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More Intimate Dance
By Amy Jo

Sara doesn't seem to know what to do with herself once she is inside. I still have her hand in mine and I lead her further into the house. I push play on the CD player, and the house is flooded with the slow sounds of jazz. I pull Sara into my arms and dance with her. It is nothing like the dances we shared at the bar tonight, but Sara eventually gets the hint and moves with me.

We dance, and I love it. Our dance is more sensual now than the heated dance from earlier. It is just the two of us and the slow sounds of old jazz. We get a rhythm going and dance through the CD. I am so lost in having her this close to me that I don't notice that the music has stopped.

Sara does notice however, and she gently tugs my head away from its resting spot on her shoulder and leans down to kiss me. Like our dance it is slow and sensual. Her hands move up and down my sides underneath the jacket of hers that I am still wearing. She puts her hands on my shoulders and forces the jacket down my arms, where it falls into a puddle on the floor.

I pull away from our kiss and lean into her further. Her hands have not stopped running up and down my sides. I kiss her neck just below her ear and begin to unbutton her top. I kiss each new piece of exposed skin. I watch as her chest heaves under the pressure of her now heavy breathing. I step back from her, only a small step, and look at her. She is so sexy standing here, in my living room, with her top open and unbuttoned exposing her satin bra and tanned skin.

She opens her eyes and looks at me as I appraise her figure with my eyes. She tries to control her breathing, but anticipation has turned it rough and ragged. I reach out to touch the soft skin I want so much to kiss. My touch is a barely-there feather caress, and I watch as she shakes under my fingers. She is everything I imagined and more. And I have barely begun.

I step back into her arms wrap my arms around her, under top. I lean up to kiss her and surprise myself with the desire and want that is lurking behind my kiss. Her top soon joins the jacket on the floor as I uncontrollably move my hands along her torso. Again I separate my lips from her, but this time it is to pull my own top off.

The puddle of clothes on my living room floor grows as I add my top, and then my bra. I stand before her completely topless and the look of want on her face is worth every minute of waiting. The light kisses and sometimes heavy petting of the past few weeks has built up the sexual pressure between us. Sara is nearly shaking with her desire to touch me. I feel like a goddess under her stare and it excites me in ways I've never felt.

She reaches out for me and I hear her sharp intake of breath and her whisper of praise as she touches my skin. Her hands are intensely hot and oh so gentle. She leans into me with a crushing kiss and she has turned forceful in her desire. Every part of my skin that touches hers is on fire. She is still wearing her bra, and I remedy that situation immediately.

Skin to skin, she feels amazing. We are both still half-clothed and standing in the middle of my living room. My greatest desire is before me, kissing me passionately and desperately trying to undo the button of my pants. I love how when she touches me she can no longer think. It is an amazing turn on.

I can barely stop touching her long enough to help her with my slacks. My shoes slip off easily enough and I am naked before her, as I step out of my panties and slacks. She barely gets a minute to look at me before I am on my knees in front of her.

This is a moment straight from my dreams. I swiftly undo her slacks and slip my thumbs into the waistline of her panties. I pull them both down slowly, revealing her to me inch by inch. Her hands are in my hair, gently massaging my scalp and playing with my hair.

I have fantasized of this moment for so long, that I'm almost unsure that I'm not fantasizing now. I can't resist the urge to taste her skin. As I slowly remove the last of her clothes, I lean forward and press light, butterfly kisses on her stomach. I feel the muscles twitch under my lips and tongue as I taste her skin. I no longer suppress my moans of desire and delight and they vibrate through my lips and she responds by gripping my hair tighter.

My kisses move down her thighs, following her pants. When she steps out of her slacks, I push them out of the way. Another moment I have fantasized about is right before me. I lightly rub my hands up the back of her legs. I tilt my head back to watch her reaction to my touch. Her hands are gripping my hair tight, her head is thrown back and she is biting her lower lip trying to suppress the lusty moan that I can hear building up. Her whole body shakes as my hands reach her knees, and I watch as her eyes flutter shut and she lets out the sexiest moan as I reach the bottom curve of her ass.

My entire body reacts to that sound, and I give in to my fantasies and dig my hands into her as my tongue slips out and lightly licks her wetness. She is thick like honey and hot and flush with desire. The reality of her is a hundred times sexier than the fantasy.

As she feels my tongue her grip in my hair tightens even more and I hear her calling out to God. Her every move and every sound only make me want her more. I feel her shaking as I firmly plant my lips on her sex and run the tip of my tongue across her clitoris. She is screaming my name along with a few curses.

From above me I hear her, "Oh fuck, Catherine. Oh God, please. Please Catherine, don't stop." And I don't. I pull her onto my mouth harder and I don't stop teasing and tasting her until I feel the muscles of her legs flex rigid and she is shaking so badly from her orgasm that I think she might fall over.

Even then I don't want to stop. She moves her hands from my hair and grabs my arms to pull me up to her. Her kiss is demanding and I am only barely aware that I have straddled one of her legs and am moving softly against her. She bends her legs slightly to tense the muscle of the thigh I am pushing against. She lowers her head to my neck and kisses and sucks the flesh there.

I toss my head back and cry out when she lowers her head even further and takes a nipple in her mouth. My desire for her is only increasing, and my grinding against her becomes faster as she holds me tighter to her. My orgasm washes over me much sooner than I expected. She holds me tight as I shake and when I am able to think straight again, I grab her hand and lead her to my bedroom for a more intimate dance.

The End

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