honey off my fingers.

By the time my fingers are clean Sara is shifting uneasily underneath me, her body trying to increase the contact between us. Her hands are gripping my thighs so fiercely that I'm certain she will leave a mark. I'm amazed to discover that I don't care.

I dip one finger back into the jar and watch as tiny drops slowly fall from my finger onto her stomach. When most of the honey has dripped off my finger I gather more from the jar and move my hand quickly to her chest, trying not to lose any of the honey on the way. Sara's back arches high when I coat one of her nipples with the honey.

I know what she wants; she wants more pressure, a firmer touch. But I deny her the touch she wants and my finger barely touches her as the honey spreads. I give the other nipple the same treatment, feeling it harden under my soft caress.

One last time I dip my finger into the jar. I let a little of the honey fall into Sara's navel. Sara is surprised to feel my finger at her lips, but she eagerly allows me to push my finger into her mouth. As Sara licks at my finger I dip my head to taste the mixture of her skin and the honey.

Sara's body arches off the floor again as I hungrily lick the honey off her breast. She moans and almost bites down on my finger as I suck on the hardened flesh. Before moving to her other breast I pull my finger from her mouth.

Sara's moans become louder as I taste more of her skin. I move my way down her body, tasting the sweet honey and the saltiness of Sara's skin. I can't decide which flavor I like more. I definitely love the combination.

When I dip my tongue into her navel to gather the last of the honey Sara moans low and deep. Every movement of her body against mine and every sound she makes only increases my desire for her. I have been teasing her since we danced together, and I think I might be as aroused as she is.

I move my mouth further down her body and listen as her voice becomes strangled and rough. At the first touch of my tongue to her wetness, Sara's hips jerk jump and I am forced to put my hands on her hips to keep her within reach.

Sara cries out when I slide two fingers into her. It's a long few moments before she stops calling out my name and is limp and breathing heavily on the floor.

The End

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