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Speed Things Up
By Amy Jo

And I wake up in her arms. It feels great to have her arms around me. I wake up and know that everything that happened yesterday was real. That it wasn't some crazy dream. I feel happier than I have been in years.

I feel her body moving against mine and I know that she too is waking up. Soon I will have to leave and go back to my own place. I need to change clothes before going to work. But for now I am content to stay here in her arms.

She pulls me onto my back as she moves on top of me. My brain screams at me. *Slow. We said slow. This is not slow.* She looks magnificent in her current position. She wiggles her body further down the bed to get more comfortable and she leans down to kiss me. The feel of her body on top of me and the way she is kissing me right now start my nerves on fire.

She pulls her lips away from mine and settles her body into me. She whispers good morning into my ear and her breath there makes my body shake. I could wake up like this everyday. Some part of my brain wants to correct her and tell her it is not morning. That it is in fact, closer to 7:00 p.m. But when she leans further into me and starts kissing and licking my neck I suddenly forget everything but her.

Her arms move along my body and she continues to feast on my neck. I give in to our need for each other and slip my hands under her shirt and caress the skin of her back. She doesn't stop until she feels my body pushing into hers and hears a low moan escape my lips. She pulls away from me and I am left panting and on fire beneath her.

"I'm sorry," She says as if she has anything to feel sorry for. "I think I kind of got carried away. It's just that you were real and here and.."

"It's okay. I know exactly what you mean." I pull her back down to me and wrap my arms around her in a tight hug. I hold her for a long time before I finally let go. I like being here in her arms, *in her bed*. But I really do have to go soon. I certainly don't want to explain to anyone why I left work with Sara, and now I'm wearing the same clothes I was yesterday.

I tell her I need to go. The disappointment is evident on her face, but she understands. I agree to come back and pick her up before shift since we left her car at work.

The next few weeks pass by in a blur. Sara and I spend nearly every morning together after work. Sometimes we go out, sometimes she comes to my place, sometimes I go to her place. Lindsey seems to really like her and I begin to think I may have finally done something right in my life. I have a wonderful daughter, a sister willing to help me raise her, and a girlfriend who is everything I've ever wanted.

Once I explain to my sister that I'm seeing someone she instantly wants to know everything about Sara. I'm surprised that she's not shocked when I tell her that my new someone is a woman. She seems to think it's about time. Which kind of scares me. But when I tell her about Sara, she watches closely as I gush about her. The only things she says is that she wants to meet Sara.

Lindsey is excited as well. I know she doesn't understand the relationship that Sara and I have, but she seems to really enjoy spending time with Sara. They watch movies together, and we've been to the zoo at least three times in the past two weeks. I love that Sara seems to really be trying win me over through my daughter.

We go out and have a good time, and I have even met a few of her friends. I will admit that I, like everyone else, didn't really know she had friends. She spends so much time at work that you would think it would be hard for her to socialize. But she finds the time for her friends and they actually try to get together once every couple of weeks.

Tonight we are going to meet some of her friends at a bar. I am nervous, and Sara noticed right away. She tells me not to worry, that she's already told them everything about me and they can't wait to meet me. I think it makes me more nervous. The evening flies by and I manage to become more comfortable with her friends.

One, Jen, seems to be Sara's closest friend. I'm not sure how it happened, but she managed to get me to dance with her. Though I can barely hear her on the dance floor, she seems to want to take this opportunity to talk with me.

I learn that she and Sara have been friends since before Sara moved to Vegas. She tells me that Sara really has been talking about me nonstop for the past few weeks. She promises that it has only been good things. I also learn that Sara has apparently been pining away for me since that first day.

The song stops and fades into a slow song. I begin to walk off the dance floor only to be pulled back. I think it is Jen that wants to dance, but the familiar embrace belongs to Sara. She pulls me into her arms and holds me close. I haven't been this close to her since the day when she first kissed me. It has been hard, but we're both trying to be good and take it slow.

She holds me tight and our bodies move together perfectly. The music, and the world, fade away while I'm in her arms. Holding her close like this, I forget my promise to myself to be good. I wrap my hand in her hair and pull her lips close to mine.

The kiss is at first soft and slow. I lick her lower lip and feel her melt into me. When I know that she will not pull away from me, I let my hands wander up and down her torso. I play with the skin that is exposed just between her the top of her pants and the hem of her shirt. She whimpers at the soft touches and pushes her mouth against mine harder. She is not satisfied with my lips playing with hers and parts her lips enough to let her tongue slip out and meet mine.

Her hands are firmly gripping my hips, hard enough to leave a temporary mark. She controls the speed of our dancing, but I control our kiss. She holds on tight as I slide my hands under her shirt and play with every bit of skin I touch. I want to know every inch of her skin by feel. Later, I will follow these same paths with my lips and my tongue.

I pull my lips away from hers and lower my head to her shoulder. Even here I am powerless to keep my lips from her skin. The song has once again changed and our bodies have responded in kind. The song is no longer slow, and our dance is more of a grind. We push and pull against each other as I taste the skin of her shoulders and neck.

She is moaning lightly and I feel empowered by her response. I forget where we are and my hands slide further up her shirt. I find the fabric of her bra. The satin fabric is nothing compared to the softness of her skin. She pulls me even closer to her as I hum my appreciation into her neck.

We are brought back to the world we left by someone tapping on my shoulder. I turn to look and there is Jen. I have moved enough away from Sara that she too has regained focus. Jen steals me for a dance and Sara returns to the table where a few of her friends are still sitting.

A slow song starts and Jen puts her hands on my hips and moves me around the dance floor so that I now have a view of the table where Sara is sitting and drinking with her friends. Jen pulls me close and whispers in my ear.

"Quite a show there," She says to me as she smiles. "I almost thought we were going to have put the hose on you two." She is gently laughing as I blush from head to toe. I realize she is right. It had been too long since I was that close to Sara and I think I got carried away.

"Can you see her now?" Jen asks. I only nod in response. "Does she look jealous?" From across the dance floor I can barely see Sara, but I realize that she does indeed look jealous. Again, I nod.

"Good. She's already made the rest of us jealous. We'll just let her simmer for a while." I look at Jen confused. Jen holds me close as we dance to the music and I can see Sara is almost ready to stomp across the dance floor to claim me by the time the song is over.

We head back to the table and Jen sees the look on Sara's face and smiles at me. To Sara, she says, "Easy Tiger. It was just a dance. Not anything like the way the two of you were dancing." The whole table bursts into laughter as Sara and I look at each other and blush.

Sara grabs my hand under the table and orders a final round as last call is announced. We finish the night at the table, drinking and laughing and having the occasional forbidden cigarette. I am slightly inebriated as we leave and am glad that neither of us drove. Sara convinces the bartender to call a cab for us and we head off into the night and say our goodbyes to her friends.

The bar is now closed and we must wait outside for our cab. In the early morning hours Vegas is chilly and Sara lends me the jacket she brought with her. It smells of cigarettes and beer and her. The vague scent of her perfume lingers on the lining. I am suddenly very sober and very awake. I want her to come home with me.

Our cab arrives and we slide into the back. I give the driver my address and we are on our way. We are silent on the way to my house and I have a firm grip on her hand when we get there. I pay the cabbie and leave a generous tip. I'm feeling good.

Sara looks semi-confused, but as I pull her hand to follow me, she does. She has been to my place before, but she has not stayed here. We have not slept together since that first day. We both realized that the 'going slow' would not work out if we did. But I no longer want to go slow. I think it's time to speed things up.

The End

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