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Cinnamon Girl
By Maaike


Chapter 5

"For every problem there is a solution," Grissom said triumphantly.

"I don't have time for haiku's or philosophers right now Gil," Catherine said. Tonight had been quite rough, and she was not in the mood for Grissom being well Grissom. "There may be a conflict of interest."

"A conflict of interest?" Grissom questioned.

"The girl we found at the crime scene has turned out to be Sara's long lost sister," She replied simply.

"Emily?" Grissom asked.

Catherine's mouth nearly hit the floor for the umpteenth time today. She shook her head, trying to process what was going on.

"You KNOW her?" Catherine asked, her voice filled with disbelief.

"I didn't know she was Sara's sister, but I know the girl. She is very good; I gave a lecture at her school once, and she just stood out. I just saw her when I walked past the reception desk, but I just couldn't place her," Grissom kept talking, not noticing Catherine at all. "It makes sense she is related to Sara. They look alike, and Emily is almost as brilliant as Sara. I can't believe I didn't think of that before."

"Gil, I don't want to disturb your reverie but I came here to notify you that I will need Nick or Warrick on the case, not to listen to you going all philosophical on me," Catherine said as she placed her hands on her sides to show Grissom she was serious.

"Ok, ok, take Nick. He is still available. And tell Sara I want to talk to her," Grissom told the blonde.

"Sara already left," Catherine informed Grissom before leaving his office in search of Nick.

Catherine found her Texan co-worker in the break room, playing on the Playstation with Greg. As she was leaning against the doorframe she watched the two guys acting as kids for a minute. She smirked; those two would probably never grow up.

"Nicky, game over; you need to help me on a case," she stated bluntly.

Nick looked up at Catherine and groaned.

"Awwww, I was about to kick his ass!" Nick said with his playful smile.

"No way!" Greg protested, but he was quiet after Nick punched him in the shoulder.

"Boys, boys, play nice. We still have half on hour till the end of shift, and Nick, I really want to start working now," Catherine told him.

Nick got up and followed Catherine to her office where she could brief him.

Sara was walking towards the reception desk with led in her shoes. She wasn't ready at all for even having a sister. How was she supposed to be there for her? Although she did feel protective over Emily, she wasn't ready to bring her home and take care of her. And besides, why would a 22 year old want someone mothering her all of a sudden?

It was odd how her feelings could be so mixed about this situation. On one hand she wanted to jump around and shout to the world she had a sister, a normal family member, for as far as she and Emily could be classified as normal that is. But on the other hand, she was afraid about what would happen. She had been fine on her own, and now she had someone with whom to share her life and things; something she was weary about.

She hoped Emily would still be there. After Catherine had told her to pick up Emily and take her home, Sara had taken ages to collect herself in the locker room. When Sara walked into the waiting area, it was empty. She turned around, half-relieved, half worried, to walk outside when the receptionist called her back.

"Miss Sidle, your visitor is with Mr. Grissom," the receptionist told her.

"Ok, thank you," Sara replied. She was far from happy though, for now she had to explain to Grissom too. How was she supposed to explain something she didn't even fully understand herself?

When Catherine left his office, Gil Grissom walked back to the reception area. He had to see for himself. How could he forget Emily? She stood out in the crowd at the lecture about forensic science and criminal justice he had given about a month ago. What a small world.

When Grissom approached her, Emily looked up to see where the noise came from and smiled at the older man.

"Mr. Grissom! I didn't expect to see you here. Do you remember me? From the lecture you gave..."

"Could you come with me Emily?" Grissom asked her, ignoring the question she asked him.

Emily got up and followed him with a disappointed look on her face.

"Sit down," Grissom gently ordered the young woman as they entered his office.

Emily sat down and stared at the older man. After he had given a lecture at school about Forensics and Criminal Justice, she just knew what she wanted to become. She wanted to work in Law Enforcement. Dr. Grissom was one of the smartest people she had met, and he was kind enough to talk to her after class, patiently answering all her questions. And now he was cold towards her, almost avoidant in a way. She felt all this was really unfair. Dr. Grissom had told them that in his line of work he would meet people at the worst day of their lives, and for her it was as her secret lover was found dead. She couldn't believe he treated her like this now.

"You caused quite an upheaval here in the lab," Grissom said calmly.

Grissom hadn't expected to see Emily again this fast. He had decided to follow her until graduation and offer her a job. He saw great potential in the girl. And now that same girl was sitting in front of him; she was Sara's younger sister. What made things worse was that she was also a suspect in a murder investigation. She had lied to Brass and Catherine during her interrogation which only made her more suspicious. Grissom was sure to get more out of Emily than Catherine had earlier today.

"Yeah well, the lab caused quite an upheaval in my life too, so it's only fair," Emily almost bit back.

"I would like to ask you some questions, Emily," Grissom said, ignoring the girl's previous answer.

"With all due respect Mr. Grissom, I am really tired; both from what happened to me today and from answering your colleagues' questions," Emily let out a deep sigh. "I just want to," she sighed again and tried to continue. 'I just want Sara to comfort me' was what her head said, but Emily's mouth couldn't say it. She was afraid of getting too attached to Sara, who seemed all too reluctant to even acknowledge her, and then lose her again. "I just want to go home Mr. Grissom."

"Emily, I know you didn't do it. By answering a few questions, you can walk out here and no longer be a suspect," Grissom said, leaning towards the girl.

"She said she is tired," Sara said as she walked into Grissom's office and overheard her boss trying to convince Emily to answer questions while she was too tired.

Emily looked up at her sister and flashed a faint smile. Her eyes showed gratitude, something Sara noticed. She smiled at Emily before turning to Grissom.

"I'm taking Emily home. I'm sure she will be available for questioning tomorrow after she has had some rest. She's been through enough today, don't you think?" Sara was amazed by herself.

When she overheard Grissom pushing Emily, something inside her had snapped. She hadn't expected to be so protective of her sister so soon. And she was calling Emily 'her sister' already?

Grissom, who was surprised by Sara's reaction, just nodded and let the two women leave.

"Thanks," Emily said as she and Sara walked out of the building.

"You're welcome. He is not the most brilliant person when it comes to taking into account other people's feelings," Sara replied as she opened the car.

When they both got in Sara put her hand on Emily's shoulder. "Hungry?" She asked, and received a nod from Emily.

Sara pulled out of the parking lot and drove towards her favourite diner. Emily was quiet, but Sara didn't mind. Quiet was peaceful.

"Thank you for doing this for me. I know I caused a mayor shock for you today, and I really appreciate you are doing this," Emily said after being quiet for a couple of minutes.

Sara just turned her head and smiled at Emily. She hadn't figured out herself why she was doing what she did and how and if she was dealing with this whole sister thing.

They had enjoyed their meals in silence, stealing an occasional glance at each other. Both women didn't know what to say or how to start a conversation. The silence had been comfortable though; it didn't bother either of them. While they were having coffee, Sara decided she would ask some questions.

"So you are studying here?" Sara asked.

"Yeah. Criminal Justice."

"Nice," Sara replied.

"I want to be like you," Emily slipped out before she knew it. When she realised what she had said, she looked up at Sara in shock.

Sara didn't know what to say, once again. She was flattered by the fact her sister wanted to be like her, but on the other hand it was weird, odd, and a very dangerous profession.

"I'm sorry," Emily said, looking down at the table.

"No, don't be. It's a very honourable profession, and I'm sure you will pull it off. You are a Sidle," Sara said, and for the umpteenth time today she had surprised herself with her remarks. Where the hell did that come from?

Emily smiled at Sara and couldn't hold back the yawn which had been coming for a while now.

"I'll take you home. You have to rest, and I'm sure either Catherine or Grissom will want to talk to you again tomorrow," Sara said as she took her wallet to pay.

Sara shook her head when Emily reached for her wallet. "I'll get it," she said.

Emily muttered a thanks and was about to get up. Sara stopped her by putting her hand on Emily's arm.

"Emily, please go along with everything tomorrow. I know you are upset, but if you answer all questions honestly, you will help catching the bastard who did this to your friend," Sara said, looking straight into Emily's big brown eyes.

"I will. I'm sorry that I got you pulled of the case," she said before putting on her jacket.

The waitress came to tidy the table and take the money Sara had put on the table while both women got up and left the diner in silence.

"Can you take me to a motel please?" Emily asked Sara. "I don't want to go back home. Not now."

Sara nodded, trying to ignore her inner turmoil. She heard Catherine's words, and she heard her heart speaking, both telling her to take Emily home with her and let her sleep on the couch. But her mind was taking over. She wanted to take things slow, and she didn't want to get attached to Emily too soon. She didn't want to risk the hurt that might be caused by Emily leaving or something happening to Emily.

To Be Continued

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