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NOTES: Written for LJ Group Femslash_Today: Guns and Microscopes Ficathon. Prompt from LJ User Ariestess: Animosity over shift lead brings the women closer. I think most people know my OTP in this fandom so this one was actually quite hard to write and I hope you'll forgive me some subtle hints in the story.
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By Debbie


The beautiful red-head pushed the taller, younger blonde onto the couch and with a predatory smirk crawled on top of her.

Gazing into clear blue eyes, nearly a mirror of her own and so different to the ebony brown she usually coveted, Catherine Willows mused over the moment that set this whole play into motion.

Her life suddenly turned upside down by the fracturing of her carefully nurtured life – in charge of her own team but struggling with the change in power dynamics with her guys, Nick and Warrick; Her best friend, Gil, left behind with her beloved Graveyard; and arch nemesis, Sara, stolen away from her reach by Ecklie's political machinations, Catherine's carefully built control system faltered.

Into this mix was thrown the beautiful woman now writhing beneath her gently stroking caress. Catherine's nips and bites to skin being gradually unravelled by her expert fingers kept Sofia just where Catherine wanted her: underneath.

Sofia Curtis, the beautiful blonde interloper, demoted from dayshift into Graveyard who appeared to immediately court her way into Gil's confidence, was a prime candidate for Catherine's subtle domination needs. Oh she always tried to assuage her power needs in a careful use of feminine sexuality and a natural friendly openness to get what she wanted but it was still all about controlling her own life by controlling those in it.

Over the years Gil, Nick, Warrick, Greg, even Ecklie to some extent, had fallen under some sort of control, enough that Catherine had been happy and satisfied with her world. The only enigma through all this had been and still was, the elusive Sara Sidle. Catherine twitched and gave an imperceptible shrug, thereby hung the true thread that brought all this together.

For five years Catherine had tried to win over Sara with varying degrees of success. Usually they had a gentle colleague at work type relationship, working well together and laughing and joking as they did so but with little social life together outside of that work; occasionally they had a massive blow-out with each other, after all they were both hot-headed and stubborn; and occasionally they had a more intense passionate interlude. Yet, Catherine had never managed to gain that subtle control over Sara that she shared with the rest of her CSI friends. No, Sara Sidle remained the enigma and, if truth were known, Catherine wanted more.

Trailing her fingers slowly over Sofia's heaving chest she smiled as pert nipples sprung to life. Leaning forward she allowed her tongue to slowly, agonizingly circle, before sucking deeply, drawing the nipple deep into her mouth. The answering gasp centred her thoughts to that morning and the two moments where Sofia had sealed her own fate.

First, after attending Catherine's case's autopsy with Gil, Sofia had tried to smooth things over with her words:

Catherine, it wasn't personal. The body was posted. We didn't think you'd be back for a few hours. There's the report.

Of course it was personal and so was this. Sofia needed to learn that Catherine was always in charge of her own cases; her own life; her destiny.

Biting down hard on the nipple she was ravishing Catherine allowed a grin to suffuse her features remembering her angry riposte:

Sofia, stay out of this.

Catherine began to descend lower, towards the inviting button down fly of Sofia's denims, as she pictured the second moment with such clarity it still burned.

Sofia was sitting with Sara discussing Catherine's case, daring to flirt with the enigmatic brunette, as they worked. The two women were talking about lactation and motor oil as they realised there was a woman somewhere, driving a Lamborghini, with lactating breasts, that had offered her unique services to the victim. Catherine had walked into the room just as Sara commented:

Maybe we're looking for a cash cow.

Catherine had been surprised and somewhat irked to see the twinkle in Sofia's eye as she shyly glanced towards Sara with her cheeky riposte:

With liquid assets.

Catherine seethed at the easy camaraderie Sofia was already sharing with Sara; it had taken her many months to gain even that shred of familiarity. She saw the look of something akin to adoration flash across Sofia's features, admittedly not reflected in Sara's eyes but it had made the older CSI's decision for her, if Catherine couldn't have Sara then no-one else could.

So, a few hours later, after closing the case, pulling Sofia to one side and using apology for her morning's antagonism at the autopsy lab as a way in, she'd casually invited Sofia for a drink as a peace offering, with the intent purpose of enticing Sofia away from thoughts of Sara towards thoughts of her.

Reaching Sofia's midriff, Catherine realized the chase had been easier than she'd imagined. Despite their previous animosity, they'd shared a wonderful night. The younger woman was a clever, open conversationalist, and had engaged Catherine with tales of her student life in the UK and her desire to one day emulate her dear mother in being a police detective. Catherine had opened up about her past life as a dancer and about her struggle to balance family life with CSI life. Gradually they'd drifted closer and closer together and Catherine had used this easy friendship and her carefully honed sexuality to achieve what she'd set out to do, seduce Sofia to her couch.

Now, in just the place she had intended to be, the redhead realized she didn't want only the control, she wanted all of it; she wanted this and she wanted Sofia. It had been a long time since she'd been able to demonstrate her mouth's dexterity with buttons and boy did she want to enjoy it but if she wanted to enjoy it then Sofia needed to enjoy it too. Catherine intended to have a hold on this woman and what better than enjoyment to keep someone just where you wanted them. For the first time since entering Sofia's apartment to immediately foist herself on the younger woman, ravishing her senseless, she looked up and locked eyes with the blonde, silently seeking permission to continue, silently needing the submission she craved from this woman.

Sofia grimaced and between clenched teeth managed to murmur, "Please…"

Catherine lifted herself up on strong forearms, unsure what the quiet plea meant, "Please what, Sofia?"


Catherine sighed. No matter how much she now wanted this for pleasure too, in her eyes 'don't' meant 'no' and 'no' was the most obvious safe word she knew. She'd been on the wrong end of an ignored 'no' too many times to not listen. Reluctantly she began to push herself up and off Sofia. Bending forward she swept her mouth over Sofia's ear and whispered, "I'm sorry."

As if that word had broken through Sofia's lust fuelled funk she suddenly grabbed Catherine's hand to draw her back down. Wrapping her arms strongly around the smaller body and finally, daring to initiate a kiss herself, Sofia murmured against Catherine's lips, "Catherine, please don't stop."

What could only be described as a feline grin spread across Catherine's mouth as she plundered a deep kiss from the lips resting against her own. She then drew her upper torso down as she licked over highly sensitized nerve endings towards that button down fly she craved.

Slowly and deliberately she mouthed open the fly, licking and nibbling at each open button before crawling back up to share more deep kisses. Within minutes Catherine had Sofia bared and nearly incoherent with her need.

Sofia whimpered, "Cath! I want you. Inside. Now."

Catherine grinned, shifting slightly she slipped one finger inside Sofia's warmth. Beginning a slow, rhythmic thrusting, she suckled on Sofia's neck until the blonde whimpered and arched her back in pleasure.

Maintaining the slow, steady stroking with one hand she let her other hand wrap itself around Sofia's neck then leant over and took her right nipple into her mouth, sucking hard. As she bit down firmly, Catherine was rewarded by a low growl from deep in Sofia's throat. She repeated her actions on the left before swapping from one to the other with no obvious warning for the squirming blonde.

Never leaving off her assault on Sofia's breasts, she slowed her finger right down to tease once again at Sofia's throbbing entrance and unable to fully relinquish her desperate need for strong control, Catherine teased, "Is this really what you want?"

Sofia, so rapt in the feelings beginning to grow in the pit of her belly, failed to respond until a low mewl from Catherine permeated the fog, "Is it?"

Fuelled with need, Sofia allowed herself to beg, "Yes, for fucks sake, yes!"

Catherine drove into Sophia with all her might, and heard another whimpered, "Fuck me, yes." Smiling, she continued the slow steady pace from before but this time her thrusts alternated with soft licks over the younger woman's throbbing clitoris. Like this Catherine held Sofia tantalizingly on the brink.

Eventually she felt the tightening in Sofia's pelvis and slowed her fingers slightly to allow her tongue to stroke more firmly. As Sofia's juices began to flow, Catherine twisted her fingers hard to be rewarded by the screaming of her name.

As Sofia sank back replete, Catherine raised the long slim leg beneath her and rested it slightly over a nearby cushion. Resting heavily on the strong thigh she then began to rub up and down in a long practiced rhythm. Surprised just how wet she had become with Sofia's submission, within moments she was nearing her own crest. She locked eyes with the blue gazing into her own and implored, "Touch me, Sofia."

The immediate caress of her breasts from Sofia's long graceful fingers sent her tumbling into the abyss. Climbing out slowly Catherine took Sofia into a last deep kiss before collapsing spent on her strong lover who grasped her into a warm, welcoming embrace.

Long moments later Catherine lifted herself up to stare at Sofia, glancing down she saw a spot on Sofia's right breast where she had left a mark of her passion. She grazed it gently with soft fingertips and smiled at her lover before whispering, in a tone that brooked no argument, "You're mine now, Sofia. I'll never mark you in a public place, not my style, but I will mark you as mine. Just so we know. Yes?"

The satiated blonde grinned; to be Catherine's wasn't such a bad thing. She answered carefully, "I can cope with that, Cath."

Catherine's eyes lit up with the subtle ownership that admission engendered and decided right there, wrapped in strong young arms, satiated yet hungry for more, that having Sofia as hers was a damn satisfying way of ensuring the young CSI had no need for a certain other CSI and maybe, one day, that antagonism could be relieved in much the same way.

The End

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