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By Selena_Sara_Sidle


She sits alone in the dark, her face turned from you, busy… yet not.
She's alone because she always is, her work is lonely, yet she doesn't complain.
She's shaking, hiding from something, someone.
She doesn't say so… yet, you've known her, seen her for so long, you've learnt to pick up on it on your own, no need for her to say it.
She's a mystery to you, really a mystery and yet, a companion, a co-worker.

You watch her silent, longing to ease that pain she hides so easily, to let her know she's not alone, but you wait…
Wait and wait… eventually, her head dips forward, hair swinging to cover her face…
Now, now she needs you, now you must go… or else you'll lose her.
She speaks not as you step to her, she knows you from your scent…

She turns now, to look at you, speechless.
"I know." The words are simple, tender. "Sara…"
Now she stands, taking refuge in your shoulder, hiding still yet saying it all with her silence.
She needs you… so much.

Her hair is so brown, so chocolate coloured that you barely hesitate to hold her, yet you do… only for a moment, smoothing the soft hair from her face, looking up at her, not speaking, just taking in those deep eyes that you long to take the pain from. She shifts a little nervously and you smile gently, one hand moving to caress her cheek softly, your own eyes stinging.

She's beautiful, you see it in those eyes, eyes of blue. She's here at last… she knows and she still cares, still forgives you… even after the rows you've had. You say nothing, taking in her gentle smile, her beautiful golden hair. "I'm sorry…" You barely speak, choking on the words.

"Oh Sara…" She murmurs, tender, soft holding you tenderly, hands rubbing gentle circles on your back, the way she did the first time she saw you cry. You relax into her, trustingly.

"Cath…" She murmurs now, crying again. You don't speak, simply caress her, holding her tightly but lovingly, soothing her now, she relaxes and you smile slightly, forgiven.

The two of you stand there a while, ignoring it all except this feeling, this calm. She seems to complete you… always you knew it, now you share it, she shifts slightly, moving closer and sighs softly. She's safe now, so are you… Safe.

The End

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