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The Games People Play
By Ann


I'm sitting in the back row of this stuffy auditorium listening to Grissom drone on and on about how to establish the time of death by 'listening' to the bugs. Frankly, I prefer the Disney version of "A Bug's Life" over this any day.

I quickly glance around to try to find my colleagues. Where the hell are they? Grissom pretty much insisted that we all attend his presentation. I guess I was the only fool who listened.

Squinting down the row, I can just make out Nick's profile in the doorway. "Psst, hey Nick. Over here." He makes his way down the aisle and takes the adjacent seat. He leans over and whispers "How much did I miss?"

I laugh and respond "He's only gotten to hour six. He had a small problem with the projector, and we had to wait until the technician was able to fix it. Too bad Archie's not here."

The two of us bide our time by plotting revenge on our other team members. If we have to sit through this lecture, they should have to experience something of equal value. I think there's a discussion later today on the art of creating molds of shoe impressions.

Greg and Warrick show up a couple of minutes later and take the seats beside Nick. They proceed to question us as to what they missed. Nick and I quickly fill the two in on the lecture up to this point. Geez, they're acting as if we're going to have to take a test over this presentation and . . . oh shit. I immediately sit up in my seat and begin to pay attention. Pop tests are definitely Grissom's style. I just hope our next pay raise isn't tied to our test score.

Catherine finally graces us with her appearance thirty minutes later. She takes the seat next to me and explains how she was caught up talking to another CSI from New York. Yeah right, I wonder exactly what they were 'talking' about.

A collective groan is emitted from the five of us as Grissom's projector begins to malfunction. He asks for the audience's patience while the technician is sent for once again.

Warrick comments on how the hotel bar was fairly empty when he walked by on the way to the auditorium. Nick responds "I know. I was so tempted to take a left instead of a right. A drink sure sounds good right about now."

My peripheral vision picks up something shiny to my left. I turn to see Greg hand Nick something silver. Nick grins as he takes a sip from the object. What the? A flask! A very large flask I might add. I quickly whisper "Hand that over here Stokes. I need a little more incentive to sit and listen to Grissom."

Before I can take a sip, Catherine reaches over and grabs it from me. "Hey Catherine, I wasn't finished." She merely smiles and takes a rather large swig. She leans forward and almost chokes saying "What the hell is in here?"

Greg loudly whispers "My own special blend. Coffee's not my only specialty you know." Warrick sits up in his seat and asks for the next sip. We finally settle on a protocol for sharing the fun. The flask moves up and down the row as we each imbibe from the strong spirits. On the second pass, I decide to take smaller sips. After all, someone has to be able to lead us out of here.

Twenty minutes later and half-way into Grissom's session, the night shift of the Las Vegas crime scene investigators is well on our way to 'happyland.' I think the fact that none of us has had anything to eat in the last eight hours has contributed to our drunkenness.

Nick comments rather loudly "Hey, let's play a game."

Warrick responds "Are you nuts? We're supp . . . suppose . . . supposed to be . . . um . . . lissstenning . . . to . . . bugman."

Catherine jumps up and down in her seat and says "Yeah, a game. Grissom is really boring. We need to liven up our row. What game can we play?" I watch her twirl the empty flask in her hand and almost blurt out 'spin the flask,' but I don't think there's enough room in our row to play that particular game. Plus I don't have my magnet with me to pull the metal object my way when Catherine spins.

All five of us strain our brains to try to come up with something. Let's see. Pin the Tail on Catherine. Um, I don't think she'll go for it, but a tail would complement that lovely ass. Red Rover, Red Rover, let Catherine come over. Nope, she won't like that one either. Besides I'm undecided about where exactly I'd like her to 'come over.'

How about that silly game we used to play when I was younger? I think it was called London Bridge. If I can only remember the words, but I can barely recall the ending verse. Take the key and lock her up, lock her up, lock her up; take the key and lock her up, my fair lady. Oh man, I'd sure like to lock Catherine up for a night in my hotel room.

Warrick slurs out "Hey, how about that game with dares. You know, er, dares with truths or something like that. Greg, you go first."

Greg begins to think of a question while everyone waits in suspense. Well, everyone but me. I sit back and pout since I didn't get a chance to suggest any of my games.

Greg turns to Warrick first. "Warrick, truth or dare." Warrick doesn't bat an eye as he chooses truth.

Greg asks "Why didn't you tell us you got married?" Warrick furrows his brows in the classic thinking position before answering "I don't know."

Nick responds "Man, what kind of answer is that? That's not a legal response. I think Warrick should have to complete a dare to make up for it."

Catherine mediates between the boys and says "Okay, next time you have to answer. You've been warned Warrick. You've got to come up with an acceptable answer to your questions." Warrick nods his head in agreement as we move on.

Nick decides to go next since Warrick technically didn't follow the rules. He looks to Greg for the next challenge. Greg nervously chooses truth as Nick asks "Okay, Greggo. How old were you when you lost your virginity?" Warrick and Catherine snicker as Greg turns beat red.

He tries to change his choice to dare, but Nick is a stickler for the rules. Greg quietly answers "Twenty one." Warrick asks "What? Let me see your arms. I bet . . . I bet . . . your right forearm is . . . like . . . much bigger than your . . . (burp ) 'scuse me . . . left one."

Nick adds "Yeah, like those old tennis players. The arm they use to swing the racket is much larger than the other. Have you ever seen that Australian dude, Rod Laver?" The four of us guffaw as Greg crosses his arms over his chest. I make a mental note to check for size discrepancies later.

Grissom's voice increases in volume as we realize how loud we're getting. I don't think he can see us with the glare of the stage lights. I just hope he can't recognize any of our voices.

Greg gets over his embarrassment as he realizes he gets to ask the next question. He turns his attention to Catherine who chooses truth so he asks "What's it like to give a lap dance?"

Catherine gives one of her sexy smiles and says "Ah, it would make me feel very powerful. I would have those guys literally sweating from every orifice by flaunting my tits and ass in their faces. They weren't allowed to touch so I would make it a point to rub my body against theirs. By the time I was finished, I would be the recipient of a tented salute, if you get my drift."

All three guys simultaneously gulp loudly and cross their legs. Catherine looks to Nick who nods for her to ask her question. She hesitates and says "Hey Nick. On those long hot nights in Texas when you were running around with your buddies, did you ever do it with a farm animal?"

Nick's jaw drops to the floor before he vehemently answers "No! Ew, Catherine, that's gross. I can't believe you asked me that." We all snicker at the thought of Nick and some poor unsuspecting bovine.

Regaining his composure, Nick smiles and looks directly at me. "Sara, truth or dare?" I silently run through my options. These questions are getting very personal and quite frankly raunchy. I'm thinking a dare would be the better choice, and I let the others in on my decision.

Nick smiles broadly before saying "Okay, let's see what I can come up with." He looks at Greg then Warrick and finally settles on Catherine. "Sara, I want to see you kiss Catherine and not just a peck on the cheek. I want to see a hot passionate kiss."

Oh crap. I should have taken my chance on truth. Wait a minute. What am I saying? This is only a game. I can end it all right now by standing up and walking out. I make a move to do so, but Catherine has crawled into my lap making it literally impossible.

Good Lord, now I know how those men felt when she was performing their lap dance. I'm just glad I don't have the necessary equipment for the tent salute because let me tell you, it would definitely be standing at attention.

Catherine leans forward and whispers in my ear "It's okay, Sara. Let's give them a show." Always being a team player, I put my hands on Catherine hips and pull her closer as I nip her bottom lip. She grins as I repeat the action with her top lip.

Enough playing, it's time for the big show. I completely devour her mouth as I slide my tongue against hers. Ever heard of dueling banjos? Well, I much prefer dueling tongues.

Catherine moves her hand behind my head as I cup her ass and squeeze. She moans into my mouth as we continue our dance until I finally pull away for some much needed oxygen. She rests her forehead against mine as we both try to regain control of our breathing.

We hear a chorus of "Holy shit," "That was hot," and "Oh my God." Catherine leans back without letting go of my neck and says "Games over, boys. Sara and I have some unfinished business."

All three of them look down at their laps and then quickly back up before deciding to stay awhile longer. Catherine and I get up and walk out with our arms around each other's hips. I wonder how long it will take before the three will be able to leave the lecture, probably until their flags are at least at half mast.

The next morning, Catherine and I head down to meet the guys and Grissom for breakfast after a glorious night of lovemaking. I've never seen the Kama Sutra book, but I am positive we found some positions never before documented.

I was a bit nervous when we woke up from our two hour nap. I felt sure Catherine would make some comment about being drunk and then proceed to cut me down to size. I knew everything was going to be okay when she climbed on top of me and slowly licked and sucked her way down my body all the way to the 'promised land.'

We walk hand and hand to the already occupied table. Greg, Nick, and Warrick all look like something the cat drug in and Grissom . . . well, he looks pissed.

Smiling, I pull the chair out for Catherine as she takes a seat. I sit in the adjacent chair and sip on some water. Greg, Nick, and Warrick watch us for a few minutes before Warrick asks "Why don't you two have a hangover? Greg's brew was absolutely lethal."

Catherine smiles broadly and asks "Ever heard of the hair of the dog?" Nick replies "There's no way I'm drinking any more of that special concoction."

Catherine replies "I wouldn't either, but that's not what I'm referring to. Sara has a special mixture of her own, and it's to die for. In fact, it's positively orgasmic."

The guys simultaneously turn their heads and spew their drinks on a very confused Grissom.

The End

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