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Two to Tango
By Esmerelda


Fingers lightly dance along the hemline of my shirt as we begin this somewhat familiar dance. I try to remember the last time I had felt the things I was feeling at this very moment and was slightly saddened when I could come up with nothing.

My thoughts came crashing back to the moment as I felt soft lips connect to the skin of my neck. They kissed and licked across my heated skin slowly as hands caressed my body closer to another. My head gently rolled to one side as the lips sucked a patch of skin just below my jaw, producing a territorial mark.

My back connected with the clammy surface of the refrigerator as another body molded itself along mine. When I felt hands softly caressing my breasts through the rough material of my lacy bra, my back arched into the hands. I demanded more contact and felt a thigh slip between mine.

Gasping at the contact, I felt a soft pair of lips descend upon mine, victoriously silencing me. As hips ground against mine, I hardly noticed a small bag of chocolate chips being pulled from the now opened kitchen cabinet.

Strong hands wrapped around the backs of my thighs and lifted me into the air. I wrapped my legs around the sturdy waist and felt the cool air brushing past my nearly bare back as I watched the hallway disappear behind the trail of clothing.

My body sunk into the mattress under the weight of another warm body. Shimmying to the top of the bed, I felt strong hands grasp my hips. Fingers dug into the soft flesh there, and I sighed as I felt soft lips kissing up my stomach, pausing around my belly button.

Blue eyes locked with chocolate ones as fingernails tickled their way around my chest. The crisp crackling of the bag of sweets snapped my eyes from hers, wandering slowly towards the offending noise.

Long, slender fingers reached far into the bag, producing a small handful of the tiny chocolate pieces. I felt my eyes darken a shade as my gaze followed the swift actions of her hands. My heart pounded and my chest heaved with every feather-light touch of the tiny chocolate pieces being strategically placed on my over-heated skin.

My eyes took in a smug smile before I lowered my gaze again to my own chest. Watching the skillful fingers gently place the chocolate over my naked chest sent my libido spiraling ever upwards. The fingers trailing up and down my thigh almost completely distracted my concentration from everything else that was happening to my body.

A low, guttural moan echoed in the bedroom as I felt lips close around both a nipple and tiny chocolate piece. My eyes snapped tightly shut as I felt the chocolate-coated tongue swirl around my nipple slowly and teasingly. My own fingers were lost in dark locks as I desperately tried to hold her to my chest.

After the same treatment to the other nipple, my body was absolutely on fire. My eyes trailed down my body to finally come to rest upon those luscious lips hovering millimeters away from my navel. For a split second I watched in fascination and anticipation until I felt a cool burst of air inside my navel as the lips sucked the last piece of chocolate from its shallow chasm.

My head sank into the pillow, and my eyes closed tightly. I breathed heavily and gratefully took in all the new sensations that were being given to me. My fingers found the dark locks again as I felt fingertips lightly trace down and up my quivering thighs. My whole body was shaking in anticipation for what was about to come.

Hips raised from the bed as I felt familiar long fingers lightly trace the sensitive skin around my center. Smacking down into the mattress again, my hips slowly moved towards the teasing lips. My struggle suddenly turning vocal, I moaned loudly towards the wandering lips.

Suddenly, my legs stretched apart on their own accord as a cool blast of air was blown over my heat. Fingers plunged into the dark locks for the final time during this dance, pulling the soft lips to the place I needed them the most.

My senses were blown out of proportion when I finally felt the same tongue that was trailing its way over my body trace the opening of my center. My hips lifted from the mattress, demanding more contact and pressure.


The scream ripped from my lungs and through my chest as the chocolate-smooth tongue glided deep into me. The familiar tightening and constant building of pleasure took over every one of my senses as the skilled tongue twisted and turned deep inside of me.

As my hips set a frantic pace, I nearly lost consciousness when I felt the same soft lips what were marking their territory on my skin close around my tight bundle of nerves. As it was sucked into the warm mouth, my first orgasm washed over my body.

Two, three, and four more pulsated through my body until I was tingling with pleasure in places I didn't even knew I had. The pillow my head limply rested on dipped with the weight of another, and my eyes turned slowly to recapture the warm chocolate eyes I had grown to love so much.

Then a chaste kiss. Small in capacity but colossal in spirit.

The End

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