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Perfect Match
By Corbeau's Alcove


On the ride back to work Sara's mind was in overdrive. This trip to the club had proved fruitful but was Bobbie Messina the murderer? It looked good but in the back of her mind was Grissom's well worn line about finding the right pieces for the puzzle; killer, victim, location. Bobbie Messina was known to the victim. She had an intense rivalry and had been conducting in a sexual relationship with her. She was a smoker. Ash was found by Nick outside the opened window. She used matchsticks and Catherine had found one under the bed.

Bobbie was extremely cocky, her display at the club showed that. Sex seemed to be a game to her, but would strangulation fit into her sex games? Would she murder her competition to be rid of it?

Catherine looked over to Sara smiling as she saw Sara rubbing her forehead and sighing. She had seen this before and knew that Sara was trying to find the connection with all the evidence presented so far. She knew she should say something to break the frown beginning to appear but found that she was content to observe her.

Sara felt herself being watched and turned to a smiling Catherine. She returned the smile and reached over to touch Catherine's cheek. Catherine shivered as she touched her. She was amazed that a simple caress could make her so crazy. 'If Sara's hand on my face can elicit such a response I don't think I'm going to survive it if we take this further. To feel her touching my breasts or further down ...' Catherine shook her head causing Sara's hand to drop.

"You okay Cat?" A concerned Sara asked. She had tried to remain focused on the case but Catherine's gentle stare had brought out a sudden raw need to touch her.

"I was just thinking is all," Catherine replied. She wasn't ready to let Sara know exactly what she had been visualizing in the fear it would scare her.

"I was too. About Bobbie Messina." Sara said, locking her hands together and placing them on her lap. Talking about a murder case and touching Catherine was not a good mix.

Catherine thanked Sara's inquisitive mind for the distraction. If she had continued on the path she was just on she was sure she would have pulled the car over and ripped Sara's clothes off. Not an intelligent move when they had another suspect to quiz.

"Oh yes, just what is your wonderful mind telling you about her?" Catherine replied.

"I'm not wonderful Cath, I'm just trying to piece together all the evidence," Sara said shyly. She was used to people calling her smart but when Catherine said it she took it to heart.

"Sara, you have one of the greatest minds I've been proud to appreciate for some time now. The way you'll keep searching for the truth and the passion you bring to every case inspires me to do the same. I'm sorry if that causes you to be embarrassed but it's the truth and something I've wanted to say to you."

Sara was about to respond but found that nothing was coming out of her mouth. Catherine was right, she had trouble taking a compliment. She always thought that listening to praise made you sloppy. If she started to believe it then she'd become complacent and her judgment would slip, making her useless.

Catherine sensed her discomfort and wondered if she had given herself away. It was true, Sara was a very intelligent woman. Catherine had always enjoyed working a case with her and now she was just realising it was more than simply a professional interest. She wondered why she thought she could have fooled herself for so long.

As they pulled into the car park both women were silently musing the shift in their relationship. Sara was amazed that Catherine had noticed her and Catherine was inwardly kicking herself for being so blind to her feelings.

Brass was a saving light for them both. He saw them as they were walking away from the car and went out to meet them.

"Ah, the two CSI's I've been searching for. Miss Messina has been asking for the, and I quote, 'hot little red head' since we got here."

Sara looked to Catherine who simply shrugged her shoulders.

"I'm sure she just wants to make more innuendoes and act like she's the modern day Casanova." Catherine said.

"If she lays a hand on you I'm going to take her down," Sara said through clenched teeth.

Brass laughed, "Is it nice to have your own bodyguard Catherine?"

Catherine placed a comforting hand on Sara's arm.

"It'll be okay Sara."

Sara shook her head and replied, "I'm coming in there with you Cath."

"Sara, I need you to take her DNA sample to Greg and fill Nick in." When she saw Sara was reluctant to leave she was a little more forceful. "Sara, go. Brass will be there with me. She's been all talk I don't think she'll lash out violently."

Sara knew she was being irrational but she found she didn't care. She was sure Bobbie wouldn't attack anyone but there was something about the woman that worried her. She tried to say it wasn't because Bobbie had the charm she lacked but she couldn't. Would Catherine find this woman more appealing? Catherine had given no real indication she found Bobbie attractive but then Sara had been under the assumption that Catherine wouldn't find her attractive either.

She realised she had been silent for a moment and both Brass and Catherine were looking at her.

"Okay, I'll go." With that, Sara walked off. She couldn't stand to look back, afraid that Catherine had seen through her reason.

Catherine and Brass made their way to the interrogation room. Brass was convinced there was more behind that little display than both women were letting on but knew when to keep out of something.

"Miss Messina, you remember Catherine Willows." Brass said, standing behind a seated Catherine.

Bobbie smiled at Catherine. "Catherine, what a lovely name. What can I do for you?"

"Answer some questions for us Miss Messina. About your relationship with Lauren."

"She always tried to beat my d.j set at the club. You see, for years now I've been the best and she came along thinking it was easy to do. She was an average d.j but her looks got her further."

"Well you obviously fell for her looks. Was your sexual relationship one that lasted long?" Brass asked.

Bobbie refused to look at Brass and directed her answer to Catherine.

"Oh it lasted a long time if you know what I mean. If you mean how long were we lovers I'd have to say that she was merely a distraction at times. A source of tension release."

"So the night she died, where were you?" Catherine asked.

"Driving most probably."

"Driving? Alone?"

Bobbie leant across the table to expose her cleavage to Catherine. Catherine's eyes moved down to her chest for an instant but that was all Bobbie needed. She leant back and smiled at Catherine letting her know she'd seen it.

"I was alone. Sometimes, a girl just needs to get away."

"Can you show me your matchbook please, the one you used at the club earlier?" Catherine asked putting on a glove and taking out a plastic zip lock bag from her jacket.

"Honey you collect some weird things. First my clothes and now my matches?"

"Evidence Miss Messina."

Bobbie shrugged and held out her book to Catherine. When Catherine reached out Bobbie held onto her gloved hand. Catherine pulled away sharply.

"Sorry, I love latex on an attractive lady." Was all Bobbie said.

"Miss Messina you're not doing yourself any favors with your current performance. How about cutting the flirting and sexual innuendo and answers our questions. If you didn't kill Lauren why not make more of an attempt to strike yourself off our list of suspects." Brass said becoming frustrated with the situation.

Bobbie ran her fingers through her hair and rolled her eyes.

"Look, it wasn't me. I had sex with her yes. I've been quite forthcoming with my information, I've been nothing but accommodating even when you took my clothes. I was driving around for a while and it was on my own. I can't do anything about that now can I?"

"We'll need you to stay here while we test your clothes and DNA." Catherine said standing up.

Bobbie stood up so she was inches away from Catherine and said, "Listen Spitfire, if you can keep me entertained I'll stay here forever. I don't see myself getting bored with you anytime soon."

Brass pulled Catherine away and stood in-between the two women.

"Sit down or I'll handcuff you."

Bobbie laughed and peered over Brass to lock eyes with Catherine.

"Am I under arrest?"

Brass pulled his handcuffs out and waved them in Bobbie's face.

"No, but I'm sure we can arrange it."

Bobbie blew a kiss to Catherine and stared at Brass in defiance.

"You can't keep me here. I've admitted my involvement and unless you have something else then I'm out of here. If I'm lucky I can still make my shift."

Brass knew she was right. It was circumstantial until they had something more.

"Okay go. Just don't leave the state."

Bobbie smiled and brushed past Brass. She had her hand on the doorknob when she turned and kissed an extremely surprised Catherine.

Brass was frozen on the spot unable to help as Bobbie turned. Catherine, who was also momentarily stunned pulled away from Bobbie who was smiling down at her licking her lips.

"Little Spitfire, what a kiss."

With that Bobbie left Brass and Catherine alone.

Brass coughed to grab Catherine's attention. "Well, that was worth a months pay."

Catherine glared at Brass who looked to the ground.

"Okay, bad joke, sorry."

Catherine turned to leave the room and her stomach fell when she saw Sara standing a few meters away. She made the move towards her but Sara put her hand up and ran past her into the locker room.

Catherine watched her hasty retreat and knew she had to go in there right now. She was sure Sara would be upset but if she let her pace the room like she was sure she was doing; it would give her longer to think up worse case scenarios.

Brass had watched the entire scene unfold and muttered, "definitely something going on."

It took everything in Catherine not to run after Sara. Instead she walked at a brisk speed stopping at the doorway to take a deep breath. She considered knocking but knew Sara would not answer.

"Sara honey?"

"Go away Catherine." Was the muffled response.

"No. Where are you?"

Sara popped her head out of her hiding place. Catherine's heart almost broke when she saw Sara was crying.

On instinct, Catherine moved quickly to comfort her. She whispered "Oh baby," and held her arms out but stopped when Sara backed away.

"I came to tell you the matchstick matched as did the hair and cotton fiber. I knew you'd want to know right away. Imagine my surprise when I see you kissing her!" Sara yelled.

"Sara. Sara, look at me." When Sara didn't comply Catherine stayed where she was and lowered her voice. "Sara, she kissed me. Ask Jim. It was sudden and it was very unexpected. I didn't reciprocate and pulled away immediately."

"I saw your lips touching hers and whilst I haven't had many lovers I know a kiss when I see one. I just wish you could have done it elsewhere and not flaunt it in front of me." Sara said sniffing and wiping her eyes.

"Sara, listen to me. I have no intention of kissing Bobbie ever again. I admit I kissed her but it was purely one sided. She was after me. Through the entire interview she was making comments of a sexual nature. I was all business. She kissed me and I pulled away. There was contact but that is bound to happen when someone forces themselves on you."

"I should have known I wasn't enough for you. Now that you've had your taste of lesbianism you're ready to play the field."

Catherine knew Sara was angry and struggled to keep her own boiling anger under control when answering. "Sara, I am not interested in any other woman. I couldn't imagine ever finding someone more suited to me than you. You fight me, you challenge me, and you inspire me. I have found someone who is my equal. God knows didn't have that with Eddie and I married him!"

"You sure kept your attraction to me secret all this time Catherine, how do you expect me to believe I've made such a big impact on your life? There was a time not long ago where we were nothing more than co-workers. I'm supposed to take you at your word? I've heard that before Catherine and it's never been the truth."

Catherine took Sara's jacket off and threw it on the bench. She clenched her hands at her side and tried to calm herself.

"Sara, I can't help that you've been lied to before. I can't turn back the clock and start being nice to you from day one. I'm not going to pretend we've been best friends. All I can say to you is that I know you. I know how you like your coffee at the start of a shift and that a lot of your paperwork has coffee mug stains on it. I know that sometimes you have trouble with that one bit of your hair kicking out."

Sara took a tentative step towards Catherine as she spoke. Catherine noticed and closed the gap continuing, "I know that sometimes you say you've gone home, only you have stayed all night and showered in here, changing clothes to make Grissom think otherwise. I know that Greg makes you smile even when he's being his most chauvinistic. I know that finding a clue that we've all missed makes you feel like you're part of the group. I know that pulling cars apart and playing with power tools makes you smile."

"I know that you want to kiss me right now even though you're not sure I care about you like you care about me."

At that Sara stepped back and burst into tears once more. This time Catherine hugged her, rubbing her hands up and down Sara's back. She said nothing and simply held her.

Sara had never felt so self-conscious. She was amazed that Catherine hadn't run a mile with her erratic behaviour this shift. She had run the gauntlet of emotions and was somewhat scared that Catherine brought it out in her. She had revealed so much in one day, she was terrified that if she continued a relationship with Catherine she would break down all her barriers leaving her totally bare.

Catherine begun to move away from Sara so she could see into her eyes. They were red and puffy and filled with tears that had yet to drop. Catherine took the sleeve of her sweater and wiped Sara's face softly.

"Oh baby, my Sara."

Sara closed her eyes content to feel Catherine's touch. She was sure Catherine would be finished with her now. She was too unstable.

"I'll be okay, just get it over with fast." She said to Catherine who looked at her; puzzled. "Ending it with me, it's okay, I'll understand."

Catherine kissed Sara softly and hugged her. When she pulled back she smiled. "Sara, I'm sorry."

Sara knew where Catherine was going and stopped her. "It's okay Catherine, I can see why you'd want to flee."

Catherine stopped Sara from getting past her.

"Sara. Listen to me. I am not letting you go. You and I are going to clock out in ten minutes and then you're taking me on that date. Yes, we need to talk, but tonight I just want to go out with the most attractive person I know. I want to show her off. So I'm sorry Sara but you're just going to have to placate me."

Catherine smiled and ran her finger from Sara's collarbone down past her breasts, resting on her stomach. She could feel Sara's breathing quicken and took that as an invitation to slowly run her hand further down so she could put it under Sara's top.

When she reached her destination Sara gasped and grabbed Catherine's head kissing her forcefully. Catherine dueled with Sara's tongue as her hand rose up to touch Sara's bra. Sara bit Catherine's lip when she felt Catherine trace the outline of her very erect nipple.

"Cat, we need to stop." Sara said pulling away.

Catherine laughed a husky laugh and stilled her hand but made no attempt to move it. Sara tried to gain some space between them but was held a willing captive when she felt Catherine's hand slip under her bra.

"Cat, we're at work." Sara said yet offered no resistance.

Catherine pulled back, her eyes wide and mouth slightly open. She grabbed Sara by the hand and pulled her into the showers. She locked the door behind her and faced Sara.

"Come here," Catherine ordered.

Sara was hypnotized by Catherine's command and pressed her body against her. Catherine slid both hands under Sara's top and in a matter of seconds had unclasped her bra. Sara moaned, "Cat, oh God," and leant into Catherine as she felt her breasts being massaged. She yelped when Catherine pinched both nipples simultaneously.

Catherine eagerly accepted Sara's tongue and it explored her mouth. She felt Sara push her against the wall and Sara's knee slide in-between her own. She found that if she pinched Sara's nipple, Sara's knee would spasm, hitting Catherine's centre.

They continued like this for what seemed an eternity until Catherine bit Sara's neck and mumbled, "take your bloody top off." Sara laughed and ignored her. She was on a mission of her own. To see Catherine naked.

Getting Catherine's sweater off was harder than she'd always seen on television. In her haste she had forgotten Catherine's hands were underneath her own top. She heard Catherine giggle at her sigh of frustration and licked her earlobe as punishment. Catherine's groan resonated from her belly. It was a deep sensual sound that made Sara want to cry.

She finally managed to get Catherine's top off and took the opportunity to take her own top and bra off. Catherine's eyes and hands both mapped out the flesh being presented to them.

"My God Sara, you are a Goddess." Catherine whispered.

Sara blushed and ducked her head under Catherine's chin. Catherine pulled her head up and kissed her.

"Sara, don't be shy, you are a work of art." To demonstrate her meaning Catherine kissed both of Sara's breasts. "Amazing."

Sara needed to feel Catherine's flesh against her own. She laughed as she recalled drooling at the sight of Catherine's bra earlier. She also remembered the clasp was at the front and what she had wanted to do to that clasp. Now was her opportunity. She placed both palms flat on Catherine's breasts, her hands covering them. She moved them inward very slowly. When she reached the clasp she pressed Catherine's breasts together and kissed her cleavage. As she undid the bra she stared in stunned silence as Catherine's breasts were exposed to her. She smiled in satisfaction to see Catherine's nipples harden and took even greater pleasure when Catherine moaned as she took one of those nipples into her mouth.

"Catherine it is you who is the work of art." Sara said before taking her other nipple into her mouth. Catherine moaned once more and ran her hands along Sara's shoulders.

Sara stepped back and started undoing her own pants. She looked at Catherine as she unzipped them and pushed them down. Catherine was a wonderful sight in front of her. Nipples wet from Sara's kisses, lips swollen and eyes dark, Sara was afraid she would never want to have Catherine in any other state than what she was in now. She held eye contact until she heard the sound of Catherine's zipper being lowered. She knew that Catherine was following her lead and suddenly all thoughts of seductively teasing her were lost. Instead, Sara wanted to watch Catherine. To see and smell her. To taste her, to make her scream her name.

Catherine grinned as she saw Sara lick her lips. From her years as dancer she had seen lecherous men do the same, often yelling obscenities at her. This dance was different. Catherine wasn't doing it for money or for some perverse satisfaction that those men would never touch her. She was doing it to make Sara happy.

"Sara, I want you to sit down," Catherine said motioning to the bench nearby.

Sara simply nodded, captivated by the woman in front of her. As she sat she realised Catherine was about to perform for her. It excited her.

Catherine took a moment to try to reign in her breathing. She was about to be naked in front of a woman who had come to mean a great deal to her. She hadn't thought their first time to be in the bathroom of their workplace but she knew she couldn't have prevented it even if she wanted to. Instead, she concentrated on Sara. She lowered her pants very slowly, eyes on Sara the entire time. Once they reached her ankles she kicked them off, making sure her breasts moved around. She smiled when she saw Sara gasp and watch with avid fascination as they swayed. Catherine licked her two index fingers and twirled them around her nipples. Sara felt like she would orgasm right there. When Catherine trailed those two same fingers into her aqua underpants Sara was sure she had.

"Cat," was all Sara could get out before Catherine moved to straddle Sara. Their breasts were pressed against each other and causing a delicious sensation for both of them. Their mouths met in a passionate kiss that seemed to go on forever. Catherine pulled away to whisper in Sara's ear, "You make me so wet."

Sara was convinced her heart stopped beating at those words. She ran her trembling hands down Catherine's back and moaned when she felt Catherine's backside. She hadn't realised Catherine was wearing a thong.

Catherine licked, sucked and bit her way across Sara's neck as her hands reached Sara's red underpants. She let her finger lightly trace across the front of them feeling Sara buck off the bench. She stood up and removed her thong and pulled Sara up. She then knelt in front of her and slid Sara's one remaining article of clothing off.

"My Sara, you smell wonderful," said Catherine as she parted Sara's legs. Without warning Catherine licked Sara's outer lips. Sara screamed. It was unexpected but certainly not unwelcome.

"Need to sit," Sara panted.

Catherine pushed Sara onto the bench and resumed her position on her knees. She kissed up Sara's legs running her hands up her calves. When she reached Sara's inner thighs she stopped.

Sara sighed in frustration. "Cath, if you don't continue I'll do it myself."

Catherine laughed as she was kissing Sara's knee. "Honey I think that would arouse me more than it would help you." She knew she couldn't stay away from Sara's center, the need to touch her was so strong.

Catherine looked up at Sara as she returned to Sara's outer lips. Sara was a wonderful sight, watching as Catherine's finger teased her. When Catherine pushed one finger inside Sara, she found she had to push her down with her other hand as she almost jumped off the bench. She pulled her finger out and heard Sara whimper. Unable to tease her anymore she thrust the same finger back in, pulling it out and pushing it back in. Sara's hips dictated the pace as Catherine entered another finger. She smiled in satisfaction, loving the feel of Sara's inner walls and the sounds Sara was making.

"Come on baby," Catherine encouraged Sara to let go. "I'll catch you my love." She looked up and locked eyes once more with Sara. She hoped her eyes relayed the emotion she was feeling.

Catherine felt Sara nearing her climax and bent her head down to Sara's clit. As she touched it with her tongue Sara screamed her name and grabbed at her hair. She continued to play with it as Sara's body shook. Catherine stilled her fingers inside her enjoying the feel of her. She never thought this would feel so good. Sure, she'd explored her own body, but the response of Sara to her touch made her feel incredible. She continued to taste Sara, finding she could not get enough.

Sara's body continued to shake with small tremors. Catherine wanted to prolong Sara's pleasure but Sara pulled her up to kiss her. Catherine's hands moved up Sara's body to play with the breasts she had so rudely neglected. Sara pulled away smiling. "God Cat, no more, please."

Catherine smiled.

"Can't take anymore hey? I thought you young people had stamina."

Sara kissed Catherine one more before replying.

"I have plenty of stamina and you've brought me to numerous wonderful orgasms but I'm aching to touch you."

Catherine laughed.

"We can do that after dinner. We should have left ages ago."

"I want my dessert first." Sara pouted.

Catherine was desperate for release also. Having seen Sara give herself like she had just made her more excited. When Sara started to move her hands down to Catherine's curls she knew that Sara would indeed, as she put it, have her dessert first.

"You know you can't deny me Catherine, I can feel and smell your arousal." Sara said easily slipping a finger into her.

Catherine gasped as Sara entered her. She pulled Sara down so they were kneeling in front of each other. Sara smiled and pulled her finger out so she could flick Catherine's clit. Catherine bit down on Sara's shoulder and Sara realised she liked being branded. She did it again and it elicited the same response.

"Catherine, you feel so wonderful," Sara said and she pushed two fingers into Catherine; hard and fast.

Catherine screamed as she ground her centre into Sara's hand, her juices flooding Sara's palm. Sara continued to stroke her gently then harder, creating a frenetic pace. To allow Catherine a full release, Sara found Catherine's swollen clit and pressed it with her thumb.

Catherine was on sensory overload as she had an orgasm over and over again. Sara held her as she came down, pulling her fingers out and placing Catherine on the floor. She grinned at Catherine and placed her head in-between her thighs grabbing Catherine's clit and sucking on it. Catherine began chanting Sara's name as Sara licked up all of Catherine's juices. When she was satisfied Catherine had had enough she kissed her stomach and rested beside her.


Sara was perfectly silent as she listened to Catherine's heartbeat. It was slightly fast but considering what had just transpired she wasn't surprised. This shift had not ended the way she had thought. Her routine was so entrenched in her psyche; coffee, shower, police scanner, fantasize about Catherine, more coffee and lots of overtime. If she was lucky she'd get some sleep that wasn't interrupted by the hollowness she felt in the early hours of the morning.

Now she was, once again, at work longer than her shift with one subtle difference. She wasn't showering to forestall the look of concern from her co-workers when she showed up in the same outfit, she was lying with her fantasy in her arms after having exhilarating sex.

She kissed Catherine's neck and wrapped her arm around her. Catherine had felt her movement and sat up bringing a naked Sara with her. "Hon, we need to get out of here," Catherine said.

"I'm quite happy to stay here," Sara replied letting her hand drop to Catherine's breast.

Catherine removed the hand that had brought her to numerous orgasms a while back, kissing it then using it to pull Sara up.

"Sara, as much as I want to stay here and ravish you once more we need to get out of here. I need to sleep, shower and pretty myself up. I have a date."

Sara smiled.

"A date? Anywhere special? You better demand it's somewhere swank."

Catherine kissed Sara, pulling away before she forgot about leaving.

"I don't care when or where I have my date, it's the person that counts. Just between you and me, my date is worth that and more. Now help me find my bra will you, I don't want to explain to Grissom why we were both here late," Catherine said searching for her clothes.

Sara had pulled her pants on and was standing in the room watching Catherine get dressed. Catherine looked over and smiled.

"See something you like?"

Sara simply smiled and finished getting changed. She walked over to Catherine and whispered in her ear, "I prefer seeing you take off your clothes." With that she pulled Catherine's sweater down and unlocked the door.

Catherine knew she had to compose herself before following Sara out. She couldn't wipe the smile off her face and knew that if anyone asked her where she was she would want to sit them down and give them a detailed description.

"Cath, you coming?" Sara said popping her head back.

Catherine smiled and nodded. Sara returned the smile and blew her a kiss. She motioned for Catherine to lead the way and almost laughed out loud when she saw Catherine's over exaggerated hip movements.

"Sara! Sara!" Greg yelled bounding after her like an excited pup.

Sara groaned, knowing Greg was about to bumble his was through a breakfast invitation.

"Yes Greg?" Sara asked hoping she sounded a little interested.

"I was wondering how things went with the hot d.j Brass brought in. I hear she locked lips with Catherine. I would have loved to see that interview!"

"Greg, I don't know how you get half your gossip but that woman forced herself upon Catherine and I really don't think she'd like you discussing her life like it's the latest hot piece of gossip," Sara said moving close to Greg in an aggressive move.

Greg had the good grace to look embarrassed and spoke, "Hey no harm meant by it."

Sara softened her tone when replying, "Greg, I think it would be best to put this latest bit of gossip to rest." Sara patted him on the back as she walked past him to where Catherine was waiting.

"Sara, I'm sorry. Please don't tell Catherine." Greg yelled.

Sara didn't turn to reply, she was already thinking of Catherine and where she wanted to take her on their first date.

Nick was exiting his office, duffel bag slung over his shoulder. He saw Sara heading to the exit and stopped her, "Sara, wait."

In her head, Sara screamed in frustration. She turned to face Nick not replying, hoping he was simply saying bye.

"Working late again?" Nick said putting his cap on.

"Actually I'm on my way out. Cath and I were working on the case and time got away from us so we're going to have breakfast."

Nick smiled.

"Excellent, mind if I come? We can talk particulars and who knows, maybe by next shift we'll have a tighter case. Grissom will be impressed."

"Ah, well we're not really talking about the case Nick, we're uh, just talking girls stuff." Sara said in the hope that Nick would back off.

Nick grinned and, slinging an arm around Sara's shoulders, "Since when do you not talk about work? Plus you and Catherine talking about broken hearts and all that, well you're not that close."

"We are getting there Nick, that's why this kind of thing is good for us. You know how hard it is for me to open up, I think having a good girly chat is good for me." Sara replied.

"Well I need to eat too so I'll come for some food and then make like the wind when the two of you start talking about tampons and who the cutest boy is," Nick said laughing.

Sara knew she wasn't going to shake Nick. He was incredibly persistent. She just hoped Catherine

would understand.

Catherine was on the phone when both Sara and Nick came into view. When Nick saw Catherine he smiled and jogged over to her. He waited for her to hang up and then spoke, "Heya Cath, Sara invited me to breakfast."

Catherine's eyes darted up in surprise. She hoped this wasn't Sara's tactic to distance herself from her. When Sara saw the shock in Catherine's face she smiled softly before replying. "Nick invited himself. When I told him it was going to be you and I talking about make-up he simply had to join us to get some tips," Sara said playfully punching his arm.

Catherine smiled despite the situation and opened the car door.

"Okay kids, hop in."

Nick kissed Catherine's cheek as he got in the back seat.

Sara held her hand out to help Catherine into the car. A completely unnecessary gesture but Sara wanted to touch her. Catherine held her hand firmly making Sara look up.

"Sorry," was all Sara said.

Catherine winked and then said loudly, "okay I hope we are all ready. By the way Nick, you're buying us breakfast."

Before Nick could reply Catherine turned the radio on. Sara sat back, laughing. It turned out to be contagious and soon Nick and Catherine joined in.

When they pulled up at the cafe Nick was first out. He had promised to get the best table and order their first pot of coffee.

Sara was itching to touch Catherine and was impressed at her self control through the ride. Catherine reached to turn the radio off and found her hand trapped by Sara's.

"I've been dying to touch you," Sara said.

Catherine gasped when Sara placed their joined hands on Sara's centre. She felt like she had been burnt, Sara seemed to be generating such heat through her pants Catherine was almost afraid to find out just how hot Sara's flesh was.

"Sara, we need to get out of the car because I don't think explaining to Nick why I had my hand on the inside of your pants would be a very comfortable conversation."

Sara moaned when Catherine's hand begun to rub at her crotch.

"Let's just drive away," Sara suggested, her breathing becoming quite fast.

Catherine stilled her hand yet did not move it away.

"We can't Sara, we'll just go in there, eat very quickly so I can take you home and finish this."

Somehow both Catherine and Sara managed to get out of the car. Sara wondered if she was walking like her centre was on fire because she was sure it had burnt a hole right through the fabric.

"Cath, Sara, over here," Nick yelled waving his hand to get their attention.

"We have coffee, we eat and then we leave him here," Sara whispered.

Catherine couldn't contain the smile she had felt permanently plastered on her face since first kissing Sara.

"Nicky, thanks for the coffee. You know how Sara gets if she doesn't have that coffee flowing through her veins like artificial blood," Catherine said, joking. She used the friendly joke as a chance to place her hand on Sara's thigh. Sara almost chocked on her drink when she felt Catherine move her hand further up.

Nick handed Sara a glass of water in concern.

Once Sara stopped coughing she stood up, eyes watering, and motioned to the toilets. She needed a moment to compose herself and to get away from Catherine's teasing. She loved it of course but she knew her body's responses and if Catherine continued she was sure she'd climax right there in the booth.

As she sat on the toilet wiping her eyes she heard a knock on the door. 'Doesn't that woman see the engaged sign?'

"I'm in here," Sara said.

"I know, let me in Sara or I'm going to crawl under the door."

Sara's breath hitched. She wasn't sure if letting Catherine in was a good idea. Her throbbing centre won the battle over her rational mind and she unlocked the door. Catherine smiled a wicked grin and entered, locking the door behind her.

"Nick thought I should see how you are and I agreed, considering I made you choke."

Catherine let her hands creep under Sara's top to feel her breasts. She smiled when she felt Sara

push herself into the gentle touch.

Sara pulled Catherine's face to hers and kissed her. Her tongue teased Catherine's lips trailing over the top and then the bottom. When Catherine tried to pull Sara's tongue into her mouth she pulled back. Catherine groaned in frustration and pinched her nipples harshly.

Sara hissed at the sensation feeling a pool of wetness filling her underpants. She knew Catherine could hold out longer and resisted the urge to further tease her. She plunged her tongue into Catherine's mouth. They began a delectable parrying and Sara was worried she would orgasm without Catherine attending to her throbbing centre.

Catherine pulled her hands away from Sara's breasts and began to undo her pants. Sara almost sighed in relief as she felt two fingers enter her. She was more than ready for the penetration and pushed down on them. Catherine wrapped her other arm around Sara to hold her up and they continued to kiss. Sara didn't take long to climax and when she did she bit down on Catherine's lower lip, blood flowing from the split.

Sara's breathing returned to normal and she moved her head away. Her desire for Catherine was momentarily distracted by the small amount of blood that was coming down Catherine's lip. Catherine licked at it tasting a metallic substance. With one hand still inside Sara she simply smiled and flicked Sara's clit. Sara yelled out, surprised at Catherine's move. She would have fallen had Catherine not been holding her up.

"Catherine, I'm not going to survive long if we continue like this," Sara said resting her head on Catherine's shoulder.

Catherine slowly extracted her fingers from Sara causing her to wobble on her legs once more. She brought the wet digits up to her mouth and licked them clean, wincing when she realised her lip was split.

Sara saw the look on her face and realised she had put it there. She felt incredibly bad. "Cat, I'm so sorry about that." Sara ripped a piece of toilet paper of to dab the wound. "It's still bleeding. Oh shit baby, I'm so sorry."

Catherine let Sara take care of her wound enjoying the look of tenderness of her face. She hated to admit it but she liked a rough Sara during sex. It would hurt for a while but she didn't care.

"Sara, it's fine. Really." Catherine said unlocking the door to look at the damage in the mirror. With any wound in that area it always looked worse than it was. She recalled a time when Lindsay ran up to her after falling over. The blood was coming from a small wound on the inside of her mouth but the blood was oozing out. Catherine had first thought she had bitten her tongue off. Dramatic yes, but damn it she was a mother and allowed a moment like that every now and then.

Sara wasn't sure what else to say so she wrapped her arms around Catherine from behind.

"How do we explain it to Nick?" Sara asked.

Catherine shrugged, "Tell him you hit me with the door?"

Sara kissed Catherine's neck and let her arms travel to cup Catherine's sex. Catherine's moan was swallowed by Sara's mouth as she gently kissed her.

Catherine broke away from the kiss and looked at their reflection. Sara was sucking her neck and undoing her pants. Catherine thought they looked beautiful, hair messed up, and Catherine's rocking motion moving them both as Sara slipped Catherine's pants down so she could access her easily.

Sara circled Catherine's clit before pressing down on it. Catherine grabbed Sara's hand and moved it to her opening. Together they felt how ready Catherine was. Sara took one of Catherine's fingers and pushed it into her own centre.

Catherine had never touched herself with a lover present. She found it was incredibly erotic. She increased the pace of her finger and moaned when Sara entered her with one finger of her own. She released her own finger and Sara took control pushing a second finger in, thrusting and twisting.

Catherine jumped in shock as Sara repeated the process until Catherine was sure she had imploded. She let her orgasm fill her and pulled Sara's head in for a searing kiss, her moan vibrating into Sara's mouth.

When they both regained some semblance of reality they checked each other for any tell tale songs of what they were doing in the toilets. Catherine's lip was swollen and Sara kissed it gently before pulling away. She was about to leave the toilet when Catherine called her back.

"Just wanted to tell you you're incredible sexy," and with that Catherine pinched her bottom and walked back to the booth. Nick was ordering for everyone when he noticed Catherine's lip.

"My God Catherine, what happened?"

"Oh it was nothing Nicky, had an argument with the door and it won."

"I was wondering what the two of you were doing, you women always take so long in the toilets. For a bloke it's simply piss, flush and wash."

Catherine smiled as Sara sat next to her. Turning to Nick she said, "like in everything Nicky us women like to take our time."

Catherine's cell begun to ring as she reached for her coffee. She answered it as the waitress was bringing over their food. "Willows? Hey sweetie. Yes I'm coming home soon. She did, okay then. Will her mother be there? Yes Linds I know, okay. Love you." She turned to Sara and said, "I'm going to have to dash. Lindsay is sleeping over at a friends and needs me to wash her favourite top."

Nick spoke with bacon in his mouth, "Cath go, Sara and I can call a cab. We'll get the waitress to put your food in a take-away bag."

Sara didn't want to stay there with Nick and Catherine knew it. She wasn't sure how she could get

her out of there.

Sara got out of the booth so Catherine could slide out. As she was getting up she held her head

and leant against the table. Nick was up in a shot to make sure Catherine didn't fall but couldn't get there before Sara.

"Cath, you okay?" Nick asked.

"I, phew, I got up and the room kind of spun." Catherine said enjoying being wrapped in Sara's arms.

"Well you can't drive like that, I'm going to drive you." Sara said taking Catherine's keys. She turned to Nick who waved her out.

"Go Sara, I'll be fine."

Sara smiled and wrapped one arm around Catherine's waist.

"Hang on Cat, I'll get you to your car."

Catherine snuggled into Sara's neck wanting desperately to kiss it.

"Bye Nick, sorry about this." Catherine said.

"You just take it easy Cath. Sara, you make sure she takes it easy." Nick said getting up to open the door for them.

Sara helped Catherine into the car and walked around to the drivers door.

"We'll see you at work Nick." Sara said over the rev of the engine.

As they drove out of the car park Sara turned to Catherine.

"Hey baby, you okay?"

Catherine laughed and Sara looked at her puzzled. "What is it Cat?"

"Sara, I'm fine. That dizzy spell was a ploy to get you out of there with me."

"What? I thought you were really ill. You had me worried."

Catherine felt bad for deceiving Sara and reached across to hold Sara's hand.

"I'm sorry baby, it was the only thing I could think of. Forgive me?" Catherine pleaded.

"Well I don't know, you may have to make it up to me." Sara said grinning.

"Oh honey, that won't be hard at all."

Sara sat at the entrance of the car park not sure which way to go. She thought it was somewhat amusing that she had shared this intense encounter with her yet had no idea where Catherine's house was.

"Ah Cat, I don't know how to get to your place."

Catherine laughed and proceeded to give her directions. Soon they were on the road and the enormity of the situation waiting for them at Catherine's set in.



They both laughed as they tried speaking at the same time. Catherine motioned for Sara to go first.

"Catherine, I'm not sure if I should come in with Lindsay there."

Catherine frowned at Sara's comment.

"Why not? She's seen my work mates before."

"I know that, but I was the one who worked the case with Eddie. I don't think she should have that dragged up again."

Catherine sighed. She knew that case would come up, she hadn't thought it would be so soon.

"Listen Sara, there are things about that case that we need to discuss but Lindsay seeing you is not going to cause her to relive that moment. Would it make you feel better to know she remembers that night all the time? Even the simplest thing can set her off. I can't even begin to tell you how bad it gets when it's raining out." Catherine said. She knew she had been less than supportive of Sara during that case. She also knew of the heartache she felt when Lindsay had called her. To think that her bastard ex-husband had managed to leave that lasting legacy ripped her apart.

Sara knew they were entering some serious territory. Did she really want to discuss her emotions on that case while they were on such a high?

"Catherine, I don't think I was thinking purely of Lindsay to be honest. I was thinking of my own failure to solve the case. I can still see the look of disgust you held for me. The way I wanted to hold you when you were suffering but knew that you'd accept help from anyone but me. It's the cases I can't solve that take a bit of me, that makes me the passionate and dedicated person you said you admired."

Catherine wanted to change the subject. She didn't want to be feeling low when she saw Lindsay. She had let her down the night of the case. To be comforted by her daughter and she lay sobbing on her bed made her feel inadequate as a parent.

"Sara, can we please talk about something else? I want you to come inside with me and I just

want to leave it at that for now."

Sara wasn't sure what would be better for them but she agreed.

When they pulled into the driveway Catherine kissed Sara's cheek and whispered, "You're beautiful."

Sara blushed and came close to declaring her undying love for this woman but was distracted by the display of unbridled affection Catherine radiated when Lindsay ran to the car.

"Mom, we need to find my top. Angie said that she has to, has to, wear it tonight when we go bowling."

Catherine laughed and twirled Lindsay around.

"Don't I even get a hello?"

Lindsay sighed and kissed her mom on the cheek. "Hello mom. Now can we find my top?"

Sara sat in the car unwilling to interrupt the mother daughter interaction. Lindsay pulled at

Catherine's hand and whispered, "Is Sara coming inside?"

Catherine looked at Sara and smiled.

"Only if she wants to," Catherine said making it known to Sara that it was her choice.

Sara knew this moment would be an important step in their relationship. She killed the engine and exited the car. She stuffed her hands in her pockets and smiled shyly. "Hi Lindsay."

"Hi." She turned her attention back to Catherine, "mom we need to find it now."

Catherine shrugged and followed the anxious Lindsay into the house with Sara trailing behind. She wasn't sure how to react but she was glad she had decided to follow Catherine and the little tornado formally known as Lindsay into the house.


"Come on mom, hurry!" Demanded Lindsay as she ran from the front door to what Sara assumed was the laundry. She smiled when she saw Catherine being forcefully encouraged to follow her.

Sara realised that simply being in her own house gave Catherine a sense of relaxation even with having to contend with Lindsay. Sara felt a little out of place, she was uncomfortable around new situations at the best of times. Hell, she didn't even find herself completely at home when she opened the door of her flat. Now to be in the house of her lover with a child to boot; Sara felt like fleeing.

"Sara?" Catherine had approached Sara without the latter noticing. When she spoke that one word, Catherine could see Sara was lost in thought.

"Thinking about the case?" Catherine inquired. She had hoped that Sara wasn't regretting coming inside. It was a big step for her to make and Catherine appreciated it. However, she didn't feel that she should make a big deal of it and thank her. She wanted it to feel natural, like she had been at Catherine's a thousand times. Only she knew it wasn't that simple. Sara wasn't just a co-worker visiting after a hard shift. She was entering into the home of the woman she'd had sex with twice in one day who happened to be her co-worker. Not the ideal time to load Sara down with platitudes.

Sara knew her silence was going to worry Catherine but when she tried to formulate a response she found her mouth did not want to open. Could she let Catherine know that she didn't feel like she belonged in the middle of this domestic scene, that Sara didn't know the first thing about children? That she was out of her depth because she wanted Catherine so much it tore her apart to realise this relationship could go nowhere?

"Sara, speak to me," Catherine pleaded. She hated the sound of her voice, it sounded too much like Lindsay when she wanted something that was being denied to her. She reached out to grasp Sara's hand only to pull back when Sara refused the contact.

"Sara Sidle, what is going on?" Catherine demanded in her best 'mother' tone.

Lindsay had appeared at that stage and made a clicking sound in the back of her throat, "Oh no Sara, you're in trouble."

Sara felt like she was drowning. She wished Catherine could read her mind. She wanted nothing more than to be with Catherine but in all the time she had fantasized about her Lindsay was not part of the grand plans. That wasn't to say Lindsay was an unwelcome part of Catherine's life. She had never really thought of the consequences of embarking upon a relationship with a woman who had a child. A child whose father had recently perished and couldn't find closure because she had not done enough on the case.

She felt four pairs on eyes on her, all distinctly belonging to a member of the Willows family. She knew she had to say something.

"I'm just a little tired."

She could tell be Catherine's face and posture that she wasn't buying it and knew she wouldn't accept that. Sure enough she was right when she heard Catherine tell Lindsay to pack for her sleepover.

Once Lindsay had retreated to her room Catherine spun around, her temper on the verge of spilling out. "Okay Sara, what is going on? I want the truth."

"I told you Cath, I'm tired. Someone wore me out with some strenuous exercise," Sara joked, hoping levity would slice through the building tension.

"Bull. You've been acting increasingly distant since the drive here. In fact, there have been times today where you've completely clammed up. I need to know what is bothering you."

"Catherine, I'm not an easy person to solve in one conversation. I have enough insecurity to fill five Yankee Stadium's. You can't know all of me at once, there's a natural progression in a relationship where you learn bits and pieces before getting to the core."

"I don't need relationship advise from you Sara. I think I've had more successful attempts at it thank you."

"Is this going to be about your past as a dancer Catherine because I think we all know you shook your booty to music, you don't need to remind me." Sara said, frustrated. This conversation was not going where she had first intended.

"Oh so now you're going to have a go at my less than illustrious past? I've lived my life differently to you but that's not a crime. I'd rather be where I am then still stuck at home because I couldn't afford to leave. I have a wonderful daughter out of it and that is something I won't trade for anybody or anything."

Sara stood up from the couch that had moved over to, "oh and I have nothing to show for my life, is that what you're saying Catherine? That I'm nothing more to you than a project? You want to mould me into you? I'm sorry but I'm not up for that. I deserve better than to be pitied and indulged. Oh poor Sara she had a crush on her older more experienced co-worker, I'm going to do my good deed for the day and have some sex with her?"

Catherine knew she shouldn't raise her voice when Lindsay was at home. She had gone through that when Eddie was alive, he was able to push her buttons so easily and she had a fiery temper to match. Seeing her mom in another shouting match would probably bring up the memories of Eddie and she wanted to protect her daughter from that.

"Sara, I really though we'd have something that was worth more than a quick fling. I'm starting to see why you were so blind to Hank's betrayal. You don't invest in relationships and I'm sorry, but if this is going to be how it is every day then I want no part of it."

Lindsay had heard the argument and decided to run out to see what the commotion was. She saw Sara pacing the room and her mother sitting on the lounge and knew her mother was teetering on an explosion, so she decided to interrupt.

"Mom, can we have something to eat before I go?"

Catherine's face changed as soon as she heard Lindsay's voice.

"Sure baby cakes, what you would like?"

"I think we should go have pancakes!" Lindsay exclaimed.

Sara was about to try and sneak out but felt a hand tug on her sleeve. She looked down to see Lindsay smiling expectantly at her. "Sara can drive."

"Ah Linds honey, Sara may not want to come, I'm sure she has things to do at home." Catherine said, pulling Lindsay away from Sara.

"Oh, Sara can you come too? Mom can have someone to talk to while I play in the jungle gym there. It's really cool."

Sara didn't know why she said yes but she found herself being handed the keys by Lindsay. She tried to make eye contact with Catherine but found she was deliberately avoiding her. This trip was going to be fun, she thought sarcastically.

Lindsay didn't stop talking all the way to Penny's Pancake Kingdom to which both women were pleased about. As she bounded out of the car, Lindsay told her mom that she was glad Sara was coming. Sara heard the declaration and looked at Catherine to see her reaction. Her stomach fell when Catherine still refused to make eye contact with her. Was she serious about ending this? If only she could have simply been satisfied with the fact that Catherine wanted her.

"Catherine, wait." Sara said, grabbing Catherine as she walked past her.

"Sara I don't want to fight in front of Lindsay but as far as I'm concerned we're over. If you won't tell me what's going on in your mind how can I be sure this is what you want. Maybe you should stick with your fantasies, that way everything can turn out how you like it and you won't ever have to reveal anything." Catherine said, tearing her arm away from Sara's touch.

Sara felt tears drop down her cheeks. She felt her heart breaking with Catherine's retreat and wanted nothing more than to crawl up into a small ball and close herself off from the world. The woman who had come to mean more to her than her own existence had been in her grasp and she had let it slip away.

She stood in the car park for what seemed a lifetime. It all felt too much like a sad love film minus the symbolic rain. She wiped her eyes and made her way into the pancake place determine to win Catherine back.

When she got inside she saw Catherine and Lindsay laughing and throwing paper airplanes across the table. Sara knew then and there that she wanted to be a part of it. The happy family, the feeling of security that came with it. She only wished it came with a detailed reference book, she'd always been good with cold hard facts.

"Hey Sara, we ordered you a Coca-Cola." Lindsay said laughing as Catherine's misdirected shot landed at Sara's feet.

Sara bent down to pick it up and smiled at Lindsay.

"Thanks Lindsay, that was thoughtful of you." Sara said putting the plane on the table. She considered sitting next to Catherine but decided against it. Instead she sat with Lindsay.

"It wasn't my idea Sara, mom said we should get you a drink. I picked it though. Coke is my favourite." Lindsay said sliding over to sit closer to Sara.

Sara stared at Catherine's face hoping to gauge her mood. She was still avoiding eye contact but there was no steam billowing from her ears like there was before.

"Well thank you both. So, Lindsay what should I order?" Sara asked. She hoped that by interacting with Lindsay she would begin to feel more comfortable and she could allay her fear and doubt to Catherine after they had eaten.

Lindsay linked arms with a surprised Sara and read off her menu.

"I think you should get the apple cinnamon stack. Mom gets that and always says it's really good."

Sara smiled at Lindsay before replying.

"Well if you're mom says they are good I'm sure she's right. I'll get that. Catherine, are you going to get it too?" Sara asked.

"I'm not hungry, I think I'll just get some coffee." Catherine replied.

Lindsay poked Sara in the ribs before requesting she make her mom eat something. Sara wasn't sure how she should proceed but was saved by Catherine's reply.

"Linds I'm not hungry, I'll eat when we go home. If I get hungry when the food is here I'll take some of yours," Catherine said laughing.

"No mom, you can't eat mine but you can share with Sara if you want."

Sara smiled and couldn't help but tease Catherine. "You'd have to arm wrestle me for it and you have no chance of beating me."

Lindsay giggled and held out her hand. "Sara can you arm wrestle me?"

Catherine couldn't help but smile despite the situation. She may have called their relationship off but she couldn't deny the attraction she felt for Sara. To have her joking and showing that beautiful smile just reminded Catherine of how much she cared for her.

Sara and Lindsay kept themselves busy arm wrestling until the food came. Sara saw the stack of pancakes in front of her and realised just how hungry she was. 'Having sex will do that to you,' she mused, 'and if I'm hungry I'm sure Catherine is too.'

Sara cut one pancake up and placed a generous portion on her fork. She waved it in Catherine's face taunting her. She could see Catherine was hungry and dared her to take the piece off her fork. Catherine relented and allowed Sara to feed her. She shifted in her chair when she saw Sara place the fork in her own mouth immediately licking the bit of cinnamon that remained.

Sara didn't want to tease Catherine as a ploy so she would change her mind about them, so she began to eat the stack on her own, chatting to Lindsay and occasionally looking over to Catherine. She wasn't sure what would happen once Lindsay grew tired of this place. She was sure Catherine wouldn't invite her back to her home.

"Lindsay, how is school?" Sara asked, smiling as Catherine attacked her daughters food.

"It's really cool. We had a new teacher for a few weeks, Miss Vale, who loves science. I told her my mom works with science and she wanted to meet her. She asked mom out on a date."

Sara wondered if she should stop drinking and eating because she had almost choked again. She looked to Catherine who was blushing.

"Lindsay, we don't need to tell Sara this." Catherine warned but Lindsay wasn't paying attention. She had a story to tell and she wasn't going to let a grown up, even if it was her mother, spoil it.

"Yeah, she said that mom was really smart and that she'd love to take her to dinner and discuss mom's work. Mom said no. I thought it was because Miss Vale was my substitute teacher and she didn't want people to make fun of me."

Sara nodded and peered at Catherine who was signaling for the cheque.

"But she's no longer my teacher and I told mom it would be okay."

"Lindsay honey she wasn't asking me on a date. She just wanted to have dinner with a friend." Catherine said.

"But mom, you told me she was a lesbian." Lindsay replied.

"Just because she's a lesbian doesn't mean she wanted to go out with me, Linds, we talked about this."

Lindsay leant into Sara and whispered, "Miss Vale said mom was way smart and mom told her that there was a woman who she worked with that was smarter than she'd ever be."

Sara blushed and reached for her drink. She wanted to drill Lindsay for more information but knew she was already on thin ice with Catherine. Instead she looked over to her and asked, "who is the woman smarter that you Cath?"

Catherine mumbled her reply.

Sara smiled.

"Sorry Cath, I didn't hear you."

Catherine looked at Sara, granting her eye contact since their fight and said, "you Sara. I was talking about you." Catherine leant across the table to touch Sara's hand before continuing. "It's always been you."

Sara began to cry once more only this time she wasn't sad. She felt the emotion in Catherine's voice and the warmth in the gentle hand holding her own. She didn't want to push it so she took a deep breath and spoke right from her heart. "It's always been you too Cat."

Lindsay coughed to catch their attention. They both broke apart and looked to Lindsay.

"Can we go now, I've got a sleepover to go to."

Catherine laughed at the absurdity of the past day. She paid the waitress and kissed her daughter's head before heading out to the car. Lindsay grabbed Sara's hand and the two of them walked to the car laughing about Miss Vale. Catherine watched the scene unfold and wiped away a single tear that fell. She had been harsh to call things off with Sara. She knew being with Sara wouldn't be a Hallmark film. Sara Sidle was a complex individual and she wasn't going to give up on her despite this early bump in the road.

She had been searching for the missing part of her life, she'd been looking for it like it was another one of her cases. Watching Sara tickle Lindsay, Catherine knew, this was perfection. This was home.

Part 10

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