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Real Life Vs. TV
By soporificeffect


They were watching TV on the couch, Sara playing with the blonde's hair between her fingers.

It was supposed to calm her down but the anger was bubbling in her.

"I can't believe the way he talks to the suspect," she said.

"I mean who does he think he is? And the way he holds his sun glasses, that's just down right annoying."

"I hold my sun glasses that way sometimes," Sofia said, trying to calm Sara down.

"But you are nicer, and prettier, and you don't talk the same way to colleagues and suspects..."

Sara was silent for a while and Sofia hoped that would be the end of it, but her hope came too soon.

"And he never changes his tone, the man's voice has no depth.

And he acts like it's a one man show, like the rest of the team are just his puppets and they are taking it lying down as if they worship the ground he walks on."

Sofia sighed, thinking it's best not to mention how Sara worships the ground Grissom walks on.

"... and they sure have a lot of swamps, but does he ever go in them, no.. always one of the puppets. Grissom would have never let that happen."

"That's because we're not in Florida..." Sofia stopped herself, raised her head from Sara's lap and kissed her softly on the lips.

"Sara, honey, you've got to stop getting worked up about it, it's just a television show, they are not real CSIs, not like us anyway."

The End

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