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By Wingsfan


"One more kiss?" The young woman looped her arms around Catherine's waist, trapping her in their current position.

"Sorry, babe, I've got to go or else I'm going to be late," Catherine gently pried the arms away from her body.

"Scared your bed warmer will find out?" The brunette teased her. "He must be damn stupid if he doesn't even realize your extra curricular activities."

Catherine flinched when the words reached her ears. She quickly buttoned up her shirt, stumbling a little as she put on her pants. Mentally locking away the building guilt inside her, Catherine turned around and regarded the woman.

"Lisa, baby, I really need to go," Catherine tried to shrug out of the woman's embrace.

Not giving up, Lisa got up on her knees and tightened her hold on Catherine. Slowly, she began to pepper the blonde's shoulder with kisses.

"You're not going anywhere," Lisa asserted. "I'm not just your quick roll in the hay, you know."

"Sweetie, you're not," Catherine reassured the other woman. "But you knew I was with someone when we got together."

"You mean when you tore my blouse off after the bar that night?" Lisa shied away from Catherine's touch as if being burned. "You know what, fine. Run back to your precious and don't come begging when you're too horny to think straight."

Catherine knew she had to do something. Sitting on the bed next to the brunette, Catherine rested her hand on a naked thigh and began an upward stroke. It was a dirty move but she knew she had to use it.

"Lisa, you know you don't mean that."

All coherent thoughts and words flew out of the window as the duo fell back onto the bed. Catherine straddled the younger woman, forgoing foreplay in place of instant satisfaction.

By the time the CSI left the posh apartment an hour later, she realized she only had less than an hour to get ready for work. Knowing Sara would wonder where she had disappeared to, Catherine once again shrugged away the guilt.

She hurried into her home, not bothering to check her voice messages as she stripped out of her soiled clothes and headed for a shower. Twenty minutes later, Catherine emerged from the bathroom a new woman, all traces of Lisa and their earlier activities purged.

When Catherine arrived at the lab, she barely made it in time. Walking into the break room, she was aware of Sara's gaze tracking her move. She looked up, meeting Sara's gaze with a smile.

"Hey, Cath," Warrick greeted her from behind. "Good day off?"

Before Catherine could reply with a non-committal answer, Greg broke out in a feral grin.

"Of course the lady had fun. She had so much fun that she shared the fun with another equally stunning brunette. Am I right, Catherine?" Greg looked at her like a puppy watching the snow fall.

"Greg, your drool's making the floor slippery," Sara said quickly.

"Shame on you for asking, Greg," Catherine chastised him. "Don't you know better than to ask a lady a question like that?"

"So you're not denying it then," Greg's eyes beamed with eagerness.

Realizing how her words had sounded to Sara's ears, Catherine clarified. "If you must know, she's a friend that needed a ride home."

"If you say so," Greg threw over his shoulder as he left for his lab.

Grateful that the line of questioning was over, Catherine turned around to Sara's spot, only to find the woman and Warrick missing from the room. She frowned, wondering why she didn't notice the duo leaving the room.

She left the break room, adamant on seeking out Sara. Catherine headed for the brunette's favorite lab, not surprised when a tall, lean form was hunched over the evidence table.


"Hey." Sara did not need to look up to know it was Catherine. The footsteps told her as much. They also told her something was off.

"That your latest case?" Catherine chickened out and went with a neutral topic.

"Yeah. B & E gone bad. The dad's still in surgery," Sara said quietly. "You need something?"

"Earlier, in the break room…"

Sara didn't let Catherine finish. "Hey, it's ok. You're entitled to go out with friends."

"I know. I just… didn't want you to get the wrong idea," Catherine said quickly.

Sara carefully put the evidence in her hands down on the table and turned to face the woman.

"Catherine, don't say that. I don't ever want you to say that," Sara began. "You don't need to say that. I trust you."

As soon as those last three words left Sara's lips, Catherine felt something inside her break.

"I have to go," Catherine hastily said, not giving Sara a chance to reply.

Confused, Sara watched as Catherine got out of the lab. She continued to stare the space Catherine just had vacated long after the woman was gone.

Their relationship still was new, but they were past the honeymoon stage. Working together afforded them with a level of comfort only long-lasting marriage could produce.

Sara shrugged the nagging feeling off, knowing that Catherine would come to her whenever she was ready. The CSI snapped on another pair of gloves, picking up the piece of evidence in front of her and began the analysis.

"Sara?" A soft knock on the door distracted the brunette's attention.

"Yeah," came the gruffy reply.

"How's your B&E coming along?" Grissom stepped into the lab and stood next to her.

"So far the evidence matches witnesses' statement."

"You're calling it then?"

"Yeah." Sara eyed the man beside her suspiciously.

"Ok." With that, the graveyard supervisor turned and left the room.

Something's definitely up today, Sara told herself as she carried on with her work. With less than an hour left in the shift, Sara was surprised she had spent the majority of the time away from the rest of the team.

One by one, Sara packed up the evidence and hefted the box back to the evidence room. She stopped by at the front desk, making small talk with the receptionist as she picked up her messages.

She bade the girl goodbye and got ready to leave just as a tall brunette headed for the front desk.

"Excuse me, I'm looking for Catherine Willows."

"I'm her co-worker, what can I do for you?" Sara offered politely.

"Hi, I'm Lisa," the woman held out her hand.

Sara retuned the handshake, smiling when she said, "I'm Sara."

"Nice to meet you. Catherine speaks very little of her work."

Briefly, Lisa wondered if this woman was single. Her eyes did a quick sweep of the lithe body. All muscles and legs that go on forever, the woman had her sights on Sara.

"Although, I'm going to have a chat with her. She's definitely been holding out on me."

The overt ogling did not escape Sara, nor did the receptionist. The CSI was not used to being hit on often, at least not that she knew of.

"Ah, is there a reason why you're looking for her?" Sara steered the conversation back to the original topic. She reminded herself to ask Catherine who this woman was.

"Yes. I believe she still has my cell phone in her purse from last night. Could you page her and let her know I'm here waiting?" Lisa directed the last question at the receptionist.

"There's no need for that," Sara said. "I can take you to her office."

"I get to spend more time with you. Even better," Lisa laughed softly. "Shall we?"

Sara held out her arm in the general direction of the labs, waiting until the other brunette was ahead of her before catching up. As they neared Catherine's office, she turned around to the woman and told her to wait there. She knocked on the closed door, waiting for a response before popping her head through the opened door.

"Hey. There's someone here to see you," Sara flashed a smile at Catherine.


"Yeah, I was at the front desk so I thought I'd bring her in. Hope that's ok," she added the last part as an afterthought.

"Send her in then."

Sara moved out of Catherine's sight, and the blonde heard Sara mumble to someone before appearing at the now wide open door.

"I'm gonna go finish up my paperwork so I don't have to come in on my day off. Want to meet up tomorrow?"

"Call me," Catherine answered.

The younger CSI smile in return and turned around to leave. Catherine blew out a shaky breath, but was shocked when she realized who was standing at her doorway.


"Hey, babe," the brunette greeted her. "I see you're wearing my favorite piece of your clothing."

Knowing Sara still was within earshot, Catherine dragged Lisa into her office and closed the door quickly. Cursing under her breath, the blonde knew her cover was about to be blown.

"What are you doing here?" Catherine tried her best to keep her voice down. The last thing she needed was a loud confrontation and the lab as witness.

"You know what they say, 'If Mohammed won't come to the mountain, the mountain will go to Mohammed.' So here I am," Lisa smirked.

"Lisa," Catherine warned the other woman.

"All right, all right. I'm here to take back my cell phone. You still have it in your purse," Lisa said flatly.

"I don't have it with me here," Catherine replied sharply.

"Well then I guess we'll just have to go to your place to pick it up. You know, I've never been to your house before."


"No?" Catherine's short answer caught Lisa off guard.

"I'll bring it over later." The blonde's tone made it clear there was no room for argument.

Lisa rolled her eyes and let out a dramatic sigh. "Fine. Do what you want. All you people who work here are no fun. If it weren't for that eye candy earlier, I'd say this place is downright dull!"

At the mention of Sara, Catherine's eyebrows shot up. "What did you two talk about?"

"Relax, babe. I didn't tell her about our soiree between the sheets, if that's what you're worried about. Your reputation as Miss Straight-Lace America is not under jeopardy."

Annoyed at the woman's teasing remark, Catherine felt her patience wearing thin. She held her tongue, choosing instead to focus on packing up her things. When she was done, she stood up, and Lisa followed suit.

"Home, then?" Lisa asked as she realized they were heading for the parking lot. "Oooh so the fun begins."

"Lisa, you and I need to talk," Catherine said softly.

"From what I remember, we always go straight to fucking," Lisa continued teasing the CSI as they neared Catherine's truck. "Uh oh, looks like the cat's out of the hat."

Catherine did a 180-degree turn and froze when she saw Sara standing no more than two feet away from her. She quickly took a step toward the brunette, only to have the younger CSI rush past her and Lisa.

"Sara!" Catherine half-ran to the retreating figure, latching her hand on a forearm. "Sara, let me explain."

Gently, Sara shrugged out of Catherine's grasp and took a step back. She fixed Catherine with an angry glare, and without a word, walked away.

The blonde only could watch helplessly as the distance between her and Sara grew. She willed herself not to cry, not to break down, not to lash out. Catherine climbed into her car, her mind barely registering Lisa's car behind hers.

As Catherine pulled up in front of Lisa's apartment building, she tried calling Sara again but to no avail. Each time the phone call went unanswered, and each time she left a message for the woman to call her back.

"Sara, please, call me back. I… we need to talk."

The other woman led Catherine up to her apartment in silence, sensing the blonde's fragile patience. She had a feeling the other pretty brunette was Catherine's other half.

"A drink?" Lisa kept her tone neutral.

"No thanks." Catherine took a deep breath and began speaking. "Look, let's cut to the chase. I don't have much time."

"Afraid Miss Eye Candy will start throwing your stuff out of her place?" The brunette couldn't help but tease Catherine.

Not taking the bait, Catherine took another shaky breath and reminded herself of her task. "Lisa, I'm serious. We can't continue anymore."

"Well, when you've got that woman waiting at home, I wouldn't either." Lisa knew the woman needed a little push. "Tell me, what is she to you? What has she done to deserve such a treatment?"

"I… I," Catherine was speechless. She had no answers, but still she tried. "She's my… girlfriend."

"That's if she still wants you. After all, you cheated on her."

I've turned into Eddie, Catherine's mind screamed.

"Which means open season for me," Lisa continued.

In a blink of an eye, Catherine was inches away from Lisa's face. "Don't you dare go anywhere near her."

"I don't think you have a right to say that anymore."

Catherine faltered a little at that thought. "Just stay away from her."

She stormed out of the apartment, not sparing the brunette another glance. By the time Catherine pulled up at her driveway, she dragged her tired body and headed for her bedroom.

One by one, pieces of clothing were shed in a line as Catherine made her way around the room. She sat on the bed, with her hands on her shirt buttons, and reflected on the past day's events.

Catherine rolled her neck with a familiar fluidity, lying down on the bed with nothing but her jeans on. She allowed her eyes to close for a moment, picturing Sara sitting next to her.

Sara on top of her, smiling and caressing her like she always would. The brunette leaning down to kiss her, softly at first, then peppered her with feverish kisses. Her hands on Catherine's sides, Sara used one hand to brace herself while the other traveled down the lithe body beneath her.


Her body felt like it was on fire. She desperately needed Sara's touch but the woman took no heed of her pleas. Catherine decided to take matters into her own hands and grabbed Sara's wrist to guide her to where she wanted those fingers to be.

"Sara, please," Catherine moved their joined hands to rest on top of her jeans zipper.

The brunette gladly complied. In a swift movement, she trapped Catherine's hands above her head, planting a soft kiss to dispel all doubts.

Inch by inch, Sara began to move lower down Catherine's naked torso. She would alternate between kissing and nipping, leaving behind a wet trail in the wake.

Just as Sara's lips reached the top of Catherine's jeans, she stopped. Catherine groaned out loud, moving her body to get Sara to continue. Not getting a response, Catherine stayed still, hoping that would appease the brunette.

Even if Catherine couldn't see Sara's face, she knew the younger woman was sporting a grin. It was a fleeting kiss, but Catherine felt it. Before she could respond to Sara's ministrations with a moan, she heard the zipper being pulled.

Curious, Catherine tilted her head so that she could get a better look. Sara, with a hand resting just below her left breast, was pulling down the jeans zipper with her teeth.

"Jesus Christ." The rest of Catherine's words were drowned out by her moans as she felt Sara kissing the newly exposed skin.

"You like it, baby?" The loving in Sara's voice was unmistakable.

"Oh God, yes."

When Catherine angled her hips to allow Sara to remove her jeans, all she felt was air. Confused and beyond horny, she got up on her elbows and was about to ask Sara to continue when the sight almost brought her to tears.

Sara was not there at all. Her jeans were hanging down her ankles, and her hand had snaked into her panties.

She dropped back down onto the bed, frustrated. After laying there with her jumbled thoughts, Catherine stripped off the rest of her clothing and headed for the showers. She had done much mulling over her actions, now was the time to act on it.

The shower that day was one of the quickest she had taken, and she hurried to get dressed. Looking at herself in the mirror, she tossed her hair to straighten them and left the room.

As she drove to Sara's place, Catherine thought of the things she had to say to the brunette, the chief of them being her apology. Whether Sara wanted her back, she would have to wait and see.

The End

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