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The Proof is in the Eating
By ncruuk


"Where is it?" asked Catherine, clearly frustrated as she stormed into the break room.

"Where is what?" asked Sara, the only occupant, startled by the sudden outburst.

"My evidence."

"What evidence? We've not got a case yet," explained Sara calmly, surprised at Catherine's behaviour.

"The evidence I was processing in the Trace Lab. It was priority!" Catherine looked like she was about to cry.

"I'll come and look with you," suggested Sara, dropping her feet to the floor and pushing up to standing.

"Thanks," said Catherine distractedly, rushing off towards Trace.

"What are we looking for?"


"Catherine, calm down. What sort of evidence?" asked Sara, nodding to Hodges as he walked in the lab.


"Did someone say cookies?" asked Hodges, oozing over to join them.

"Yes, I had a bag in here."

"Chocolate chip?" asked Hodges, looking guilty.

"Yes....you didn't? You ate my evidence!"

"But it wasn't marked....." began Hodges, wondering if he was fired now, only for Sara to interrupt.

"Catherine, why were you about to process some chocolate chip cookies?"

"It's Lindsey's school fete and there's a mother's bake off... I can't be beaten by Mrs Sneildorf for the THIRD year in a row. I need to know her secret!"

The End

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