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By Kristina K


Sofia sat back against the headboard, returning the inquisitive look she was under for the better portion of the evening, before all of this happened – clothes scattered, bite marks against fair skin, smooth, taut bodies covered in a delicious sheen of sweat. Her blue eyes narrowed, her lips slightly pursed, both hands resting on her abdomen, fingers interlaced. Finally, one of her eyebrows arched as if daring the woman sitting across from her.

"You remind me of someone I used to know." Olivia finally spoke with her voice low, just like the lighting was, provided by streetlight coming in from the bedroom window.

"What's her name?"

Sofia couldn't hear the long intake of breath Olivia made before she simply breathed out, "Alexandra."

Damn the detective in her, but Sofia couldn't help the instinctive reaction that followed: quick look over – the eyes, the posture, the breathing pattern. "Used to know?" she asked.

"She… Died." Olivia blinked then looked aside.

"You were in love with her." No, Sofia didn't mean it as a question. She could tell how right she was by the way Olivia shifted her eyes back to fix on hers then blinked. Slow, lazy. Affirming.

And then Olivia's body gave out another secret, Sofia noticed. Guilt.

It was there the first time the brunette looked Sofia in the eyes after what should have been a kiss good night. It got masked by the veil of lust that fell across Olivia's face only a second later. It reappeared – so annoyingly – when Sofia's breathless voice urged Olivia to push her fingers even deeper, harder into her. The blonde could feel her lover's muscles tightening under her greedy fingers, as if they were about to explode in vigor of their lovemaking, but soon they would relax, draw back, making Sofia want to protest like a petulant child. Olivia's scorching kisses would then silence her and nothing else would matter anymore.

"I remind you of her?" Sofia broke the silence between them with another question.


She was afraid of the answer, but she asked anyway: "Is that a good or a bad thing."

"Good." Olivia whispered, something akin to tears glimmering in her eyes. "Definitely."

The End

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