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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Part three of my trilogy, Mine, Yours, and Ours. We've had Cath-centric, Sofia-centric, and now Sara-centric.
SERIES: Third part of the 'Mine, Yours and Ours' triology following Mine and Yours.
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By Debbie


She watched her lover cross the room, heading for the shower with her long hair swept back into a loose pony-tail, and she remembered the love-making of last night. As always, on these nights, their loving was animated and passionate, and her lover subtly dominant, determined to give her the ride of her life.  

Once again, in her mind's eye, Sara saw the mark that had become her stark reminder of just what Sofia was doing behind her back.


Catherine always left a mark to one side of Sofia's breast, and even if she'd tried to ignore it, she couldn't.

Sofia, happy and content in her relationship with Sara, was also seeing Catherine on the side; she was, to all intents, having an extra-marital affair. Yet Sara hadn't confronted her, quite the opposite; she had accepted it. Both the fact that Sofia was content with her, and the fact that Sofia wanted the other.

The truth was Sara wanted it too, wanted Sofia to want Catherine; had even encouraged it.

Over the years her fights with Catherine had taught her which buttons to press, so it hadn't been difficult to play. Sara's gentle flirting with Sofia, and her subtle encouragement for Sofia to not only befriend Grissom, but to also tread on Catherine's toes, had been the only push Catherine needed to take Sofia as hers.

Once it happened, Sara had seen the change in her colleague and her ownership of Sofia, giving Sara the permission to accept the offer of a lifetime. She'd sunk into her relationship with Sofia, while carefully observing her lover's dance with Catherine.

She knew Catherine gave Sofia something she wanted.

She knew Sofia gave Catherine something she wanted.

She knew she could give them both what they needed.

Every time Sofia came back from the interludes with her other lover, Sara could see the glow and the confidence that oozed out of her partner's being. She knew that, right then, when back with her, Sofia had everything she'd ever dreamed of, she was complete. Tell me, how could anyone want for more?

A soft kiss on her lips announced Sofia's departure.

"See you later, hon."

Sara nodded and waved her goodbyes. Life was good.

Once Sofia had her completion, Sara could feel a change in their own relationship; the days after Sofia's indiscretions were better times in their relationship. Whether it was related to Sofia's guilt, or whether it was Sofia becoming something more, Sara couldn't tell. In truth, she couldn't care less.

She watched them interact, studied how Catherine took her peace from Sofia, and how Sofia willingly let it go. Where once Catherine had been all about getting her calm off anger, it was clear she now got it from the detective.

What if Sara wanted the anger?

Weeks earlier, when confronting Catherine, she had slowly but surely been pushed away. Catherine had refused to resort to anger, just turning to walk away. As Catherine took off, Sara had noticed Sofia watching everything; following Catherine, she'd barely acknowledged her. This wasn't the time.

Again, and Sara knew this was one of the consequences of the whole situation, Catherine remained in total control of her emotions. Catherine was in that place where she could forgo any feelings, for her or for them; the place where she thought she remained in total control of them all.

She knew Catherine would take what she wanted.

She knew Sofia would give what she wanted.

She knew she had what they both needed.

Sara smiled; at least Catherine did have feelings for her. She'd admitted it in so many words.

"But this could never happen."

Sara had tried pulling out what this was, but Catherine had left her then, left her to wait for Sofia to reappear.

Sofia just listened to Sara's words, nodding her head. Then, in a tired but assured voice, had admitted that she couldn't, or rather, wouldn't stop what was going on, and, if Sara couldn't deal with that, she'd… Then, without finishing the sentence, Sofia, too, had left her alone with her thoughts.

It was one of the easiest decisions Sara had ever made, in truth there was no decision to be made.

Ready at last, Sara locked up the home she shared with Sofia and walked the few blocks to their coffee house. Whenever cases allowed, Sofia would take a break and meet her there.

She entered the building to be met by a sight that surprised her; Sofia and Catherine sitting in earnest discussion in their booth. She walked over towards the other two who, for the moment, were oblivious to her arrival, allowing her to catch a few words of the conversation. She coughed, as much to cover her discomfort as to announce her presence.

Sofia's face was pale and Catherine's was flushed, and tears were forming at the corner of Sofia's eyes. She sat down beside her lover, opposite to Catherine, and took Sofia's hand.

"You okay?"


Sara looked towards Catherine and didn't need any confirmation.

"You don't have to do this because of me, you know."

Catherine jumped up, her angry eyes flickering between the two women.

"You fucking amaze me; I'm doing this for ME," she grabbed her stuff. "I really don't need this shit, I'm out of here. You two need to sort yourselves out and quickly."

Sara gazed up at Catherine, and then at Sofia still crying, still stunned.

She started to say something, but Catherine stopped her with a glare.

"No, Sara. Whatever you do, don't fucking go there. Make this right for once. Forget me, both of you, I…"

Sofia came out of her stupor, eyes now blazing.

"But, Cath…?"

"No buts, I don't need this."

Sara watched as Catherine stormed out of the building, a small smile crossing her face. Here it was, the moment they had all been building towards.

Sofia stared at her, and she looked right back. She reached for Catherine's cup of coffee and downed it with a smirk. Then she turned to Sofia and squeezed her hand, "Don't cry, we will get her back."

The End

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