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Roll With The Flow
By Debbie


"Is that a beaver?"

Catherine Willows was at the annual Easter Monday junior baseball league's Easter egg roll.

"Where mommy?"

Pointing to a tall brunette and a dark haired boy, "Over there on that woman's head?"

"Don't be silly, Mommy, that's a Davy Crockett hat." chided Lindsay Willows.

"Um, yeah, ok. So, who's the boy?"

"Mommy! That's Jimmy. He's cool. He's the boy I told you about, knows all the 51ers. Way cool. I'd love to be his friend."

"Well, use those skills you've learned and roll these eggs as close as possible and leave the rest to me," grinned Catherine.

Sure enough, Lindsay rolled a perfect egg, right to the feet of Jimmy, while Catherine's egg landed a foot from his female companion.

Running down the hill after their eggs Catherine and Lindsay were giggling uncontrollably when they reached Jimmy and the brunette woman.

Catherine looked into the eyes of the woman and said, "My little girl's egg landed at your little boy's feet, he's been tagged. The Willow's family tradition is to ask the tagged for a kiss and a hug."

Jimmy looked bemused and looked into the eyes of his 'mother'. Seeing her shrug and subtle nod, the excited little boy grabbed hold of Lindsay and gave her a hug and a peck on the cheek. Then, pulling Lindsay away, he rushed over to the ballpark, shouting, "Just gonna pitch a few, Aunt Sara, ok?"

Laughing out loud, Catherine Willows and Sara Sidle watched the departing children.

"So, Sara, what're you doing here?"

"Umm, Jimmy's my Godson, his mum and me go way back. She's working. So, Aunt Sara gets to attend the baseball teams Easter egg roll? Grinning ruefully she added, "Don't tell her but I love it."

Catherine looked at Sara with renewed interest. She'd never seen her as a lover of children. More as a gorgeous, sexy, younger woman, that was tied to her career. Deep in thought she nearly missed the sly chuckle from Sara.

Sara stared at the brightly colored egg by her feet. Looking up, brown eyes met blue, "So, Catherine Willows, do *I* get asked for a hug and a kiss for being tagged?"

Before either woman could think of the implications Catherine pulled Sara into a hug whispering, "Kiss me, Sara"

Laughing with pleasure, Sara kissed Catherine on the cheek.

Two beautiful friendships started that Easter Monday.

The End

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