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Diary Entry
By ralst


Catherine looked through her diary and sighed; date after date with nothing of interest except PTA meetings she couldn't attend, and an approaching birthday she'd rather forget. It wasn't that she lacked offers to fill up the pages; she was, as anyone who knew her could attest, a desirable woman who was much in demand by the men of Las Vegas, but that didn't help when she couldn't seem to work up an ounce of desire in return.

Doodling in the corner of a page, Catherine looked out through the open door of the break room, and towards the intensely arguing forms of Gil and Sara. She might not have understood the attraction, at least on Sara's side, but the two of them did at least appear to have passion; it would all end in tragedy, she was sure, but for the moment she was the tiniest bit envious. If two such socially inept people could manage to find someone, no matter how ridiculous, it just made her own plight seem all the more pathetic.

Warrick walked past the door, momentarily blocking Catherine's view of the arguing couple, and reminding her of the half formed crush she'd once had on her younger friend. He was a handsome man, to be sure, but the ring on his finger had forever taken him out of commission, at least as far as Catherine was concerned. It was a pity, really, Warrick had been the last 'nice' guy she'd felt anything for in years, and that had ended before it could even begin, in embarrassment and momentary resentment.

A further perusal of her diary left Catherine even more depressed. Counting back she realised it had been over three months since her last date, and closer to five since she'd engaged in anything racier than a kiss on the cheek goodnight. It was pitiful, and just another sign of her waning interest.

Movement out in the hallway once again drew her attention and she found herself captivated by the sight of Sofia Curtis sauntering through the corridor. Sofia had always been an attractive woman, but since her move to the PD she'd been positively radiant, and totally oblivious to the appreciative looks that followed her every move. Catherine couldn't believe that a woman like Sofia was as starved for romance as she was, but the woman had told her so herself, so she could at least take refuge in the fact she wasn't alone. It was little comfort.

There were times when Catherine really didn't understand people; how could anyone in their right mind let a catch like Sofia slip through their fingers? Admittedly the woman was probably too much for most men, but there had to be someone out there strong enough to appreciate the detective. If she'd have been a man ... or if Sofia had been a little less straight ... she would have charmed the woman off her feet months ago. There really was no excuse for letting someone like Sofia sit on the shelf.

As if called by her thoughts, Sofia turned in Catherine's direction and smiling at the older woman, entered the break room. "Hey Cath."


Sofia looked down at the empty diary, a small smirk on her face. "You free this evening, after shift?"

"What for?" The last thing Catherine wanted was to be set up on some blind date; she wasn't that much of a loser.

"I thought we could have dinner." Sofia scribbled something in that evening's blank space. "Then dancing." She turned a page and scribbled something else on Saturday's entry. "Then back to my place." Another page was turned and another date was marked. "Then..." She scribbled another entry, a teasing smile on her face daring Catherine to deny her suggestions.

Catherine looked through her diary and grinned; date after date with one more enticing entry after another, and an approaching birthday which Sofia had suddenly promised would be one she'd never forget.

Closing the diary, Catherine turned to smile at the waiting detective, before standing up and placing a kiss on the other woman's cheek. "See you tonight, Detective."

The End

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