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By ralst

Catherine took a step back as the full force of the image struck her. She'd seen many things during her time as a CSI but the sight before her had taken her completely by surprise.

"Sara?" she addressed the brunette rather than having to face the other occupant of the room. "What are you doing?"

Sara reluctantly lifted her gaze. "I'm tracing the pattern left by the second perpetrator in the Johnson case." She turned back to the wall and her assistant of the moment.

Catherine glanced to Sara's right, before quickly reverting her attention to the other woman. "And Greg is...?"


Greg remained silent, the blood saturating his cheeks having left him temporarily deaf, dumb but unfortunately not blind.

"Helping?" A smirk transformed Catherine's face. "In a thong?"

Sara didn't appear to see the humour in the situation; as if being assisted by a man wearing a leopard print thong, socks and a Bruce Springsteen t-shirt was an every day occurrence. "Mrs Johnson's neighbour reported seeing what she thought was a flasher at the same time the perpetrators would have been fleeing the scene. She also happened to mention that the man leant up against the wall, and I thought."

"That he might have left butt prints?"

Greg groaned.

"Not prints, exactly, but at least an indication of height and possibly weight."

"Okay." Catherine tried to look as serious and businesslike as Sara but her smirk couldn't be denied. "And Greg is in a thong because?"

"You weren't available," Sara muttered, before pointing to her tracing pattern. "The marks looked odd, so I asked Greg to help me determine the normal pattern of prints and scuff marks produced when skulking next to a wall."

"So it's not just some weird sex thing?"

"No!" Greg's voice was strained, his eyes tightly shut in the hope of blocking out the scene. At one time in his life he might have dreamt about getting Sara alone, sans trousers, but that was in the past.

"Weird sex thing?" Sara's voice was dangerously low, her eyes promising retribution for any perceived transgression. "Are you suggesting that I would use my."

Sara's words were cut off as Greg fled from the room, a strangled cry his only farewell.

The two women looked at each other, listening as Greg's cry was drowned out by a chorus of giggles and shouts, before a set of chimes informed them they'd both received a page.

--- Damn, you're good. The drinks are on us. WB ---

Catherine linked her arm through Sara's. "You'd think the boys would have learnt by now."

"Greg in a thong," Sara chuckled, "as if that was going to be a challenge."

Catherine agreed. "I do love April Fools."

The End

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