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Five Ways Sara Sidle Dreams
By Ann


1. Ordinary Dreams

The brush flitted over the smudged dashboard, revealing multiple prints. Sara smiled at the sight. A quick confirmation by Mandy, and the bastard would be behind bars for the rest of his natural life. The scene quickly changed as idle chatter filled the break room. Co-workers gathered around the table chatting while awaiting the arrival of their supervisor. This new sequence of images was so real to the sleeping investigator; she could almost smell the enticing aroma of one of Greg's famous brews. However, before she managed to determine the flavor, yet another frame slid into view; this one extremely satisfying to the brunette as a familiar blonde lifted the crime scene tape and strutted over towards the Denali, toothpick firmly in place in the corner of the detective's mouth but, just as Sara found the nerve to finally ask Sofia if she was interested in going out to dinner, the irritating sound of the alarm going off woke the investigator before she could follow through with her plan. Cursing, Sara climbed out of bed and headed for the shower.


2. Lucid Dreams

Sara crawled into bed totally exhausted. She'd worked tirelessly for the past forty hours on an abduction case which thankfully had a satisfying ending. They'd found the young real estate agent only six blocks from her home, slightly battered, but alive, and that was all that mattered. The moment Sara's head hit the pillow, her dream from her last night's sleep filled her thoughts and, with a smile on her face, she closed her eyes, hoping to pick up where her dream had left off. The brunette slowly drifted into sleep, finding Sofia waiting for her on the other side, only this time she had full control of the dream, and she didn't hesitate to ask the detective to have dinner with her the next Saturday. A sweet smile graced Sara's face when Sofia enthusiastically accepted. This was one dream Sara planned to keep control of when it hopefully crossed over into her waking state.


3. Telepathic Dreams

Now that she had the confidence she needed from her previous dream, Sara planned to make it a reality. Problem was she hadn't seen the detective for the past several days. One thing or another had kept the two apart, and the investigator was becoming discouraged with her never ending bad luck. Throwing back the covers, the brunette slid into bed and pulled the sheet up under her arms in the classic pout position. Several minutes later, she found herself wondering what Sofia dreamt about and, soon, the brunette was fast asleep, her subconscious attempting to send her mental visions to the detective. If Sofia could just experience the same thoughts in her own dream, perhaps the two would finally make a connection. As the blonde made her appearance in Sara's dreams, it was as if she were truly there, the connection clear and strong and, at that exact moment, on the other side of the city, a satisfied look crossed the detective's face. In her dreams, Sara had finally made a move and asked her out, and Sofia struggled mightily to form some sort of communion between their two worlds, the nighttime world of the soul and the daytime world of the body.


4. Premonitory Dreams

Sara had almost made a connection with the detective but, damn, if the undersheriff hadn't walked up and interrupted the investigator before she could even address the other woman. Then, Sofia was called away, and Sara had lost her chance once more. Frustrated, the brunette had gone straight home and downed several beers. It was the first time in quite awhile that she'd allowed herself to drink her troubles away but, at least, this time, she'd been responsible enough to drink at home. Later, in bed, the alcohol-induced sleep took control of the investigator's dreams, and Sara felt her spirit leave her body and venture outward towards a voyage of discovery. She relived her failed attempts, her near misses, and even her fear of asking out the blonde; however, in the next moment, a completely different picture took center stage. She saw herself sitting in a secluded corner of a restaurant, sipping wine, and staring into clear blue eyes. The two women enjoyed quiet conversation and sweet kisses, comfortably moving forward in their relationship. When Sara finally woke, she vowed to make this glimpse into her future a reality.


5. Nightmares

An almost inaudible gasp escaped the dark haired beauty as she sat up in bed, eyes wide open, struggling to wake from the horrible dream. Sara wiped the sweat from her brow and slowly blew out a cleansing breath. The nightmare that had been plaguing her as of late had come back in full force. In her dreams, the unspeakable had happened once again; she and Grissom were lovers. Shivering at the thought, the brunette wondered what could possibly be triggering the disturbing images and, putting her analytical mind to work, the investigator began to string together the events of each day that had led to her nightmares. After a few moments, she'd found the one connection amongst the many hours that she hadn't realized before. Spicy foods; she'd eaten something spicy before bed each night she dreamt of Grissom. Vowing to avoid the nightmare-inducing foods, Sara lay back in bed and snuggled against her lover. In her sleep, Sofia reached out and pulled the brunette near, placing a possessive arm around the investigator's middle. Smiling, Sara closed her eyes, her earlier visions morphing into a certain blonde, blue-eyed detective. Her dreaming sequence was now complete; she had Sofia both in her waking and sleeping worlds.

The End

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